Daily Draw


Deck: Golden Thread Lenormand
How will my day go today?

mice + book + sun

Quick answer: I will nibble away at my studies and feel satisfied at the end of the day

Evening Reflection: Oh, how this reading took a turn! I forget how literally lenormand can be. After I pulled my cards this morning, I was feeling pretty frustrated. You know how you have some good days that have you feeling like you are on a roll and doing awesome? And then, one day takes a total opposite and feel like you know nothing? That was how today was, like I didn’t know what I was doing with lenormand and I was not progressing at all.

This feeling with my studies (book) literally gnawed (mice) at me all day and ate away my day. I’m a perfectionist. When something doesn’t make sense, I get frustrated and stress out.

So where did the Sun card show up today? This afternoon I decided to resort to my tarot cards to see if they could help me un-frustrate myself. I asked “why am I frustrated today?” and pulled the 8 of Coins. My first thought was “you’re frustrated because you’re so fixed on being perfect and forget that practice makes progress, not perfection” and it hit me! I had an aha moment and instantly felt much better, the frustration slipped right off my shoulders. Ok, so what about the sun?! When I put my deck down, on the back of my deck was a sun centered right in the middle. Here was my Sun from the reading to help change my mood for the day.

I just adore tarot and lenormand, so much!