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DECK REVIEW: The Slutist Tarot

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Eep! I received a copy of the Slutist Tarot (2nd Edition) and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to finally have this deck! I’ve been lusting after it for ages and missed the first edition before it sold out, seems like a common thing for me, haha!

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The Slutist Tarot was created by Morgan Claire Sirene, an advocate of sex positivity. The Slutist tarot is centered around the Divine Whore, sex positivity, femmes, and curious maidens. It is a great tool to help find your personal power and claim your sexuality! I so need this deck in my life right now, it’s perfect timing!

Being the second edition, there have been some new changes to this deck! I haven’t had a chance to see the first edition in person so I can’t do a side by side comparison but after some quick research I came to learn that 18 cards have been redesigned along with a new box, and added black borders.

I love the new black borders, it gives the deck a indie feel to them and really makes the images pop!

I’m in madly in love with this deck and it has quickly turned into a personal self care tool. I was shocked to see how well the imagery speaks to me and how nurturing it feels all while being a kick in the ass. Sexuality is treated so taboo and it needs not to be, there is no shame in tapping into your own sexuality and expressing it freely. I adore the message behind this deck and the attention to detail Morgan gave it, she gave these images a much needed voice!

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favorite cards

While I adore all the cards in this deck, a few cards stood out to me right away! My favorite card in this entire deck is the 4 of Coins, I love those coins strapped to her thighs. If you want to make money, you need to release some into the world and not hold on to it so tightly. Her expression in the card is also what really draws me to this card!

Another big favorite of mine is the Prince of Swords, it brings back so many memories from my teen goth years! That hair and those nails, love it!

Very rarely do I talk about the card backs but I just have to mention them, they are adorable! The backs have little symbols and doodles, along with the Slutist logo glyph. Did I mention how pink they are too?! Love it!


Cardstock + shuffling

This deck has nice thick cardstock that feels like it will hold up well! It’ feels really nice in your hands and feels smooth to the touch, they aren’t quite glossy and I really love it!

While thick, this deck shuffles like butter! I can easily rifle shuffle and overhand shuffle with ease. As a picky shuffler, this deck work swell for me! The cards are about standard tarot size as well so they should fit nicely in hands of all sizes.

Cards measure roughly: 2.75” x 4.75”


guidebook +package

While there is no physical guidebook, there is a downloadable free guidebook. It is 23 pages and features an intro to the deck, the Slutist Tarot Mythology (so great), tarot instructions, card descriptions, and some info about the folx behind this deck. The descriptions for the cards are amazing as well! Also, there is a relationship spread that comes with the download link!

The Slutist Tarot 2nd Edition came with the box and cards, as well as a card with the download link to the guidebook. I love the new box design, and it’s a pretty sturdy tuck box!

You feel tied up, but this is self­-inflicted bondage. You are currently bound and either afraid to move or you find happiness in slavery. You anticipate that your master will return to untie you and take you home, but in the back of your mind you fear that you are alone, and you’ll have to find the courage to get out of this mess.
— 8 of Swords (Slutist Tarot Guidebook)


Not only is this a diverse deck, but it’s a sex positive deck. There are cards representing abilities, genders, POC, body sizes, and so much more! I love how diverse this deck is and how empowering it feels.


If you can’t tell, I’m a little in love with this deck, more than I thought I would be! I highly recommend the Slutist if you are looking for something diverse and for sure if you are on the hunt for a deck to use for self care!

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