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Weekly Collective: Oct 29 - Nov 4

If you’ve been a dedicated follower of my blog, you already probably know that I like to switch things up a bit here and there, especially with the weekly readings. The weekly readings seem to get changed quite often and I expressed in the past that I’ve been trying to feel things out and find something that is both fun and helpful for my readers! It will probably come as no surprise to you that I mixed it up… yet again! I’ve been wanting to stretch my creative writing muscles and came up with a simple spread for my weekly readings that I really love, it can really be applied to any use and not just once a week! I have also renamed my weekly posts, from the Weekly Reading to the Weekly Collective.

This week I’m using four decks and a 12-sided die, at the end of this post I’m sharing the spread for you to pin, save, or share on your social media! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@jessrollar) if you use it, I’d love to see!

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Decks left to right:  Daniloff Tarot, The OK Tarot, Neon Moon Tarot, and the Collective Tarot

Decks left to right: Daniloff Tarot, The OK Tarot, Neon Moon Tarot, and the Collective Tarot


I decided to use my 12-sided die to produce the weekly theme. I work with numerology closely when I read playing card cartomancy and it just felt right to include that here! The theme this week is coming from the number two. This centers around relationships, partners, friendships, and just simply how we work with one another. Things are indeed pretty strained right now and I’m sure you can feel it! This week, apply special and careful attention to how we treat others, what we’re doing for one another and how we can work better together. We want to come together, not pull further apart. This also includes how you treat yourself!

Mind: How do we best communicate this week?

Communication is so very important with how we connect to one another. Our words and how we listen are crucial, and it can really make an impact. The King of Wands asks us to be bold and to not shy away from expressing our enthusiasm. If you have some idea’s to express, get them out and in the open. If you have some opinions to share, speak with confidence and pride. If you don’t believe in what you are trying to say, why should someone else? Try to also remain calm in heated conversations. The King of Wands has it in them to get hot headed, so be sure to keep that in mind before blowing your top. Even when disagreeing with someone, you can still be passionate without being an asshole.

Body: How do we care for ourselves this week?

This week, be gentle with yourself and take care. The 8 of Wands is usually a card of quick and rapid movement, but I don’t feel this is what we need this week, more the opposite in fact. We don’t always have to rush into things and move so damn quickly. Listen to your body and allow it to guide you in the direction you need to be moving in. If something feels right, follow that feeling. Allow the 8 of Wands to be more of a pinpoint guide rather than a rush of energy.

Emotions: How do we handle our emotions this week?

When I see the 2 of Zent (Coins) in this deck it makes me think of adapting to our situations, not pushing against them or trying to juggle our feelings all at once. We should sort out our emotions before jumping the gun with quick reactions with unbalanced thoughts, feel the situations out and understand what others might be going through. This reminds me a lot of the the hot headedness of the King of Wands! Each situation may call for a different approach, so being able to adapt is key. If you are finding it difficult, try simply taking some deep breaths or get some fresh air to help clear your head before approaching a troublesome problem.

Creativity: How do we express our creativity this week?

There is this saying I tell myself when I create or work on projects “do it with love, or not at all” and this plays true here. The Lovers say that if your heart is not on board with what you are doing, it will show. When you are deeply enjoying what you create it should feel really good and fluid, not forced and rigid. This week, align your mind with your heart and allow it to be fully expressed in all that you do.

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** This deck review was originally posted on the Indie Deck Review here!


If you are looking for a cute, minimalistic deck, then the OK Tarot is just the medicine you need! The OK Tarot was created by Adam J. Kurtz, artist and author of many other amazing projects. I’m a big fan of simple designs and sometimes that’s just what I crave when I’m doing a reading, Adam’s deck really feeds that need for me! I’ve found that this deck gives very clear and direct messages, that still leave room for intuitive reading.

The OK Tarot is all pink, yes, all pink! It features black, marker styled linework with solid pink card backs. Did I mention it’s all pink? Bring on the pink!! The cards are standard tarot size measuring roughly at 4.75” x 2.75” and feel great in your hands.

If you’re a fan of keeping your decks in the boxes they come in, you’re in luck! The OK Tarot comes in a nice, sturdy deck box that makes some of my other decks jealous! It’s a solid lidded box that is sure to keep your cards safe and sound, perfect for throwing in your bag or keeping them on your shelf. The deck also comes with a nicely bound guidebook with very simple and easy to follow keywords, great for the beginner reader I think!

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favorite cards

I’m a big fan of the major arcana suit, not just because they are more illustrated than the rest of the deck, but because of the cute symbols used on each card. My favorite suit in the deck would have to be the swords, that’s always a favorite suit for me in most decks. The Ace’s are very sweet as well, I love the way Adam illustrates hands. Have I said “adorable” enough in this review? I can’t help it, it’s truly an adorable deck!

I adore the Tower and the Hierophant! Anytime an “eye” is featured on a card has me swoon, I’m obsessed with the sacred eye and symbolism. The hierophant leaves much room for personal interpretation as well, you have a key, more hands, and that rose. Subtle, yet so much can be pulled from just those few symbols.


Cardstock + Shuffling

I’m a big fan of the cardstock used in this deck, it has a nice smooth feel to them without being glossy or overly shiny. I personally love to photograph my readings and daily cards to share on social media, this deck is photo happy! The cards a good mix between thick and thin, they feel as if they will take some rough handling and shuffling well. When it comes to shuffling, the OK Tarot shuffles like butter, very smooth and even. I’ve been obsessively shuffling this deck since it arrived in my hot little hands!

Card Imagery

This deck is all symbols and simple drawings, there is no gender illustrated on the cards and I love that. I especially love how the courts were executed, very straightforward and all they all match up quite well. The Page’s are all shown with a pillow, the Knight’s with a shield, Queen’s with a scalloped crown and the Kings with a more pointed one. When combining suit + rank, it makes for a quick interpretation when reading the courts, much like working with Marseille decks.


One thing to note, if you rely on scenic pip cards for intuition triggers, this deck may be a little bit of a challenge for you but I still think you can pick up intuitive hits quite easily. I consider myself an intuitive reader and have had no issues with reading the language of these cards (specifically in the minor arcana) in this deck. Some of the suits are more expressive than others but I find that discovering a way to tie your interpretation into the imagery helps a lot!

For example, take the 5 of Coins for instance. You can slightly see how the coins at the bottom of the cards are smaller than the coins at the top, this reminds me of how things are diminishing or things getting smaller... a lot like when you are running out of money or the means to get by.

Another card, the 10 of Wands. I tend to relate this card often as a big mountain to climb or a heavy task that will be a lot of work right now, but worth it in the end if you stay on course. When I look at the 10 of Wands in the OK Tarot, I quickly thought of a ladder! I’m not a fan of ladders and they quickly remind me of treehouses when growing up. I hated climbing them. I was horrible with ladders. Though I knew that if I bit the bullet and climbed the ladder to the top of the treehouse I would be glad that I climbed it because it was really cool being up there with everyone else and I had a chance to catch my breath... before we all made the journey back down the ladder, oh joy.



The little guidebook is a 48 page booklet that touches base on the basics of tarot and some info to get you started if you’re new to the amazing world of Tarot! Also, the intro was written by Kelsey Anderson. The booklet also has some simple spreads and little tips. I really love how it’s filled with only keywords for each card, it gets straight to the point and lets you fill in the rest.


All in all, I really love this sweet little deck much more than I thought I would! I think it’s bound to add a nice layer to your readings and even give you some new perspectives with the clean and clutter free imagery. Sometimes less is more!

⤳ Find this deck HERE
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Card of the Week: Oct 15-21

Hello, Monday! After a week of no school for the kiddo, it was October break at her school, I’m so ready for a normal week where I can focus and get some much needed work and writing done. I always miss my routine! It was a nice relaxing week though and it was filled with some mail including three new decks and two new books!

I’m using one of the decks I received on Saturday for this weeks “Card of the Week” pull, it’s the OK Tarot by Adam J. Kurtz. It’s an all pink, minimalistic deck that is absolutely adorable! I was feeling inspired while writing this reading up that I included a little extra below, too.

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(Tarot Bag is from  Radical She    + Crystal is a Pink Halite)

(Tarot Bag is from Radical She + Crystal is a Pink Halite)

The Empress

First pull from this deck was for the card of the week and out popped the Empress, perfect, I say! The Empress is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and attraction. The Empress is asking us to really tap into our heart center this week when dealing with the creative process and handling situations. As always, this card also often reminds me of self care. More often than not, we forget to include ourselves in the care process. Am I right?

The Empress urges us to really nourish the projects that are on your plate, to really put more emphasis on them or simply set them free like a bird ready to leave the nest.

Tap into your creativity and allow intuition to guide you in the creative process. If you’ve been sitting on something and it’s ready to go out into the world, use this week to really set it out and give it a great start! The birth of a new idea is always an exciting time so be sure to make it special and don’t shy away from revealing how proud you are, celebrate it!


tap into the Empress energy this week:

  • Fuel your creativity by focusing on art, writing or any form of self expression

  • Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you are awesome and worthy of love

  • Take yourself out on a date and really enjoy your own company, treat yourself!

  • On your altar:

    • Incense: Rose or Patchouli

    • Stones: Turquoise, Peridot, or even Rose Quartz

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