The Monster Lenormand

Daily Draw


Deck: The Monster Lenormand
What will my day look like today?

moon + stars + mountain + creature (me) + fox

Quick answer: A lot of creativity (moon + stars) is interrupted (mountain) but I (creature) will carry on being crafty (fox) in the evening.

It didn’t dawn on me until I started thinking about my day ahead that MOUNTAIN coudl be a bump in the day… my kiddo gets out of school extra early today, that always interrupts me on days like this. I do plan on working on my loom this evening, so we’ll see!

Evening Reflection: I loved how the MOON + STARS came up for me this morning. I spent a huge chunk of it working on my website and building a newsletter for my Monster Lenormand deck. Then… the MOUNTAIN came and it was exactly what I had thought, the rock in my day with an extra early school pickup. I really wanted to keep working on my website.

After the school pickup, I ended up resuming to my online creating. While I don’t think I was very crafty at all, I was being fairly “sneaky” and trying to do some behind the scenes research on blog content, what to write about, etc. Haha!!

Daily Draw


Deck: The Monster Lenormand (my own)
How will my day go today?

coffin + tree + sun

Quick answer: It will go well, start off slow and end on a happy note.

My interpretation of the cards this morning were that a slow and healthy ending (coffin + tree) will bring much happiness or success (sun). I really like that the coffin was on the left and not the right, so it’s kinda out of the way or passing. My first reaction to the coffin + tree was “slow going” since the weekend just ended and it’s back to the grind today, Monday morning.

Sum: 8 = Coffin
The coffin is also in the reading itself, this gives me a strong sense that whatever “ending" is big or has been slow to end. Will be keeping that tucked behind my ear today to see if and how it plays out!

Evening Reflection: My day did indeed start off really slow but did pick up in the afternoon when I started cleaning! It felt like a true Monday going from death to alive.