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Card of the Week: The Star

Hello, Monday! I totally didn't plan on pulling cards for the weekly reading, I was still riding the waves from a self-care weekend. I spent some much needed time (somewhat) away from social media, I needed to recharge and reevaluate some things. We headed up to Prescott (north of us in Arizona) for a day trip on Saturday, hung out at a lake, and stretched our legs a bit. It's been warming up here in the valley, we are now floating around in the 90º's. I'm so not ready for the summer heat!

Ok, let's check out our card of the week and see what energy is at play for the next 7 days! I'm using the Next World Tarot, and I also pulled a card aimed at "body love" using the Visions: Crystal Oracle deck.

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The Star

Deck: Mystic Mondays

This morning I was greeted with The Star from the Next World Tarot. The confidence in this person depicted in the card is infectious! The Star to me is a nod from the universe, letting you know that you are on the right path right now and your wishes are being heard, load and clear!

It's also about giving a little to yourself, just as much as you give to others because YOU are worthy! This card is here to let us know that this week is for healing ourselves, in anyway that we see fit. Only we know what we need.

The Star is also here to remind you to be your authentic, bad-ass self! YOU are the star this week, own it and allow it be known!

Pink Opal

I pulled a card from the Visions: Crystal Oracle surrounding body love. I wanted a message to carry with me this week since I am making some drastic changes! I asked and received, Pink Opal. I swear, every time I pull a card from this deck it is exactly what I need to hear and carries a very personal message for me and for others. 

Pink Opal speaks of being ourselves despite what others may think. Despite what opinions they have of you. Despite what they think you should do, should wear, or should live. It's about standing up with a radical notion that you can exist however the fuck you want! Own your body and make it your own, you don't have to play by the rules - make up your own! It's about finding comfort in your own skin and enjoying it fully. It's a reminder that you are unique and you are beautiful! Do what makes you feel good! You are amazing!

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What do you think about these cards?
How do you see The Star coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!