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Card of the Week: The Star

Hello, Monday! I totally didn't plan on pulling cards for the weekly reading, I was still riding the waves from a self-care weekend. I spent some much needed time (somewhat) away from social media, I needed to recharge and reevaluate some things. We headed up to Prescott (north of us in Arizona) for a day trip on Saturday, hung out at a lake, and stretched our legs a bit. It's been warming up here in the valley, we are now floating around in the 90º's. I'm so not ready for the summer heat!

Ok, let's check out our card of the week and see what energy is at play for the next 7 days! I'm using the Next World Tarot, and I also pulled a card aimed at "body love" using the Visions: Crystal Oracle deck.

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The Star

Deck: Mystic Mondays

This morning I was greeted with The Star from the Next World Tarot. The confidence in this person depicted in the card is infectious! The Star to me is a nod from the universe, letting you know that you are on the right path right now and your wishes are being heard, load and clear!

It's also about giving a little to yourself, just as much as you give to others because YOU are worthy! This card is here to let us know that this week is for healing ourselves, in anyway that we see fit. Only we know what we need.

The Star is also here to remind you to be your authentic, bad-ass self! YOU are the star this week, own it and allow it be known!

Pink Opal

I pulled a card from the Visions: Crystal Oracle surrounding body love. I wanted a message to carry with me this week since I am making some drastic changes! I asked and received, Pink Opal. I swear, every time I pull a card from this deck it is exactly what I need to hear and carries a very personal message for me and for others. 

Pink Opal speaks of being ourselves despite what others may think. Despite what opinions they have of you. Despite what they think you should do, should wear, or should live. It's about standing up with a radical notion that you can exist however the fuck you want! Own your body and make it your own, you don't have to play by the rules - make up your own! It's about finding comfort in your own skin and enjoying it fully. It's a reminder that you are unique and you are beautiful! Do what makes you feel good! You are amazing!

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What do you think about these cards?
How do you see The Star coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Reading: Mar 12 - 18

Happy Monday! Every Monday I'm sharing a reading for the week to see what energy is at play and how we can work with it, along with some extra added guidance at the end of the post. I hope you enjoy these weekly readings as much as I do!

This week I'm pulling a cards from the Oliver Hibert Tarot and Strange Lands Oracle. Let's see what's brewing this week!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

I love the energy playing between these cards! We're starting with the 4 of Cups and easing into the 7 of Coins. My first thoughts when I saw these two was visualization and patience. With the 4 of Cups, normally it comes off as a card of boredom or disinterest, but in reality you may just have something else in mind. In this deck, I get a real strong pull of keeping your goal in focus. You might be presented with some options this week, but you know they aren't what you truly really want because chances are there's something you have your eye on. Keep whatever it is you want front and center! By keeping our focus on what we truly want, it'll help us bring it into fruition that much easier... now, it doesn't mean it'll be handed to you on a golden pillow. There's still work to be done!

... here's where the the 7 of Coins comes into play. If you want something bad enough, you need to work for it and put in the time. I always call this card the "gardener" and it's a card of both work and patience. Nurturing is key this week and what's better, we have a New Moon showing up at the end of the week! This is a perfect chance to really sharpen your intentions and note what steps or actions need to be taken in order to reach that cup hanging in the 4 of Cups. One thing I'll note is that you need to be realistic here! Keep your goals reachable and doable, break them down into baby steps if you need to but just don't give up.

A final note I wanted to add! There are a few patterns in these cards but the one that stood out to me the most were those palm trees in the first card and the single palm tree in the second. This tells me that we may be torn between two options and need to bring our focus to just one, for now. It's hard to juggle multiple things at once, but if we just bring our attention to one thing at a time we can really give our full heart and time into it to give it the best possible chance it has with getting off the ground.


Extra Guidance

Lately, my favorite oracle deck has been the Visions: Crystal Oracle! It seems every card I pull really resonates with the tarot cards I draw, this deck is magic! I pulled Rose Quartz for our extra guidance and most may know this stone pretty well, it's known as the stone for the heart. When working with our goals it's a great idea to bring your heart into this! Rose Quartz lets us know that you need to be patient with where you are right now, you are doing just fine. You need to be a little kind to YOU!

A lot of times people are kind to others but they forget to be kind to themselves. This is your friendly reminder to take care of yourself!

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What do you have going on this week? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Reading: Feb 26 - Mar 4

Happy Monday - a fresh new week has begun! Every Monday I'll be sharing a reading for the week ahead to see what energy is at play and how we can work with it, along with some extra added guidance. I hope you enjoy these weekly readings as much as I do! I'm slowly making a new home on this blog and I have to say, I'm excited for this change! This week I'm pulling a cards from the Spirit Speak Tarot and Visions Crystal Oracle - I'll be reviewing the Visions Crystal Oracle deck soon, along with several other decks!

Deck: Mystic Mondays

The energy this week is coming from the 8 of Wands, some much needed movement if you have been waiting for the wind to pick up! The 8 of Wands is all about direct action and getting your feet off the ground - go, go, go! Now, this isn't a gentle blow of the wind I'm talking about, this is a full force blast of creativity pushing us in the direction we need to be moving in.

This shift is headed into a clear focus as we move towards Judgement, a card that always tells me to wake the f#%k up and open your eyes! I love how the 8 of Wands boat is moving directly towards a new calling to join others with their hands up, waiting to be chosen. Tag, you're it! It's time for you to breath new life into your lungs and see what you are truly capable of. Listen to what you are yearning for and begin to take the steps you need in order to get where you need to go - then go full force! Always state your intentions loud and clear - announcing them to the world is optional, but it's great for accountability!


Extra Guidance

I pulled a card from the Visions Crystal Oracle for some extra added guidance this week. Tiger's Eye is a stone that asks you to seek towards more clarity in any movement you decide to go in (great for our cards this week). It also urges you to seek out to others if you are feeling quite anxious and vulnerable, you don't have to be alone in this. If taking a new leap is making you nervous, it's perfectly normal. There's a quote I love that reminds me of just this: "a goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot". This rings so true! While it can be hard to open up to others when you're in this state, it's a good idea to do so. Connecting with others will only help us move through these emotions easier knowing someone else can relate to what you are going through and give you some much needed advice.

"Tigers Eye increases emotional stability, confidence and will power to get a clearer perspective on things..." - Jessika Fancy (guidebook)

Remember, you are not alone!

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What do you have going on this week? Let me know in the comments!

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