Daily Draw


Deck: The Monster Lenormand
What will my day look like today?

moon + stars + mountain + creature (me) + fox

Quick answer: A lot of creativity (moon + stars) is interrupted (mountain) but I (creature) will carry on being crafty (fox) in the evening.

It didn’t dawn on me until I started thinking about my day ahead that MOUNTAIN coudl be a bump in the day… my kiddo gets out of school extra early today, that always interrupts me on days like this. I do plan on working on my loom this evening, so we’ll see!

Evening Reflection: I loved how the MOON + STARS came up for me this morning. I spent a huge chunk of it working on my website and building a newsletter for my Monster Lenormand deck. Then… the MOUNTAIN came and it was exactly what I had thought, the rock in my day with an extra early school pickup. I really wanted to keep working on my website.

After the school pickup, I ended up resuming to my online creating. While I don’t think I was very crafty at all, I was being fairly “sneaky” and trying to do some behind the scenes research on blog content, what to write about, etc. Haha!!