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Readings are: OPEN

I currently offer three small reading options, I find less is more when it comes to reading cards. I want my readings to be accessible to everyone, so I try to keep my prices affordable. To get a better idea of my process, check out this post!

1 CARD - $10
(approx. 100-150 words)
Similar to my daily draws on Instagram but personalized just for you. This option is based around a single question for some clarity or advice.

2 CARD - $15
(approx. 200-250 words)
Two cards is my "go-to" when more insight or clarity is needed. Great for seeing what may be blocking you right now and how to handle it, extra info on a situation, or even just energy and advice.

3 CARD - $20
(approx. 600-750 words)
This reading is based on a 3-card spread to get to the center of the issue without a lot of clutter. I either create a custom spread or use one of my trusty spreads for your question or situation.

What to expect:

Simply fill out the form to the right with your inquiry and I will respond back with a few follow up questions (if I have any) within 24 hours to help better understand your situation and will also send you a PayPal invoice (I also accept Venmo).

Turn around time: 1 - 3 days to complete after payment has been made, if there is any delay I will email you right away! I try to aim for a 24 hour turn around.

What you will receive:

Readings are typed up and sent as a PDF through email. This includes a photo of your cards, the reading itself, and some journaling prompts if you choose to use them.

Please Note:

  • I am not a psychic, therefore I cannot tell your future or read your mind
  • I am also not a health professional, medical practitioner, or financial/law advisor
  • You must be 18+
  • All sales are final, no refunds
  • Readings are for entertainment purposes only

Last Updated: 7/29/18

Reading Request Form:

Ex: general life, love, spiritual, decisions, etc
Reading Option: *
Your question and some background info about what is going on.