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Tarot and oracle readings

With my cards, my goal is to help you see a new perspective, empowerment over your situation and help break down blocks you may be currently facing. I use tarot and oracle cards as a tool to help connect the pieces to our everyday lives.

I am currently offering only single card readings. I like to keep my prices affordable and accessible to everyone, hence this is why my single card readings are only five bucks!

PayPal or Venmo only (send me a message for Venmo payment)

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- $5

My single card readings are similar to my daily draws over on Instagram, but personalized just for you. This option is based around a single question. It’s short, sweet and gets right to the heart of the matter!

If you would like me to use an oracle deck instead of tarot, feel free to let me know or I will be using tarot. The oracle decks I work with are the Road to Nowhere Oracle and Golden Moth Illumination Deck.

(150-200+ words)

** Please leave your question and some details about your situation in the notes at checkout OR contact me after purchase!

What to expect:

Once you’ve purchased your reading from me, I will contact you through email within a few hours hours to verify your question and ask for any info about your situation that may be helpful in reading your cards. Readings purchased after 3pm (MST) will be responded to the following morning.

➡︎ The more details you provide about your situation the better. I'm not a psychic, though that would be awesome!
➡︎ I aim to have your reading emailed to you within 24 hours after I confirm your question and situation. If there is any delay I will email you right away.

What you receive:

Readings are typed up and sent to you via email as a PDF document. This PDF includes a photo of your card and the reading itself. Sometimes I like to leave you with some questions to journal about to help you work with the card drawn.

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Please Note:

  • Again, I am not a psychic therefore I cannot tell your future or read your mind

  • I am also not a health professional, medical practitioner or financial/law advisor

  • Please ask open ended questions (I can help you form a question if you need help)

  • You must be 18+

  • All sales are final, no refunds

  • You are solely responsible for the information I give to you in a reading, please act rationally and responsibly

  • Readings are for entertainment purposes only

    Last Updated: 11/17/18