Blackhand Lenormand

Daily Draw


Deck: Blackhand Lenormand
How will my day go today?

child + garden + fox

Quick answer: I’ll be presenting something new (child) to a group (garden) of something crafty (fox)… or new (child) public (garden) relations will require cleverness (fox).

Evening Reflection: While it’s not quite the end of the day, I feel like this moment already passed and I was a little off but still fairly on track. I shared my new lenny deck with a lenormand group I’m in when it arrived! I took these cards to now read:

“I will share something new (child) in a group (garden) that I crafted (fox)”

Q: How will I like the printing of my Monster Lenormand deck?


Deck: Blackhand Lenormand
How will I like the printing of my Monster Lenormand deck?

letter + mice + house

Quick answer: Right away, I read these as “the cards (letter) will have some minor flaws (mice) and will look familiar (house) to my originals”.

Evening Reflection: Another reading that took a turn around! When my deck finally reached my hands, I went through them one by one to see what may needed to be fixed. It wasn’t until I reached the LETTER card that I noticed a tiny dot that was blurred (super easy fix and I already got it done)… the rest of the cards were perfect! Then it dawned on me, I had LETTER in my reading! I can now see that the reading meant:

"The Letter card (letter) will have a minor defect (mice) but otherwise the deck is stable (good)!”

Another literal interpretation, I love it! I also forgot how much I love this Blackhand Lenny deck!