The Monster Arcana


If you have been following me on social media, then you are already aware of what this post is about! I have finally jumped in and started creating my own tarot deck, not and oracle, but a tarot deck. I’ve wanted to create a tarot deck since I first started tarot but was extremely intimidated. Every time I would start writing down ideas for the cards, I would get frustrated and scrap the idea. On a whim, also while in a sketch funk, I started sketching out cards from the Major Arcana and this quickly captured my heart and creative drive. I set out a personal goal to create my own monster Major Arcana deck… not planning to do a full deck, at first.

The ideas flowed and I couldn’t slow them down, so I just went with it. Next thing you know, I had half the Major Arcana mapped out and more idea’s coming for the other cards… I had to do it. Alas, The Monster Arcana was born into the world!

What started as a personal monster deck, turned into a deck for others... but I’m still creating the cards with my intention first, for me. The second I start to worry about what others think of it, is when I start to have doubts I can dot it. So I’m taking a selfish approach and creating this deck with my sole vision and not the input of others. I hope that doesn’t sound harsh, but it’s the only way I will complete this deck and keep the drive alive for me to do so. What started as only a Major Arcana deck, is now in the works for a full 78-card deck. I just can’t let these monsters down, they really want a full deck and they are quite demanding!

If you aren’t familiar with my past, before tarot life, my life was filled to the brim with monsters. I created monster sculpts, resin cast monsters, plush monsters in both sewn and crochet form, I sketched monsters and I dreamed of monsters. I love monsters!

PicMonkey Collage.png

Ok, about the deck, let’s dig in… shall we?

The Deck of Monster is an all monster themed deck featuring monsters of all shapes, sizes and types. There is no genders, just monsters. Each card is hand drawn by me and all original art created specifically for this deck. The borders and font on each card are all by hand as well, nothing on this deck is “cut and paste”. Not all the cards will contain monsters in the Minor Arcana, but will be monster-esque and feature a few monsters here and there.

While this deck follows the RWS system, I took some inspiration from Marseille when creating the Fool and Death… one of my favorite features of a Marseille deck is that the Fool often has no number and the Death has no name, it was gleaned off the card by Death themself, I really love that.

The suits are a bit different and still not set in stone, so these may change a bit. The monsters demanded new suit names… they’re a bit needy and a bit dramatic, so I abide by their orders. The suits right now are as follows:


Donuts (Coins/Pentacles)
Knives (Swords)
Cups (Cups
Twigs (Wands)

The Knives suit are actually butter knives because you really don’t want to trust a monster with sharp things, am I right? The Cups are coffee mugs… because, why not?! The Twigs are pretty close to wood wands, and the Donuts balance out the coffee mugs. Monsters are all about the food!

So where am I at on this deck?

Good question! So far, I have all but 5 cards inked and done of the Major Arcana!! Woot! I hope to have the Major’s finished in the next few weeks.

The plan is… I will be releasing a limited edition Major Arcana deck as a stand alone deck for purchase while I finish working on the full deck. When the full deck is completed, I will be pulling the Major Arcana deck (hence, limited edition) and then the full deck will be available. I do have plans for a possible oracle deck and… lenormand down the road, but I’ll focus on that when the times comes.

How can I purchase this deck?!

I’ve been asked a million times (ok, that was an exaggeration) when the Kickstarter will be live… I most likely will not be doing a Kickstarter. I have done a crowd funding campaign in the past for my plush monsters and while I went way past my goal, it was exhausting and I really don’t want to go that route again. So, how will I do this? Pre-order! When my full deck is ready and I’ve approved samples (same goes with the limited edition Major Arcana deck) I will open up pre-orders for a limited time (ex: 1-2 months). Once that time closes, I will then work on fulfilling the pre-orders before making the deck available to purchase right out in my shop (those decks will be in my hands, ready to ship). There will be an early bird price on pre-ordered decks as a thank you for helping me get this off the ground!

Along with this deck, I will be making card prints available and I have some other things up my sleeve that I will be bringing back like my resin Ick monster talismans, my plush monsters and some silk screened tote bags, etc!! Yay! Stay tuned for all of that to come!

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