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Weekly Forecast: August 13-19

A new week is at our feet, it's fresh and I can smell the potential! Today is the Feast of Diana, also known as the Festival of Torches. I'm spending some time today to honor Goddess Diana, she is an archetype I've been working very closely with for the past few months. Today I'm using my main working deck, the Spolia Tarot to tap into what energy may be at play this week for us and what we can do with it!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
Mercury RX is finally coming to an at the end of this week on the 19th, hooray! Folx, can you feel the shift already?! I sure can!

FIRE + ACE of Coins

We're playing with fire this week and that resonates with me big time! Fire to me speaks of our ambition, our drive, and our creativity. I've certainly been feeling extra creative, finally. We are asked to control this fire and put it to use!

So how do we work with fire this week? If you're not careful, you can get easily burned out so just keep that in mind! The Ace of Coins urges us to tap into this potential flame and see where it sparks up or illuminates in our life. I feel like the Ace of Coins is the torch handle to our flame, we control where we want it to go. All I know is that since we're working with an Ace card, there's some potential in the cracks of our day to day lives. If something hot lands in our lap, like an opportunity to grow or bring in more money, seize it and use it! Keep fueling this seed with all you have, you want to really put a lot of energy into whatever it is if you want to bring it to fruition. So whether you are starting fresh with a new project, starting a new job, or even just making products for your online shop... give it all you got! Keep that fire in you moving and keep it hot, hot, hot!

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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Weekly Reading: July 16-22

Hello Monday?! Just like last week, I'm using the Spolia Tarot for the weekly reading! I'm switching things up this week for the reading, are you surprised? I'm using a method that I haven't used in a while, but love! My friend asked about it this morning and it inspired me to use it for the weekly reading. It's perfect for daily, weekly, or even monthly as well... or really anytime! I'll explain it a bit below!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

The Hierophant + Ace of Cups + Page of Coins

First off, I don't want to take credit for this method since I learned it a long time ago but have since forgotten where or who I learned it from. It's a really fun way to read the cards!

Starting with the whole deck, you can either separate out the Majors, Minors, and Courts and pull directly from those OR do a simple method of pulling from 3 shuffled stacks, this cuts out the work of separating your deck.

The left stack is for your Major Arcana pull, the middle stack is for the Minor Arcana pull, and the right stack is for the Court card pull. You simply pull a card until you get to the first Major, Minor, and Court.

Example: On the left stack, I kept pulling a card until I get to the first Major card. Then did that again with the middle stack to get to the Minor Arcana card, and the last stack to get the Court card. Hope that makes sense!

Major Arcana - is read as the theme of the week
Minor Arcana - is the action to take
Court - card is the attitude you need to adapt to

The theme this week is coming from The Hierophant and it's all about learning and sticking with the rules, as much as they may suck. Sometimes staying in the lane is what we need, it keeps us focus on what the end result is that we want. While we may not agree or like how something is said or taught, we can customize this later on once we learn it. Right now, it's about soaking up the information!

The Ace of Cups reminds me a lot of our mind this week, we are filling it with awareness and information that we gather from our teachers, our friends, and our family members. Anyone can be a teacher if they have information to share and someone willing to learn. You can gain a lot from others, especially when you just simply listen! It may be something you have heard many times before but perhaps it's the way they explain it that makes it resonate with you better. This is also a good reminder to find teachers that resonate with you, not all teachers are for everyone and that's ok. Fill your cup this week with things that can help you in your life and current path!

The Page of Coins is a perfect mindset to tap into when working with the Hierophant! I always see the Page of Coins as a student, eager to learn and anxious to make progress towards their goals. They are willing to do the work and expand their knowledge. Be the Page of Coins this week when you are wanting to attain more information, learn something new, or work on fine tuning a skill. Be open to everything that can be used as a learning tool with trying new things and don't be put off if something doesn't work out how you wanted - there is a lesson to be learned when we make mistakes! One is always to not do it again so figure out what went wrong and avoid doing that the second time around.

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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Weekly Reading: July 9-15

Happy, Monday! This weekend went fast.... at least for me! I didn't do a whole lot outside of the house since it was way too hot. I think we peaked at 115º yesterday but today it's supposed to be a bit "cooler" at around 110º.... we are also currently in monsoon season finally, so while Arizona is usually a "dry heat" it's hot and humid right now. 

FYI: My response to the comment "but it's a dry heat" that us Arizona folx hear all the time is that your oven is also a dry heat. Unless you enjoy sticking your head in the oven for shits and giggles, it's still damn hot, haha!

Ok, a new week means new possibilities! I'm using the Spolia Tarot once again, I can't get enough of this deck. Both the booklet and cards are just.... amazing! If you missed it, I shared a review of this deck that can be read here.

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

6 of Wands + 10 of Swords

Energy from the 6 of Wands tells us that no matter what you face this week, be vigilant! Set yourself up for success and don't shy away from being praised, even if it's just for helping someone out at office at the printer. Take that compliment and run with it! Use it as some extra fuel to keep you going and doing a good job! Who doesn't likes a good pat on the back from time to time, am I right? Perhaps you may be getting some appreciation for work done around the house... you know, the whole "wow, the house looks great" even though it's been clean for a few days, just take it and smile. When we know we are doing well, it helps us to keep up the momentum and do better if not for others, at least yourself. I know that when I'm told that a blog post I wrote was very helpful or that a reading I gave was empowering for them, it makes me want to keep doing what I do. Especially when you had doubt before, it lets you know that you're on the right path and that you can indeed do hard things - even if they aren't all that hard, you know you are making a difference in either your life or others. 

Advice from the 10 of Swords... Ouch! This may sting a bit but it's a great wake up call! While no one likes to see the 10 of Swords pop up in a reading, I do like to see it show up for advice - I tend to see it as a warning more than anything, and who doesn't like a good warning?! Since we're working with the energy of the 6 of Swords and being praised here and there, don't let that be an invitation to go all out and overboard! HINT: It's not going to play out well. Often times when we keep getting the "good job, buddy" we tend to let it go to our head more and more, then we think we are invisible and can "probably handle this too"... jury says, we can still see you and you need to stay in your lane! This is just setting you up for a hard landing, so stay grounded and be practical in your thinking and logic. Don't overdo it just because you think you're untouchable, you may have done well in other things but it's not a ticket of freedom to do whatever the hell you want just because you think nothing could go wrong.

If you do find yourself in the position of the 10 of Swords this week and things do indeed backfire, just dust yourself off. It's ok, at least take this as a learning experience to not do it again. Right? 

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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DECK REVIEW: The Spolia Tarot


Ready for another deck review?! The Spolia Tarot deck landed in my hands and I've been anxiously waiting for it to arrive! I pre-ordered this deck back in early May after missing the Kickstarter. I was a bit on the fence since while I do love collage, I haven't yet owned a deck that was collage themed so I wasn't sure how I would connect with it but... (spoiler alert) I love it!

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The Spolia Tarot deck's artwork was done by Jen May, the little white book (LWB) was written by Jessa Crispin, and it was designed by Tara Romeo - what a team! I'm a massive fan of Jessa Crispin's writing, in fact The Creative Tarot is my absolute favorite tarot book on the market. It's one that really speaks my language best and I recommend it to everyone who asks!


This deck really blew me away! I created a big hype for myself while waiting for this deck to ship so I was really afraid I was setting myself up to be disappointed... but it was far from that. I'm in love! From the artwork to the LWB to the card stock and box, everything was on point with my expectations and more.

The deck uses the word "coin" instead of "pentacle" and I love that! I use "coins" when talking about the pentacle suits as it's how I relate to this suit the most, so seeing that written on the cards made me very happy. Also, the deck comes with 16 extra cards - 12 zodiac cards and 4 elemental cards. You can use these or not, I decided to leave them in the deck as I find they add an extra layer to the reading, almost like combining oracle and tarot.

The deck was printed in Italy and it really gives off a "rich" feel to it, the deck just feels really good to the touch. The box is gorgeous and simple, I was afraid to break the seal so I popped it open from the bottom with a butter knife - a little trick I learned when opening playing card decks. The deck was well worth the wait and I'm so glad they did a 2nd printing!

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A few of my favorite cards

It was really hard to just a few cards, I love them all! Some cards speak really loud and clear for me, while others are just beautifully done and well executed. My absolute favorite cards in the deck is the Devil. It's simple and it leaves much room for interpretation. The Devil has been a favorite card of mine lately and it's one I look for first in a deck, I love a good devil! The 6 of Coins - I really like the exchange being played out in this card. There are hands giving, receiving, and waiting. It just speaks really well for me and I love how it was done. I also love the Judgement and Justice cards, the hand shake in the Justice card and the snake changing in the other card just makes me smile. Lastly, I love the 9 of Swords in this deck, you can really feel this card and the mental torment, the booklet describes it perfectly:

"The brain can eat itself if you let it... we can spin demons out of thin air"
Deck: Mystic Mondays

Deck details

Card stock
The card stock lives up to the price of the deck, which was around $50 at the time that I ordered it! I hate when you pay a lot for a deck and the card stock falls flat, that was not the case with this deck at all. The cards have a satin like finish that feels divine in your hands. While the cards are thick, they aren't super stiff like some decks I've had. It's hard to explain, but these cards are like a soft-stiff? Not even sure what that means but it's the best way to explain it so I'm going with it! I'm fairly rough with my cards and I haven't seen any chips at all in the card stock or any notice of wear, which I normally see after one day of use... again, I'm rough. I think the cards will hold up really well over time!

I know I always say "this deck shuffles like butter".... but it's true again in this case. This is one of those satin finished decks that shuffles so nicely. You can hear the cards slide while shuffling too, it's an addicting sound. Now, this is a fat stacked deck, I'm not kidding.... look at the image below, it's thick! It's a bit wider and taller than your standard tarot deck, it's like a brick. I have to shuffle it a tiny bit differently than I normally do. As usual, I have to at least get a few riffle shuffles in before I start my overhand but to do this, I have to split the deck into two piles and riffle them each first. I can overhand shuffle the whole deck just fine, it's just the riffle shuffle that is a bit tricky. If you have small hands it may be a bit tricky, just a heads up!


In the package
There are two options for this deck - the first being just the deck, and the second is the deck with spread cloth. I'm kicking myself for not getting the second option but in reality, I know I won't use the spread cloth often so I'll live.

The deck comes with the box (which is beautifully made), the booklet, and the cards. I also received a mini postcard print of the High Priestess in my box. I love it and need to figure out if I want to frame it or stick it somewhere.

While I rarely get excited about a LWB, this was an exception. Jessa Crispin wrote the damn book and it's amazing! I don't often reference back to the booklet with each deck but I can't help but not see what she wrote about for each card, it's so on point and so well said. The booklet is written just like her other book, The Creative Tarot,, where she groups up the cards in order by rank rather than suit order. This is how I tend to order my study journal as well, I like to be able to quickly compare all 3's or all the Knight's, rather than hunt each one down within their own suit.

The book is short and to the point, it's around 52 pages I think and also notes the extra cards. There is no extra stuff in this booklet, it goes right into the cards and nothing more, which I really like.

I have added a new little point in my reviews, diversity. This has always been a main focus for me when buying a deck but it's quickly becoming a major decider in whether or not I purchase it. So I thought I would note the level of diversity in each deck from here on out in my reviews. Being a collaged deck, I wasn't sure what would be represented in the cards. Originally I said there was a "vast amount of poc being represented" but after closer inspection (and talking to another person on IG) I came to realize that there is only a little amount, which is good but still not great. I think there could have been a lot more room for diversity. As far as body sizes, I see a lot of bodies with full hips and soft bellies, which makes me happy. In fact, I just noticed that the Empress has a double chin and I love it. This is my birth card and I too am in this club, haha! I find it so important to be able to find at least one card in a deck that you can relate to and see yourself in.

I'm pretty sure you can tell that I'm in love with this deck! I've had a chance to work with it for a few days now and it reads so well for me, this is for sure a deck that I will be using a lot. The readings come out very clear and direct, so far all have been incredibly on point for me. I've been using it for daily pulls, yesterdays weekly reading, and in a current July tarot challenge... it's called me out several times now.

This deck didn't quite fit in my standard deck bags that I make and sell, so I had to whip up a custom sized bag for it the other night to fit the thickness of it. A few other people on Instagram have raised their hands for this bag size so I will for sure add a few of these to my shop soon! FYI: You'll be seeing a lot of this deck on the blog for sure!

⤳ Buy this deck HERE

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If you have this deck, how are you liking it?
Or is it on your wishlist?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Weekly Reading: July 2 - 8

Hello, Monday! A little late in the day, but hey, the weekly reading is up and ready to help steer your week... even though Monday is nearing an end! I hope to have this up on Sundays rather than Monday from here on out, but don't hold your breath on that, haha!

While on Patreon, I got in the habit of pulling a 2-card Energy and Advice reading for the week ahead, so I'm going to continue doing just that! This week I'm using a brand new deck that arrived on Saturday, the Spolia Tarot!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

Virgo + Knight of Swords

The fun thing about the Spolia Tarot is that it has 16 extra cards - 12 of those are for each sign of the zodiac and the other 4 are elements. I'm mentioning this since one of the cards drawn for the week is one of those extra cards, Virgo!

Virgo tells us that no matter how hard we try, nothing will every be perfect or exactly what we want it to be. It's setting up for expectations that just won't ever meet our own standards, but it is rewarding to try and know that we have given it our best. I know perfectionism all too well, it's exhausting to say the least! With a very strict perfectionist mindset we start to hold ourselves back in ways that we may not realize. It could be felt when you pour your heart out into a writing project only to feel that your point is muddled.... so you either delete it or leave it in your drafts, never seeing the light of day. It can be repainting a piece of art over and over again because your line work isn't up to your perfected standards. Perfectionism can really be found in day to day tasks if you really reflect on it. We need to allow ourselves to have mistakes and be ok with a perfectly imperfect selves.

The Knight of Swords comes in like a wrecking ball to tell you to just get what you want out! Speak your mind even if you don't have all the words. Write that blog post even if it's filled with grammar mistakes and run-on sentences. Don't repaint that painting, just add to it and let the words flow out with your brush. We need to stand up and get our point across no matter if it's sloppy or if it's incomplete. The Knight of Swords will do what they want and take action, they don't wait around for someone to give them orders... even though sometimes they should, they never do.

This week, take initiative and don't worry so much on getting it just right. Learn from your mistakes rather than paint over them. Dive in head first and focus on what point you want to make, then get it out there into the world!

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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Hello, July 2018

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Hello, July! It's been a while since I've done a monthly collective post and I've been wanting to for a while but it seems the months have been creeping by quickly for me lately. This time, I caught the month early and was ready! I've been in the mood to pull my energy back a bit and do some self exploring, I really want to revel in what brings me the most joy and share that with others.

I tend to go through these shifts every few months and I've learned to go with the flow to see what they bring. I used to fight these shifts and feel like the Tower as I lose my footing, starting at the bottom stuck between the rubble. Last month I launched a Patreon page and by the end of the month I decided to close it while I figure things out. I didn't expect to feel a shift right now, but shifts happen (pun intended).

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July Intentions

Deck: Mystic Mondays

A new month is here and I'm thrilled! I'm not setting any goals but merely setting intentions.

I'm currently reading Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine and Satanic Feminism by Per Faxneld. There are a few others books on my list to read, but these two are my focus in July.

I rarely set out to work with specific decks for the month but I'm planning to use one I just got yesterday a LOT this month - the Spolia Tarot! It finally landed in my hot little hands and I'm in love! I pre-ordered this deck several months ago and wasn't expecting it to arrive until later next week but was surprised to see it out for delivery yesterday. I found it no coincidence that the Empress kept showing up while shuffling and "test" spread pulls (when I get a new deck, I love to pull random cards to see how the deck looks in a spread and how the cards talk to one another). The Empress is my tarot birth card, the number 3 follows me everywhere, and this was the card that won me over with this deck - I love it!


Since I've been kind of neglecting the blog, I want to bring my focus back to it now that I have closed up my Patreon page for a bit. I do like some order and structure, it's just how I am so some things will be set each week/month, the rest will just fall in place when it does.

  • Deck Reviews - Spolia Tarot and Carnival at the End of the World (will be arriving in the next week or two)
  • New Moon - I'm moving my Elemental Tarotscopes to the blog (was on Patreon)! These will be up on or around the New Moon each month and feature 4 cards relating to the elemental association to your signs (sample post here)
  • Weekly Readings - Bringing these back to the blog as well, they were also up on my Patreon last month and I'm moving them back to the blog.
  • Reader Interviews - Everyone seems to really enjoy these so I hope to bring in a few new interviews! I have a long list of people to reach out to but haven't done so yet, that will be my top priority!
  • Challenge Share - I often join in on some fun challenges on Instagram, so I thought it would be fun to share a recap of each week on the blog. I may or may not go into detail with each day but I may talk about a few in more detail than what I share on the blog. This month I'm participating in two challenges but the main one I want to focus on is the #tftwstarotchallenge hosted by Lindsay Mack. Hoping to use this challenge as a way to get to know the Spolia Tarot!
  • Random Talks - Lastly, I would like to talk more about my personal practice, perspectives on certain cards, more spreads, etc. So this is the "everything else" category, haha!
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