Daily Draw


Deck: Blackhand Lenormand
How will my day go today?

child + garden + fox

Quick answer: I’ll be presenting something new (child) to a group (garden) of something crafty (fox)… or new (child) public (garden) relations will require cleverness (fox).

Evening Reflection: While it’s not quite the end of the day, I feel like this moment already passed and I was a little off but still fairly on track. I shared my new lenny deck with a lenormand group I’m in when it arrived! I took these cards to now read:

“I will share something new (child) in a group (garden) that I crafted (fox)”

Q: How will I like the printing of my Monster Lenormand deck?


Deck: Blackhand Lenormand
How will I like the printing of my Monster Lenormand deck?

letter + mice + house

Quick answer: Right away, I read these as “the cards (letter) will have some minor flaws (mice) and will look familiar (house) to my originals”.

Evening Reflection: Another reading that took a turn around! When my deck finally reached my hands, I went through them one by one to see what may needed to be fixed. It wasn’t until I reached the LETTER card that I noticed a tiny dot that was blurred (super easy fix and I already got it done)… the rest of the cards were perfect! Then it dawned on me, I had LETTER in my reading! I can now see that the reading meant:

"The Letter card (letter) will have a minor defect (mice) but otherwise the deck is stable (good)!”

Another literal interpretation, I love it! I also forgot how much I love this Blackhand Lenny deck!

Daily Draw


Deck: Golden Thread Lenormand
How will my day go today?

mice + book + sun

Quick answer: I will nibble away at my studies and feel satisfied at the end of the day

Evening Reflection: Oh, how this reading took a turn! I forget how literally lenormand can be. After I pulled my cards this morning, I was feeling pretty frustrated. You know how you have some good days that have you feeling like you are on a roll and doing awesome? And then, one day takes a total opposite and feel like you know nothing? That was how today was, like I didn’t know what I was doing with lenormand and I was not progressing at all.

This feeling with my studies (book) literally gnawed (mice) at me all day and ate away my day. I’m a perfectionist. When something doesn’t make sense, I get frustrated and stress out.

So where did the Sun card show up today? This afternoon I decided to resort to my tarot cards to see if they could help me un-frustrate myself. I asked “why am I frustrated today?” and pulled the 8 of Coins. My first thought was “you’re frustrated because you’re so fixed on being perfect and forget that practice makes progress, not perfection” and it hit me! I had an aha moment and instantly felt much better, the frustration slipped right off my shoulders. Ok, so what about the sun?! When I put my deck down, on the back of my deck was a sun centered right in the middle. Here was my Sun from the reading to help change my mood for the day.

I just adore tarot and lenormand, so much!

Daily Draw


Deck: The Monster Lenormand (my own)
How will my day go today?

coffin + tree + sun

Quick answer: It will go well, start off slow and end on a happy note.

My interpretation of the cards this morning were that a slow and healthy ending (coffin + tree) will bring much happiness or success (sun). I really like that the coffin was on the left and not the right, so it’s kinda out of the way or passing. My first reaction to the coffin + tree was “slow going” since the weekend just ended and it’s back to the grind today, Monday morning.

Sum: 8 = Coffin
The coffin is also in the reading itself, this gives me a strong sense that whatever “ending" is big or has been slow to end. Will be keeping that tucked behind my ear today to see if and how it plays out!

Evening Reflection: My day did indeed start off really slow but did pick up in the afternoon when I started cleaning! It felt like a true Monday going from death to alive.