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Readings are: OpeN

I currently offer three small reading options, I find less is more when it comes to reading cards. I want my readings to be accessible to everyone, so I try to keep my prices affordable.

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▶︎ Featured Reading

1 CARD - $5

Delivered only through email or Instagram direct message
(more info here)

Similar to my daily draws on Instagram but personalized just for you. This option is based around a single question for some clarity or advice. You don’t need to fill out the form on the right for this reading option, yay!

Send $5 payment to either:

  • PayPal - click here

  • Venmo - @radicalshetarot

Leave your email or Instagram name (ex: @yourname) and question in notes when purchasing! I aim to deliver these readings within a 24 hour period!


▶︎ Other Readings

For emailed readings, please fill out the form to the right and read below for more info.

2 CARD - $15

Two card option is my "go-to" when more insight or clarity is needed. Great for seeing what may be blocking you right now and how to handle it, extra info on a situation, or even just an energy and advice.

3 CARD - $20

This reading is based on 3-cards to get to the heart of the issue without a lot of clutter. I often use a 3-card pull when stuck between two choices and need some advice, the pros and cons of a situation, body-mind-spirit, or I will create a custom spread based off your question or situation.


What to expect:

Simply fill out the form to the right with your inquiry and I will respond back with a few follow up questions (if I have any) within 24 hours to help better understand your situation. I will also send you a PayPal invoice (I also accept Venmo, let me know if you prefer that option instead).

⋗ Please keep in mind that the more details you provide of your situation will only better help me pull more details from your reading.
I'm not a psychic, though I wish I were sometimes!

Turn around time:  I try my best to aim for a 24-48 hour turn around after payment has been made, if there is any delay I will email you right away!


What you will receive:

Readings are typed up and sent as a PDF to your email. This includes a photo of your cards and the reading itself.


Please Note:

  • Again, I am not a psychic, therefore I cannot tell your future or read your mind

  • I am also not a health professional, medical practitioner, or financial/law advisor

  • You must be 18+

  • All sales are final, no refunds

  • You are solely responsible for the information I give to you in a reading, please act rationally and responsibly

  • Readings are for entertainment purposes only

    Last Updated: 11/5/18

Reading Request Form:

Which pronouns do you use (ex: she/her they/them)
Ex: general life, love, spiritual, decisions, etc
Please leave me your question and some background info about your situation.
I'm always curious how you found me, feel free to let me know!