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Week Ahead Reading (Sept 16-22)

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Hello, New Week! It really seems that September is on its way out, even though it’s only the 16th and we’re pretty much smack dab in the middle of the month. Maybe I’m just in my usual “bring on October” mood, that could be! This week I’m planning to dive fully in to the new book called Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed of The Tarot Lady! It arrived yesterday WAY early and it looks delicious! Ok, let’s dive into the week ahead reading!

While I’ve been using my Joe Sparrow Tarot constantly, I’ve been also grabbing for my Golden Rider Tarot a lot as well. I will be using just that for this weeks reading!

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Again, be patient, but more importantly, be patient with others and take their needs into account.

Our energy is much needed this week when it comes to taking our time, the 7 of Coins invites us to take on another round of patience, just like last week! It’s funny, the 7 of Coins was not only in the reading last week but it was in the same spot, right up front. I’m going to take that as a sign that things aren’t ready just yet, but they are getting close!

Our mission this week also includes being more of service to others in the form of the 6 of Cups and taking on the role of the King of Cups. We’re asked to let our heart lead us through the week by doing little random acts of kindness. Seriously, sprinkle those little sweet gestures around like a flu bug, it’s much needed lately and you never who could use a little boost - even a simple smile and “good morning” can turn someones day around just like that. We are all going through our own things and most of us wear a mask on most days as we navigate life and what is thrown at us. Reaching out to others and helping them with the smallest of tasks can make such a big impact. To you it may seem small, but to someone else having a shit day… it’s like a rainbow landing at their feet.

This is also a week to be patient with others, for the same reason I mentioned above - we are all going through our own difficulties. If someone close to you needs support, don’t shy away from reaching out to them, even if it’s just to lend an ear for listening or a shoulder to lean on. Chances are, they would do the same for you. I see a lot of love in this week ahead coming from the Cups suit, it all feels really good and steady. There is no rush of things this week, it’s more of just letting things naturally go where they want to flow.

Week Ahead Reading (Sept 9-15)

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Hello, New Week! I can tell already that this will be a really great week, I can just feel it!! On Friday I opened up my single card reading service and had several bookings that just made me so damn happy! Thank you to those that put in a reading request or shared my post on IG, it means the world to me. I will be opening up bigger reading options as time goes on, but right now I am just offering $5 single card readings to get things going again and it feels really good!

I’m using the Joe Sparrow Tarot… I have a “Coffee and Tarot” post going up this week where I talk about this deck a bit, along with a mini interview reading!

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Be patient and persistent, follow some rules and don’t forget to add your own twist to things this week!

When starting something new or even perhaps just simply starting something over again, it would be wise to follow some loose guidelines given to you from others with more experience. Save the “doing it your way” for another time until you get your feet firmly planted on the ground and things start happening!

The Fool is inviting you to take a plunge and be a bit loose with these rules that you’re following. You don’t have to be strict, but just keep things flexible! When working with the Hierophant archetype this week, seek to someone with more experience in the matter before taking things into your own hands and just “winging it”. If you’re attempting to start something over that may have not worked out well before, I think this message is even more important! You don’t want to make the same mistakes twice, so attain some assistance in knowledge before treading forward.

Here is where the patience comes in, the 7 of Coins is all about waiting things out to see if it worked or if you did the steps correctly. I don’t see a lot of action this week, but more a lot of checking in and taking care of whatever you are working on. Sometimes we won’t know how the results will turn out for a couple days, or weeks, or even months! Just like a garden, all you can do is do your best to get things going and cross your fingers your seeds will sprout and grow strong. So don’t skip any steps this week! This is important. Whatever you’re focused on in the next 7 days, make sure you give it your all and don’t neglect it or push it out of your sight.

You have two awesome archetypes by your side this week - the Fool and the Hierophant. Both want you to succeed! One wants you to have fun and allow your own personality to shine through, however, the other asks you to still stick to some structure and guidance! So find a good middle point between the two and don’t turn whatever you are faced with this week into a daunting task, look for ways to make it an enjoyable experience!

Week Ahead Reading (Sept 2-8)

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New week… a day late! I’ve been really into doing weekly readings for myself and I thought I would share these on the blog instead of just in my journal. The prompt I use for them is called “Today’s Mission” but I like the idea of using this for the full week, rather than just for the day since I’m keen on pulling a single card daily instead of multiple cards. Enjoy!

This prompt was created by Tom Benjamin on Instagram
I’m using the Golden Rider Tarot

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Be kind to your emotional well-being this week and keep an eye on where you’re spending your time and energy. Are you giving too much?

It’s time to pour more life back into yourself, you have spent loads of time helping others… how about helping yourself this week? The King of Cups is inviting us to step into their shoes to get a sense of how you really feel about things. They are often so good at keeping their own emotions out of situations but every once in a while they need a release, too.

The 10 of Wands shows that we are carrying a lot of excess right now. We are putting out more energy than we have available and it all seems to root back to giving it out to others rather than saving some for yourself. Perhaps you keep saying “yes” because you are either afraid to say “no” or just don’t want to let anyone down. It’s ok, I do this all the time and in fact, I can count several instances right now in which I’m doing the exact same thing. I keep saying “sure, I can do that” and then the next thing I know, I’m looking at a laundry list of tasks to do for everyone else and no energy or time left for my own projects. That will most definitely lead to a burnout!

The 6 of Coins shows us where we are sending out our energy - to others. There’s nothing wrong with giving your energy out to others, it’s a good thing to put others before yourself…. but, we need to not be reckless about it and just give, give, give. You are worth your time and energy, so be sure you are getting something back as well. It’s like a transaction of when you order something online and it comes with an extra gift. You are still giving but you are also getting something in return as well.

Check in with yourself this week to inspect your well-being and be sure you are not giving out more than you have available.