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Weekly Reading: May 7 - May 13

Hello, Monday! You might have noticed the new website layout! I started working on a new layout a little while ago and finally decided to switch it over. You may also have noticed I took a little time away from the blog, I needed a little self care and took this time to step back and get a bigger picture of where I want my blog and tarot practice to go.

My tarot practice has been spiraling in a new direction with my focus on how I use the cards. Lately, I've been using tarot as a major tool in my body positivity journey and positive mental attitude (PMA). I have also discovered that I love to read for self empowerment with the main focus of body positivity and mental health. I'm excited to see my tarot practice evolve and shift! 

I'm back with the weekly reading and I'm using the Zombie Tarot that just arrived in the mail from a swap. I'll be sharing a review of this deck sometime this week!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays


Knight of Hazards

This week is asking you to stay dedicated in everything you choose to do. Whatever we have on our plate we should try to follow through to the end rather than just give up and throw in the towel. Giving up is the easy route and the Knight of Hazards is in no way one to take the road less traveled. They are up for the challenge and know the work ahead is tiring but it is rewarding! If you find yourself hitting a wall, take a break, grab some coffee, or whatever it is you need to do in order to get going again. Walls do not always mean "it's over"... you just need to be cleaver with how you get around them.

Action to take:

The Hanged Man

When I pulled cards for the week ahead, I set the intention to focus on the area of positive mental attitude (PMA). Lately, PMA has become a regular intention in my tarot practice and tarot has been helping me massively! The actions to take and focus on this week come from The Hanged Man. These include embracing new perspectives and not being afraid to shake things up. If something isn't working for you, find ways you can change it up. Sometimes taking some small sacrifices in order to get the peace we seek is worth it as well.

Get out of your normal, everyday mindset and try to see things in new light. We often get so stuck in a specific mindset and get comfortable, it's hard to break these mental habits. These habits can include worrying about the unknown or what is out of your control, or just getting frustrated over the smallest of things. Try to look at any frustrating situation in a more positive or neutral light... I know everything can't be rainbows and kittens all the time. I just mean to be a little more kind to yourself rather than flipping out and focusing on the negatives of a situation. Focusing on the negative will only inhibit you from seeing the positives, and that's not fun for anyone.

Action NOT to take:

7 of Hazards

Things take time and the best things are well worth the wait. Try not to give up too quickly or rush things, you'll only be cutting yourself short and remember, mistakes happen easily when we push things that don't want to be pushed. This card ties in so well with the Knight of Hazards! They're in it until the end regardless of the work to be done, they find the stamina to keep on going. Patience can run thin so be well aware of where your frustration is coming from - take breaks if you need them, ask questions if you have them, and keep your focus on the end goal! 

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