Weekly Reading

Spread + Weekly Reading for Oct 7-13

It’s October break for my kiddo, so I have a lot of time this week to write and focus on getting some sewing done. This will hopefully mean a shop update will happen sometime this week, finally! I’m trying out a new spread for my weekly reading this week, it’s kind of a mash up of other weekly spreads, but just more focused on what I want to look at most. I’m also switching the focus to these being more personal for me, but if you resonate with this reading as well, that’s awesome!! Please let me know in the comments what hit the spot for you, I’d love to hear!

Lately I’ve been loving the Fox Universe Tarot + This Might Hurt Tarot paired up, so I’m using both in this reading! There’s a spread illustration at the bottom of this post - feel free to share!

Psst… You can still pre-order This Might Hurt Tarot - ships out October/November! Check it out HERE

Self-Care Focus

Deck: Mystic Mondays


I so badly wanted to shuffle this card back in the deck since I didn’t think it involved me, whatsoever… but really, I do indeed feel a big sense of shame and regret for just simply being myself on most days. I’m constantly trying to push myself back into a box and fill my head with nonsense, and I really need to change this language with myself. I should not feel any shame or self-hate for simply being myself, plain and simple.

Overall Energy


I rarely pull the Hierophant for myself in readings, so it’s always interesting to see when it does show up. I’m the student this week! The Hierophant is here to notion me to stay focused on a path of learning and stick to the rules… for the record, I hate rules. I can change or break them later, but this week I need to stay focused with a more structured curve. I’m for sure one to do my own thing and go off the beaten path, but lately I have indeed been craving some structure - especially when it comes to my own personal path. This should be an interesting energy this week!

This could also be saying that I shouldn’t hack my Tamagotchi this week and play by the rules, haha!



The Chariot is usually my go-to card when I need to push myself! It looks like it’s here this week to do just that! The Chariot is that friend whose always looking out for you and knows what’s best for you when you don’t, so it pushes you to step out of your comfort zone… even when you don’t want to do the things that you know you should be doing. So ya, the Chariot’s here this week to remind me to keep pushing myself a little bit further each time I feel resistance and know deep down that I got this! Don’t let intimidation be the reason I hold myself back.

Last week’s unfinished business


I so wish I knew what I did last week or how I was thinking, it’s all a total blank to me if I’m being honest. So when I pulled the 9 of Swords in this reading, I decided to pull a card from my oracle to give me a little insight as to what this was all about - Time Management, bingo! I’m horrible with managing my time and doing things more efficiently, it always ends with me freaking out and scrambling last minute. This week I’m being told to really stick with a better plan and get my shit together to save me the headache that I caused last week… and the week before, and so on! This is actually a perfect week to do just that since my daughter’s off school all week, so getting my planner prepped and creating a better aligned routine is key if I want to free up any unnecessary stress!


Week Ahead Reading (Sept 30 - Oct 6)

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Hello, New Week! October is pretty much here, yay! We just had a gorgeous New Moon in Libra over the weekend and I started the next lesson in the Keeping Her Keys book. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

For this weeks reading I’m using one my older favorite, which is still a current favorite, the Spolia Tarot.

Deck: Mystic Mondays

TLDR: Don’t hold back your creativity and courageous desire be dictated by past patterns or old habits. Break out free from this rut by keeping yourself inspired!

We’re greeted with the Queen of Wands this week! Whenever I see a court card show up in these readings (or any type of reading actually), I instantly get reminded of the movie called The Cobbler with Adam Sandler. He’s a shoe maker that uses an enchanted old sewing machine to repair shoes. When he puts on his customers shoes after using the machine on them, he slips into their lives. It’s a neat movie and story line, so when I see a court I’m immediately reminded to slip into their shoes for the day, or week in this case.

When we slip on the shoes of the Queen of Wands we’re greeted with a rush of desire, passion and creativity. We’re invited to be a Queen this week as we move about the next 7-days. Allow inspiration to lift you off your feet and don’t forget to use it!

The problem I personally face over and over again when I’m extremely inspired are mental blocks, my own self sabotaging thoughts come rushing in and hold me in place. The 8 of Swords is indeed this feeling of being trapped in a cage when all you want to do is spread your wings and create or get things done. If we pay close attention and recognize these patterns and signs as they appear, we can hit them out of the park with a wooden bat! Finding ways to keep your mind busy is key!

Since the Devil is creeping into our week, this further enhances the energy coming from the 8 of Swords! I often think of the phrase “I see you habit energy” quite often when I feel a bad habit creeping back in or a lure to do something that I’ve been trying to avoid. I even have this phrase inscribed on a metal bracelet cuff that I wore when I was a runner, this helped me stay focused on not quitting. Stating out loud that you see a pattern coming back up can somehow gives you a hell of a lot more power over the situation. It shows that you’re in charge and sometimes just stating it out loud can do wonders! So don’t fall trap this week to past patterns that keeps you in your place when all you want to do is express yourself freely, create art or even just get some shit done!

The Spolia Tarot was created by Jessa Crispin and Jen May, you can find more info on this deck here.

Week Ahead Reading (Sept 16-22)

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Hello, New Week! It really seems that September is on its way out, even though it’s only the 16th and we’re pretty much smack dab in the middle of the month. Maybe I’m just in my usual “bring on October” mood, that could be! This week I’m planning to dive fully in to the new book called Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed of The Tarot Lady! It arrived yesterday WAY early and it looks delicious! Ok, let’s dive into the week ahead reading!

While I’ve been using my Joe Sparrow Tarot constantly, I’ve been also grabbing for my Golden Rider Tarot a lot as well. I will be using just that for this weeks reading!

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Again, be patient, but more importantly, be patient with others and take their needs into account.

Our energy is much needed this week when it comes to taking our time, the 7 of Coins invites us to take on another round of patience, just like last week! It’s funny, the 7 of Coins was not only in the reading last week but it was in the same spot, right up front. I’m going to take that as a sign that things aren’t ready just yet, but they are getting close!

Our mission this week also includes being more of service to others in the form of the 6 of Cups and taking on the role of the King of Cups. We’re asked to let our heart lead us through the week by doing little random acts of kindness. Seriously, sprinkle those little sweet gestures around like a flu bug, it’s much needed lately and you never who could use a little boost - even a simple smile and “good morning” can turn someones day around just like that. We are all going through our own things and most of us wear a mask on most days as we navigate life and what is thrown at us. Reaching out to others and helping them with the smallest of tasks can make such a big impact. To you it may seem small, but to someone else having a shit day… it’s like a rainbow landing at their feet.

This is also a week to be patient with others, for the same reason I mentioned above - we are all going through our own difficulties. If someone close to you needs support, don’t shy away from reaching out to them, even if it’s just to lend an ear for listening or a shoulder to lean on. Chances are, they would do the same for you. I see a lot of love in this week ahead coming from the Cups suit, it all feels really good and steady. There is no rush of things this week, it’s more of just letting things naturally go where they want to flow.

Week Ahead Reading (Sept 9-15)

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Hello, New Week! I can tell already that this will be a really great week, I can just feel it!! On Friday I opened up my single card reading service and had several bookings that just made me so damn happy! Thank you to those that put in a reading request or shared my post on IG, it means the world to me. I will be opening up bigger reading options as time goes on, but right now I am just offering $5 single card readings to get things going again and it feels really good!

I’m using the Joe Sparrow Tarot… I have a “Coffee and Tarot” post going up this week where I talk about this deck a bit, along with a mini interview reading!

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Be patient and persistent, follow some rules and don’t forget to add your own twist to things this week!

When starting something new or even perhaps just simply starting something over again, it would be wise to follow some loose guidelines given to you from others with more experience. Save the “doing it your way” for another time until you get your feet firmly planted on the ground and things start happening!

The Fool is inviting you to take a plunge and be a bit loose with these rules that you’re following. You don’t have to be strict, but just keep things flexible! When working with the Hierophant archetype this week, seek to someone with more experience in the matter before taking things into your own hands and just “winging it”. If you’re attempting to start something over that may have not worked out well before, I think this message is even more important! You don’t want to make the same mistakes twice, so attain some assistance in knowledge before treading forward.

Here is where the patience comes in, the 7 of Coins is all about waiting things out to see if it worked or if you did the steps correctly. I don’t see a lot of action this week, but more a lot of checking in and taking care of whatever you are working on. Sometimes we won’t know how the results will turn out for a couple days, or weeks, or even months! Just like a garden, all you can do is do your best to get things going and cross your fingers your seeds will sprout and grow strong. So don’t skip any steps this week! This is important. Whatever you’re focused on in the next 7 days, make sure you give it your all and don’t neglect it or push it out of your sight.

You have two awesome archetypes by your side this week - the Fool and the Hierophant. Both want you to succeed! One wants you to have fun and allow your own personality to shine through, however, the other asks you to still stick to some structure and guidance! So find a good middle point between the two and don’t turn whatever you are faced with this week into a daunting task, look for ways to make it an enjoyable experience!

Week Ahead Reading (Sept 2-8)

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New week… a day late! I’ve been really into doing weekly readings for myself and I thought I would share these on the blog instead of just in my journal. The prompt I use for them is called “Today’s Mission” but I like the idea of using this for the full week, rather than just for the day since I’m keen on pulling a single card daily instead of multiple cards. Enjoy!

This prompt was created by Tom Benjamin on Instagram
I’m using the Golden Rider Tarot

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Be kind to your emotional well-being this week and keep an eye on where you’re spending your time and energy. Are you giving too much?

It’s time to pour more life back into yourself, you have spent loads of time helping others… how about helping yourself this week? The King of Cups is inviting us to step into their shoes to get a sense of how you really feel about things. They are often so good at keeping their own emotions out of situations but every once in a while they need a release, too.

The 10 of Wands shows that we are carrying a lot of excess right now. We are putting out more energy than we have available and it all seems to root back to giving it out to others rather than saving some for yourself. Perhaps you keep saying “yes” because you are either afraid to say “no” or just don’t want to let anyone down. It’s ok, I do this all the time and in fact, I can count several instances right now in which I’m doing the exact same thing. I keep saying “sure, I can do that” and then the next thing I know, I’m looking at a laundry list of tasks to do for everyone else and no energy or time left for my own projects. That will most definitely lead to a burnout!

The 6 of Coins shows us where we are sending out our energy - to others. There’s nothing wrong with giving your energy out to others, it’s a good thing to put others before yourself…. but, we need to not be reckless about it and just give, give, give. You are worth your time and energy, so be sure you are getting something back as well. It’s like a transaction of when you order something online and it comes with an extra gift. You are still giving but you are also getting something in return as well.

Check in with yourself this week to inspect your well-being and be sure you are not giving out more than you have available.

Week Ahead // April 15 - 21

Happy Sunday, Folx! A new week is upon us, are you ready? I am! I have to take a moment and thank everyone for the awesome feedback on my Dark Mansion Tarot study post, more specifically the Fool post that I talked about the other day! I’m so glad you folx liked it, I will have the Magician up this week with my thoughts! It may be slow, but I’m thinking a “card a week” will be something I aim for with that study.

Deck used: Compendium of Constellations + Cosmos Tarot and Oracle


Pyxis “guide” + taurus “The Hierophant”

Be your own guide this week! Stick with what you know and with what you are comfortable in. Seek solace to traditions that have served you well and ones that you know you can count on, the ones that work for you and only you! It’s easy to look over your shoulder and see what others are doing and how fast they may seem to move. Keep in mind that we all go at our own pace, do what is comfortable for you. Try not to fall trap to the whole “the grass is greener” thought process, it won’t do you any good when you embrace that mentality. Trust me!

Whether you are focused with work this week, relationships or just day to day things, remember to take your time and don’t feel the need to take shortcuts. Listen to your instincts and let that guide you as you go along. If something doesn’t feel right, stop and take notice. Taurus in general is very slow and steady for good reason, they are very dedicated! However, it can be a very stubborn sign as well! You can only keep redoing something for so long, if it’s not working… move on or take a break, you can always come back to it. If you have goals on your mind, use those also as your guide and determination this week!

Enjoy my free readings?!

Week Ahead // April 8 - 14

Happy Sunday, Folx! Look what’s back?! I have been super busy and let a lot of things slide, including my blog. In case you are out of the loop on what I’ve been up to… I created a lenormand deck! The deck is called The Monster Lenormand and I just got my first sample copy in the mail last week. I may have mentioned this deck previously on the blog but I can’t remember, haha! More info is coming soon on the pre-order of this deck.

Deck used: Dark Mansion Tarot


Knight of Swords + 10 of Cups

The Knight of Swords strives to be heard and understood. If you need some time off, speak up. If you have an idea, let them hear it. If you think of a better solution, explain it. No one knows unless you tell them, it’s good to speak up once in awhile and get things off your chest and out of your mind. The Knights, for me, always carry a little warning when they come to town. This Knight is a reminder to be rational when voicing up or stating your opinion. If you want others to take you seriously, it’s wise that you approach things with a calm and collected mentality. It’s easy to dismiss people when they’re shouting and flailing their arms about… not that you would do that, but you know what I mean.

The 10 of Cups is a reminder to enjoy the good while it’s good, these moments won’t last forever. They’re like little Polaroid snapshots in our day but we are so quick to speed right on by them. Why are we always in such a rush? When we stop to take inventory of what’s going on around us, we’ll see that we’re missing out on a lot. There are things we don’t notice on a daily basis and it’s mostly because we think we need to do this and need to show up for everyone else… when what we really need to do is show up for ourselves and the moment we’re in. We tend to put so much more emphases and attention on things that are going bad, when all around us are moments of pure bliss, even if they only last 5 minutes. Which is a better reason to pay attention, nothing lasts forever!

This week, slow things down a bit, speak up if you need to and enjoy the little things in our day as they show up.

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Week Ahead Reading for Feb 18-24

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Happy Sunday, Folx! A new week is nearly at our doorstep and I can already tell it will be a good week. Why? Because I said it will be, hah! Pisces season starts tomorrow at 4:04 pm (MST) and we have a Full Moon in Scorpio showing up on Tuesday the 19th at 8:54 am (MST). I’m so looking forward to this moon to not only lay down some intentions but to focus on some new art - I always get a big energy boost when the moon is in Scorpio.

This week I’m using the Spoila Tarot by Jessa Crispin and Jen May. I truly adore this deck and I’m so glad I didn’t let it slip out of my fingers a couple weeks ago. I was in a tarot deck funk and was ready to sell/trade a lot of my decks to freshen things up - hate when that mood sets in, glad I didn’t act on it! Anyways, enough rambling, let’s check out the cards for the week.


What to keep in mind this week

2 of Coins // Balance, balance, balance! You gotta keep things in balance, did I say that enough? Keep a close eye on what you may be doing in excess and what may be drying up, you want to keep a good harmony going this week. Whether it’s your bank account, household chores or just keeping a good stability between work and home - keep yourself in check and find ways to spread the work/money out evenly through your week.

what needs to be done this week

6 of Cups // Love seeing this card show up here! I get a little bit of rekindling old friendships by walking down memory lane and random acts of kindness through this week. It’s like the saying goes “what goes around comes around” and I feel like this applies very well here! Do unto others as you would like done to you, so in other words… be kind, general with your emotional support and enjoy some laughter with others.

The challenge this week

Queen of Swords // The Queen of Swords is very much up in her head and sometimes that can take the best of us. Whether it’s negative thinking, speaking before thinking or just being a bitch… we may need to watch our words this week as it could for sure stir up some heated debates. Take the 2 of Coins as some advice here on how to handle the Queen of Swords challenge and keep everything in check and don’t let yourself lean one way or another - this could even pin point to verbally choosing sides before really thinking things through.

Week Ahead Reading for Feb 11 - 17

Misc Blog Posts.png

Look at what’s back, the weekly reading!! I’m totally feeling my groove once again and happy to be blogging more. I really hope I can keep the momentum, blogging brings me a lot of joy and now that I have my “own” laptop again I’m able to write more… my daughter kind of hoarded my MacBook, a lot! It was also fairly old and had keyboard issues, so I finally got a new laptop and I gave her my old MacBook. So expect more blogging and hopefully more regularly!

The weekly reading is back after a very long break. I will aim to have these up on the blog every Sunday (time varies) so there is time to read the cards before the fresh week begins. This week I’m pulling cards from the Circo Tarot by Marisa de la Peña.


What to keep in mind this week

6 of Knives // It’s time to start thinking about your own mental wellbeing. Are you in a toxic environment? Are you hanging out with the wrong people? Is something in your life right now causing more stress than it’s worth? Seek some mental clarity, period. Know when to walk away and more importantly, know how to set boundaries. It’s all about moving yourself into a more calmer, positive space. It just may be time to step away and think about yourself this week.

We’re starting Monday with the Moon in Taurus, this could urge us to stay put and resist change, keep this in mind when you are starting to feel a bit stubborn on wanting to change things up even though you know you should. When we get comfortable with something, even if it’s bad for us, change can be hard. Exercise your own free will and put yourself first this week!

what needs to be done this week

Knight of Knives // Forward thinking and full speed ahead! This Knight is saying “I have an idea worth exploring!”. It may not be the greatest idea, but who cares, it’s yours and it’s valid. It’s all about getting things in motion this week and off paper or out of your head. The Knight of Swords is an eager one, they’ve already made their plans and are ready to see what happens, what do you have to lose? I always like to look at the warning that the Knight’s in general bring, they can be fairly reckless and sometimes they can feel too advanced for their own good. Know when to call it quits and know when to keep going.

The challenge this week

3 of Pentacles // If you are working with others this week, this card is for you! While the 3 of Pentacles is normally a card of working well together and collaboration… as a challenge, things may get a bit messy. It’s common for everyone to want to put in their own two cents, which is always great, but it can also turn sour quick quickly. Use the 6 of Swords here for some advice on handling these challenging situations that pop up… if you can, get the F out of there and find a new partner or group to work with. There’s no reason you have to deal with that kind of drama. If you’re are stuck and have to face the music, just do the best you can. Pull your own weight and make sure your idea’s get heard and seen! Understand that you’re doing your best with the cards you were dealt. If you aren’t working with people or groups, this card could easily just point to your social circle or coworkers!

Card of the Week: 8 of Skulls


Hello, Monday! I just received such a unique deck in the mail last week for review, it’s the Sickly Tarot by F. Raymond Sickly. This deck is truly blowing my mind and I just finished writing that full review of this deck for the Indie Deck Review, I’ll be sharing it soon with you all. In the meantime, you can find this deck straight from the artist himself over on his website here!

I thought it would be great fun to use this deck for the card of the week. It was a mystery as to see which card would show up as this deck has 109-cards with a total of 7 suits. Yes, you read that correct!

eye divider 1.png

8 of Skulls (Cups)


The 8 of Cups has always been a card of emotional transition for me. We’ve exhausted our efforts and our hearts just can’t handle any more, it’s waving a flag to us in surrender.

I often see this card in more traditional RWS decks as “leaving to search for that missing cup” since it usually illustrates a person leaving behind 8 neatly stacked cups with one missing. What we have or what we’re doing is no longer satisfying us or it never was from the start. It’s time to find something that will fill this space and make us feel better.

The 8 of Cups asks that we listen to our heart and follow it. This is no longer a matter of the mind, it’s about what the heart wants. This can be a spiritual journey or transition, one that invites you to follow your spirit.

So what does this card mean for the week ahead?

It’s time to admit that what you’re trying so hard to make work, isn’t working. If you’re feeling pretty empty, depleted or just a loss for excitement, perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time to move onto something different, fresh and exciting! If you’re feeling the call to change paths right now, listen up and take note! Let your heart be the captain of your ship and pay close attention to it’s subtle pulls in the direction you feel you may need to explore.

Don’t force things this week, rather go with the flow. As an artist, maker, and (wannabe) writer, this card often shows up when I’m trying way too hard to make something work. When we aren’t in love with a project that we’ve been dedicated to, yet we keep at it and keep changing things in hopes it will finally be just right. In the end, we know we should have abandoned this project weeks ago. It’s time to just let it go and admit that it just wasn’t meant to be and that’s ok. You can now pour your heart and soul into something fresh that will be a million times better and more aligned with what you originally had hoped to create!

It’s ok if things don’t work out, you learned something about it and that alone is priceless. Be gentle with yourself this week!

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What do you think about the 8 of Cups card?
How do you see this card coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!

Card of the Week: 7 of Pentacles


Hello, Monday! I fell off posting the weekly readings for a couple weeks. I just haven’t been feeling it but I’m trying to breathe some life back into my blog. I’ve been pretty busy with writing and working on reviews over at the Indie Deck Review and working on a handful of side projects of my own, my poor blog has been getting pretty neglected.

I started pulling just a card of the week for a little while now but usually just journal it. I wasn’t going to post it on the blog, but then thought why not?! It is my blog after all. I plan to start sharing more personal posts like card perspectives, current favorites, what I’m reading, etc.

The deck I’m pulling from just landed in my hot little hands yesterday, it’s the Indigo Alchemist Tarot by Heather Blumenthal. I’m already madly in love with this deck and will be working on a review here soon!

eye divider 1.png

7 of Pentacles


The 7 of Pentacles (or coins, what I much prefer to call this suit) has always been a card of patience to me. In your standard RWS this card is usually depicted as a person leaning on a garden tool while gazing over their future plant harvest.

In the Indigo Alchemist Tarot, this card is depicted as an hourglass. This imagery fits so well for me! It’s truly a card of time, waiting and patience. You’ve done the work and now it’s time to wait for results to come in.

I tend to call this card the “gardener card” since my husband and I are both avid gardeners. I feel like most of the time we’re just waiting for the plants and trees to fruit or bud out. The 7 of Coins is often a reminder to be patient and allow things to run its full course before diving in. No one likes to bite into a half green orange or berry. Jessa Crispin said it best in the guidebook for the Spolia Tarot:

But if the pears aren’t ripe yet, then don’t eat the fucking pears.
— Jess Crispin, Spoila Tarot

So what does the 7 of Coins mean for the week ahead?

Patience, young grasshopper, patience. We need to have a little self restraint this week before jumping the gun, so let things run its full course before you even think about touching it or working with it. Like a freshly painted chair, let it dry fully or you’ll be walking around with paint on your ass. We live in a society that is so high in demand for instant gratification. Often times the wait is well worth it. Use this extra time wisely while you wait it out, it’s yours to use! Add more words to your NaNoWriMo novel that you’re chipping away at. Work on that painting you may have on your desk. Declutter and get things ready. Just don’t waste the time given, use it. Keeping busy will only keep you from being so damn fidgety (I’m talking to myself). Time will soon tell you how things worked out, it’s out of your control so get it off your mind until results start rolling in. Then you can reevaluate what to do next!

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What do you think about the 7 of Pentacles card?
How do you see this card coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Collective: Oct 29 - Nov 4

If you’ve been a dedicated follower of my blog, you already probably know that I like to switch things up a bit here and there, especially with the weekly readings. The weekly readings seem to get changed quite often and I expressed in the past that I’ve been trying to feel things out and find something that is both fun and helpful for my readers! It will probably come as no surprise to you that I mixed it up… yet again! I’ve been wanting to stretch my creative writing muscles and came up with a simple spread for my weekly readings that I really love, it can really be applied to any use and not just once a week! I have also renamed my weekly posts, from the Weekly Reading to the Weekly Collective.

This week I’m using four decks and a 12-sided die, at the end of this post I’m sharing the spread for you to pin, save, or share on your social media! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@jessrollar) if you use it, I’d love to see!

eye divider 1.png
Decks left to right:  Daniloff Tarot, The OK Tarot, Neon Moon Tarot, and the Collective Tarot

Decks left to right: Daniloff Tarot, The OK Tarot, Neon Moon Tarot, and the Collective Tarot


I decided to use my 12-sided die to produce the weekly theme. I work with numerology closely when I read playing card cartomancy and it just felt right to include that here! The theme this week is coming from the number two. This centers around relationships, partners, friendships, and just simply how we work with one another. Things are indeed pretty strained right now and I’m sure you can feel it! This week, apply special and careful attention to how we treat others, what we’re doing for one another and how we can work better together. We want to come together, not pull further apart. This also includes how you treat yourself!

Mind: How do we best communicate this week?

Communication is so very important with how we connect to one another. Our words and how we listen are crucial, and it can really make an impact. The King of Wands asks us to be bold and to not shy away from expressing our enthusiasm. If you have some idea’s to express, get them out and in the open. If you have some opinions to share, speak with confidence and pride. If you don’t believe in what you are trying to say, why should someone else? Try to also remain calm in heated conversations. The King of Wands has it in them to get hot headed, so be sure to keep that in mind before blowing your top. Even when disagreeing with someone, you can still be passionate without being an asshole.

Body: How do we care for ourselves this week?

This week, be gentle with yourself and take care. The 8 of Wands is usually a card of quick and rapid movement, but I don’t feel this is what we need this week, more the opposite in fact. We don’t always have to rush into things and move so damn quickly. Listen to your body and allow it to guide you in the direction you need to be moving in. If something feels right, follow that feeling. Allow the 8 of Wands to be more of a pinpoint guide rather than a rush of energy.

Emotions: How do we handle our emotions this week?

When I see the 2 of Zent (Coins) in this deck it makes me think of adapting to our situations, not pushing against them or trying to juggle our feelings all at once. We should sort out our emotions before jumping the gun with quick reactions with unbalanced thoughts, feel the situations out and understand what others might be going through. This reminds me a lot of the the hot headedness of the King of Wands! Each situation may call for a different approach, so being able to adapt is key. If you are finding it difficult, try simply taking some deep breaths or get some fresh air to help clear your head before approaching a troublesome problem.

Creativity: How do we express our creativity this week?

There is this saying I tell myself when I create or work on projects “do it with love, or not at all” and this plays true here. The Lovers say that if your heart is not on board with what you are doing, it will show. When you are deeply enjoying what you create it should feel really good and fluid, not forced and rigid. This week, align your mind with your heart and allow it to be fully expressed in all that you do.

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Card of the Week: Oct 22-28

Monday… we meet again, I see. This weekend was a busy one but for all the good reasons, we celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary and had a kid free Saturday. We are rarely kid free so when the opportunity strikes, we grab it! My husband and I checked out a local metaphysical shop called The Astrology Store, it had the most decks I’ve ever seen a shop carry. Did I come home with a deck? Nope, I’ve been super picky lately, even more than normal so nothing really caught my eye even though they had tons. They also had a killer book collection that contained more books on astrology than I even knew existed, as well as a hefty stash of Crowley books that caught my eye. I will for sure have to return to that store with a list next time… and maybe a very large budget!

Let’s see what energy or theme may be present this week! I’m using on of my favorite and trusted decks, the Collective Tarot, for this weeks pull.

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10 of Bottles

More commonly known as the 10 of Cups, I always love to see this card show up! It’s a much needed reminder to soak in all that is good right now while the moment is full of joy. It’s the little moments of bliss in our day that we often take for granted or just simply miss because we are either too focused on what is going wrong or we are too busy to notice.

I love the feeling of being recognized and loved in this cards imagery. You get the feeling that this is either a family or friendship bond like no other and they are choosing to spend the moment with one another. You are accepted.

What does this mean for us? It means that we should tap into this fuzzy feeling when we see these moments pop up in our week, to truly be present in the emotional pool of those who love us unconditionally.

It’s the little joy after coming home from a long day at work, being happily greeted at the door by your faithful dog companion. It’s the quiet moment after your child finally goes down for a nap and you can get back to that book you’ve been eyeing all day. It’s the happiness you get when grabbing coffee with a close friend whom you haven’t seen in a long while.

tap into the Empress energy this week:

  • When something is going right, stop and take notice.

  • Go out of your way to bring a smile to someone’s face if you can.

  • Spend a night or day at home with your family or friends, enjoy it with them and be fully present.

  • On your altar:

    • Incense: scents that bring you joy

    • Stones: any that make you smile or have been gifted to you

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Card of the Week: Oct 15-21

Hello, Monday! After a week of no school for the kiddo, it was October break at her school, I’m so ready for a normal week where I can focus and get some much needed work and writing done. I always miss my routine! It was a nice relaxing week though and it was filled with some mail including three new decks and two new books!

I’m using one of the decks I received on Saturday for this weeks “Card of the Week” pull, it’s the OK Tarot by Adam J. Kurtz. It’s an all pink, minimalistic deck that is absolutely adorable! I was feeling inspired while writing this reading up that I included a little extra below, too.

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(Tarot Bag is from  Radical She    + Crystal is a Pink Halite)

(Tarot Bag is from Radical She + Crystal is a Pink Halite)

The Empress

First pull from this deck was for the card of the week and out popped the Empress, perfect, I say! The Empress is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and attraction. The Empress is asking us to really tap into our heart center this week when dealing with the creative process and handling situations. As always, this card also often reminds me of self care. More often than not, we forget to include ourselves in the care process. Am I right?

The Empress urges us to really nourish the projects that are on your plate, to really put more emphasis on them or simply set them free like a bird ready to leave the nest.

Tap into your creativity and allow intuition to guide you in the creative process. If you’ve been sitting on something and it’s ready to go out into the world, use this week to really set it out and give it a great start! The birth of a new idea is always an exciting time so be sure to make it special and don’t shy away from revealing how proud you are, celebrate it!


tap into the Empress energy this week:

  • Fuel your creativity by focusing on art, writing or any form of self expression

  • Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you are awesome and worthy of love

  • Take yourself out on a date and really enjoy your own company, treat yourself!

  • On your altar:

    • Incense: Rose or Patchouli

    • Stones: Turquoise, Peridot, or even Rose Quartz

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Card of the Week: Oct 8-14

I took a break from doing the weekly readings for a bit while I work on some side projects, but they’re back! I feel like I’m always saying that, haha. I’m going to be doing them a little differently and focus on just a single card of the week.

This week I’m pulling from the Morgan’s Tarot. This is a deck that I had a couple years back but traded it and regretted it later on (you know how that goes)… then last week, Everyday Magic shared that the deck has been reprinted and they just listed a second batch of these decks to their shop, the first batch sold out quickly. I ordered one without even blinking and it arrived two days later! I’m so glad to have this deck back in my collection and it’s been fun to read with once again.

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

Tomato, Potato, Eggplant

I laughed when I pulled this card, this deck is full of laughs, but behind a silly card has a great message! This card speaks about nourishment and taking care of yourself on a food level. Making practical choices regarding what you put in your mouth and just being more conscious. Am I saying you need to eat healthier? No, this card is asking you to eat what feels good to you, whatever that may be. Only you know what your body needs so be sure to tap into it and listen carefully. If you personally enjoy eating something but you know your body doesn’t enjoy digesting it, use this as a form of self care and pay attention to the signals your body is giving you and perhaps change things up a bit.

I know for me, my body needs water and has been pretty dehydrated lately. I’m seeing it reflect in my skin so this is a great reminder for me to drink up this week…. no, not more coffee, I need to drink way more water!

This week, fuel your body wisely and pay attention to what makes you feel good! Food can be such good medicine!

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Weekly Forecast: Sept 17-23

I’m dragging my feet big time and it’s only just Monday, I think my mind just doesn’t want to let go of the weekend, lol! You may notice some slight changes to the website and my shop, I’m working on a few kinks here and there. Trying to do a little revamping, but not too much.

Yes, I missed the weekly forecast last week, sorry everyone! I was just really busy and I couldn’t seem to focus so I decided to not stress out and just let it go for the week and recharge. However, it’s back this week and I’m testing out my Micro Oracle deck!! I’m still editing this deck a little bit more and slowly working on the mini booklet. Hoping to have more news on this deck soon! In the meantime, here is the weekly reading - I’m pairing the Micro Oracle up with the Collective Tarot!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

TLDR: Something is not finished, keep at it and the doors will open!

8 of Keys RX + The Magician + #38

Our theme this week is coming from card #38 of my own Micro Oracle deck. It’s letting us know that we have left something behind and we may not have everything we need just yet. I’m really drawn to that star left in the darker aspects of this card, it makes me think there may still be work left to do and we need to get it all done as to not leaving anything behind. This is a great reminder to double check over any to-do lists and be sure you crossed everything off from the weekend, you might have over looked something important that you thought you did!

The other cards for the week really resonate with the message above! The 8 of Keys RX is giving us a heads up that we might not be able to move forward just yet, at least not very quick. The Magician suggests that we need to keep growing our skill and focus if we want to truly move things forward and flip that 8 of Keys upright! Maybe you think you’re ready but in reality you’re almost there, but not quite yet. This is a great time to keep doing practicing, keep studying, and keep building up your base - Whatever it is that you are focused on, keep at it for a little while longer!

When we do get past this block we see in the 8 of Keys, we will be fully prepared to handle whatever comes our way! We can truly manifest the shit out of what we want with the power to back it up! So stay focused my friends and keep your eye on what you have your heart set on.

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Weekly Forecast: Sept 3-9

Hello, September! I'm so ready for fall to get here but in Arizona, it doesn't usually feel like fall until Winter is at our feet. We're still riding out the 100º+ degrees right now, at least the humidity is gone finally... it was a very humid summer for us, which you wouldn't think would be a thing being in the desert but we have a lot of monsoons through the summer.

Ok, enough rambling about the weather, let's get to the cards! I'm using the same decks as last week since they paired up so well! The Collective Tarot and Numinous Tarot. I still need to get my review up on the Numinous Tarot, will do that this week!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
TLDR: Bring our attention to what is holding you down and dragging you through the mud. It's time to make peace so that you can move forward with an open heart!

3 of Bells + The Hermit + 8 of vials

Last week we had a big "self care" notion, this week I'm getting a sense that we need to pull back a bit for some deeper introspection to help clear out anything we may be holding on to. Things that we keep burying every time they pop up. The Hermit is our theme this week! They look tired yet happy, and oh so out of it. We are being asked to really draw ourselves in a bit and for good reason. It's time work on the things we keep pushing back down to deal with later.

The 3 of Bells asks that we pay attention to what is causing us hurt and ill feelings. We can ignore it all we want but it's not going away anytime soon unless we bring our attention to it like the Hermit asks. We are being asked to really take the time to recover from these things rather than cover it up or they will keep hanging on and holding us back.

How do we do this? The 8 of Vials is reminding us that somethings are just not worth it and we need to learn how to release what is really doing us damage, not just cover it up! Acknowledge the pain and release it away mindfully. We can run from our issues all we want but they will always pop up and find us. It's best to take the time to really work with them rather than bury them further and further down.

I love how both the Hermit and the person in the 8 of Vials are facing the 3 of Bells. It's as if they know what they need to do and are ready to shed light on what is holding us back or what we're still struggling to cope with. The person seen leaving the party in the 8 of Vials makes me think it's time to really give the 3 of Bells our full attention. This is not a long term thing, it's a very short passing so why not clear the clouds now and get it finally over with so you can move forward with a clear headspace and an open heart.

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Weekly Forecast: Aug 27-Sept 2

I missed the weekly reading last week due to being swamped with some side projects, sorry folx! It's back this week and I'm using a new deck that I will be reviewing in a few days, it's the Numinous Tarot by Noel Arthur Heimpel... I'm in love!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
Full Moon in Pisces - Today we are looking at a full moon in Pisces! This moon relates to release in your spiritual path, high emotions, and trusting your intuition.

The Lovers + 5 of Tomes + 4 of Feathers

I'm getting a big giant sign that reads "take care of yourself" in flashing neon lettering! Our theme this week is coming from the 4 of Feathers (4 of Swords) and it's all about retreat and rest so that you can tackle your projects more efficiently. It's hard to put out your best work when you are exhausted and mentally clocked out, take care of your headspace and give it some extra care this week.

Be mindful in how you are spending your time and energy, these are indeed resources that are often looked over. The Lovers is popping up as potential energy this week and this says that we need to be there for others in our community, social circles, and families - this includes yourself! Showing up for yourself is a big one, I mean, how can we help and be there for others if we don't help ourselves. Right? It's like feeding others when you have no food at home for yourself, you need to include yourself in this group.

The 5 of Tomes (5 of Coins) asks that we be resourceful and use what we have on hand, or if absolutely needed, seek out to those who can provide for us. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it, this is also why it's good to keep positive bonds with those around us. We can't always take, take, take... we need to give sometimes as well. If you can though, really try to do this yourself if at possible. Use what you have on hand before having to restock, get creative and get crafty even! You may just surprise yourself at how capable you truly are. Whether this comes to meal planning for the week, supplies for a project, or even just carving out the extra time you need... if there's a will, there's always a way!

Overall, I get a strong sense of self care this week and surrounding yourself with those who support and love you. This reflects the Full Moon in Pisces very well I think! Do what you can and the rest will follow.

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Weekly Forecast: August 13-19

A new week is at our feet, it's fresh and I can smell the potential! Today is the Feast of Diana, also known as the Festival of Torches. I'm spending some time today to honor Goddess Diana, she is an archetype I've been working very closely with for the past few months. Today I'm using my main working deck, the Spolia Tarot to tap into what energy may be at play this week for us and what we can do with it!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
Mercury RX is finally coming to an at the end of this week on the 19th, hooray! Folx, can you feel the shift already?! I sure can!

FIRE + ACE of Coins

We're playing with fire this week and that resonates with me big time! Fire to me speaks of our ambition, our drive, and our creativity. I've certainly been feeling extra creative, finally. We are asked to control this fire and put it to use!

So how do we work with fire this week? If you're not careful, you can get easily burned out so just keep that in mind! The Ace of Coins urges us to tap into this potential flame and see where it sparks up or illuminates in our life. I feel like the Ace of Coins is the torch handle to our flame, we control where we want it to go. All I know is that since we're working with an Ace card, there's some potential in the cracks of our day to day lives. If something hot lands in our lap, like an opportunity to grow or bring in more money, seize it and use it! Keep fueling this seed with all you have, you want to really put a lot of energy into whatever it is if you want to bring it to fruition. So whether you are starting fresh with a new project, starting a new job, or even just making products for your online shop... give it all you got! Keep that fire in you moving and keep it hot, hot, hot!

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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Weekly Reading: August 6-12

Last week I took a small break from the weekly readings. I was pretty distracted and by the time I realized I forgot to post it, we were already well into Wednesday, oop's! It's back this week though and I'm trying out a new deck that I just got yesterday, it's the Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo. I received this deck in a trade along with one other deck, the adorable Marshmallow Marseille. I plan to do a deck review of Dark Days Tarot and the other deck soon!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
On the 11th we have a New Moon in Leo. I always get excited when the moon goes dark, it's one of my favorite phases to work with.

Ace of Swords

Your mind sees the potential before the words can even escape your lips. If you're feeling this sudden flash of inspiration, grab it by the roots and take hold! It may help to collect all your idea's and thoughts into one big pile so that you can put things in better order. Anything that makes it easier to understand, especially with Mercury in RX, things have the tendency to get a bit muddy around this time. This also gives you a chance to see what needs more attention or what may be in a more mature state of mind.

I love how on this card there's a hand gathering all the layers of this mountain and forming it into a sword handle. The mountain layers remind me of layers of our subconscious, ones that need to be consciously sorted and put into an order than makes more sense. You're in control with what you do, it's your sword to use.

Wheel of Fortune

When the wheel is spinning, it's time to ask yourself, "do I feel lucky"? Are you ready to take a chance and see what happens? Or, are you going to play it safe and wait this cycle out? The Wheel of Fortune is asking you to take a leap this week and strike while the iron's hot! To me, this card is all about deciding what cycle you thrive in best so that your chances are higher and you end up on top... because that's obviously the most favored outcome, right? When working with fresh inspiration and the sharp clarity from the Ace of Swords, this may be your time to really send some of these idea's you have out into the world and test the waters to see what could possibly happen. It's like throwing the dice and trusting that the numbers are in your favor, sometime you win big... sometimes you lose it all. It really comes down to this, is it worth the opportunity?

With the New Moon coming up later this week, it may be wise to hold off on anything fresh until then! After all, we're working with Ace energy and what better phase to work with than the New Moon!

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What do you see in the cards this week?
Let me know in the comments!