Tarot Constellations

Currently Reading: Tarot Constellations by Mary K. Greer

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After a few years of wanting to get my hands on the book Tarot Constellations by Mary K. Greer, I finally got a copy! It’s an out of print book and can sometimes be listed for a high price, I found my copy under $30 so I caved and ordered it. I’ve heard some find this book way cheaper from time to time, but I’ve never been able to find it and I’m not patient enough to keep searching.


I’m choosing to work with my Golden Rider Tarot for the book exercises and study, this deck has officially replaced my standard RWS decks. I just love it so much and the colors make me happy every time I pick it up. Just look at that Knight of Coins above, it’s so damn happy!

After reading through the whole intro pages, I started chapter 1 last night and there’s a daily exercise that I was looking forward to starting today - it’s a daily pull from just the Major’s called “Your Daily Triumph”. Since I don’t want to separate out my current deck each time I do this, I’ll either set the intention to pull a card until I reach the first Key card each day or pull from one of my majors only decks. We’re supposed to log several things about the card, including emotions, beliefs, and so on. I’m using the Dairo app on my iPad to keep a log going of my daily Key pulls since I suck at keeping up a paper journal! I upgraded the app to the Pro version so I can sync it with the desktop version of the app, awesome!


I’m dedicating a lot of time this month towards more tarot growth and study (like usual) to prepare myself with reopening my paid tarot readings! Right now, I do offer single card readings that are short and sweet for only $5, but I just don’t advertise them right now like I should. I’m riding the fear train hard right now and frankly, I’m tired of it. I plan to open up the option for 2-5 card readings soon. It’s time to use my fear and Imposter Syndrome as fuel rather than let it hold me back. Whenever I would run races, the phrase “I am the captain of my (running) ship” would go through my head as I ran through the course in order to push out the thoughts that I would be too slow or not finish the race. I need to embrace this phrase again! It got me through a half marathon and loads of small races.