Daily Draw


Deck: Golden Thread Lenormand
How will my day go today?

mountain + bear + house + child + key

Quick answer: My day will improve, but will require some thinking outside of the box.

My interpretation of the cards this morning was that a big (bear) obstacle (mountain) at home (house) will require a new (child) solution (key) .

The main focus/theme of the reading will be related to the home, which makes sense as I have zero plans today to leave the house.

Sum: 14 = Fox
When I added the cards and got the fox I knew this reading was on track. The fox in this situation instantly made me think of cunning. I need to be cunning in finding a solution… thinking outside of the box.

Evening Reflection: This morning, my biggest hurdle was going to Target to grab some grocery things but it was a very easy task. I did decide to tackle working on my website a bit today, it was indeed a big challenge to figure out… but I got creative with wording and setting up a page! My biggest challenge this morning though was my animals pestering me, I couldn’t focus or get anything done at all and I was frustrated. I managed to chill the dog out a bit by sitting in the living room for a bit (I’m normally working at my dining table).