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The Tower: Break free


The other morning, for my daily draw, I pulled the Tower from the Tarot of the Crone deck. I was really moved by the imagery and energy this card held, it was different than what I’m used to looking at in other decks. It wasn’t the typical Tower that many of us recognize, you know, the building being struck by lightning and people falling out from the windows as depicted in most RWS decks and clones.

In Tarot of the Crone, we see a striking obsidian face being cracked open like pottery, exposing bright yellow light. It’s electrifying in all the right ways and gives off that sense of high energy release like throwing fine china at a brick wall. You’re being broke open and released out of this outer shell.

The color yellow in this deck represents:
“The life force as exploration. Creativity. Inspiration. Enlightenment”

This Tower urges us to break out of a hollow, empty cast that we have created over time. A veil that hides our true self, the one we think others will not like or appreciate. Perhaps this is a mask we choose to wear? I instantly thought of my cardigan, it’s something I wear quite often to “hide” my body. I’m a thick chick and I personally love the curves of my body, but no thanks to society standards I feel that I need to hide it daily. It’s ridiculous, I know. My cardigan is my security blanket. While it’s comforting, it restricts me and feeds the daily need to cover up. The Tower urges me to take off this shield, unapologetically!

Usually, for me, the Tower in most RWS decks or clones indicates a sudden upheaval. This is either caused by yourself or an outside force that is completely out of your control, I always look to see where the fire or lightning is coming from. Is it an outside force that’s out of our control or is it coming from within, perhaps something we caused?



How does this card compare and contrast to the standard imagery of the Tower? I think indie decks best show fresh perspectives best, so I pulled out five decks to compare this card to, moving from left to right.

1 Collective Tarot

Renamed as “Disaster”, this deck takes the Tower to the next level by showing us ways that the high voltage energy can take effect. The card reminds me of a comic book page, showing the action in each scene, giving us a clear indication of who may be at fault here.

2 Spirit Speak Tarot

Gone in seconds, just like that. A clap of the hands and everything you once had is now on the floor, broke in pieces. This card teaches us a lesson of “impermanence” very well I think! Everything you own may be no longer at some point… the car you drive may one day break down, the mug you love and use each morning may shatter, or the book you return to daily may soon fall apart.

3 Neon Moon

All communication is down, it’s time to go back to the basics. Perhaps we tried to advance too fast, it’s a big sign that we need to start over and pace ourselves this time. Remember, we didn’t go from corded phones to touch screens over night, it was a slow evolution.

4 Daniloff Tarot

This deck really sticks to the RWS tradition but still in its own style, I really love that about the Daniloff Tarot. The fire is coming from within the Tower and a hand pointing from the clouds seems to be saying “you did it, not me”. The person falling has lost its grip of power or possibly abused their power and is now being sent back to the bottom.

5 Sickly Tarot

Another very RWS depiction, but this time the Tower shows no lightning or fire, it’s all wiggly and wobbly. Instantly, I was reminded about not having a strong foundation and things not being stable. Maybe you cut some corners in order to get something done quickly and it backfired. Let it fall so you can rebuild it back up!

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DECK REVIEW: Neon Moon Tarot

** This deck review was originally posted on the Indie Deck Review here!


Every once in a while a deck will come along that causes my heart to skip a beat. When the Neon Moon Tarot appeared on my Instagram feed, it was an instant love and I knew it would be a deck that I would connect well with! I quickly ordered this deck back in September and have been working with it closely ever since, it has quickly become one of my favorite and most reliable decks.


The Neon Moon Tarot was created by the talented James Brothwell of Pixel Occult. The deck was originally launched on Kickstarter earlier this year in February which did incredibly well! James has now had three successful decks fund through Kickstarter, his most recent is an oracle deck called the Aborabyssal Oracle. I’m a big fan of his art and style, the stories on his cards breathe and feel so full of life.

These cards are around standard size and measure at 2.75” x 4.75”.

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favorite cards

Like usual, I had to narrow down my favorite cards because I could totally ramble on about each one! They are all amazing, I’m not kidding. The cards, while very futuristic, are completely relatable and resonate well with everyday life.

The Ace of Cups (which are Vials in this deck) has never been a favorite card of mine in most decks, it usually oozes romance. I love the Ace of Vials in this deck! It features a hand holding a freshly cracked open drink that’s overflowing. I really get that sense that someone is handing me this drink and it’s time to enjoy the moment together.

“Share a drink with me and let’s count our blessings and forget our troubles”
- from the booklet.

Another card I adore is the Moon. In this deck I get the feeling that what was once lurking in the shadows is now creeping into the moonlight. It leaves me feeling a bit uneasy and nervous, wondering what those creatures in the card are up to and why they walking towards me… or are they? The moon is full and everything that goes bump in the night is anxiously coming out to play!

The imagery on the Four of Arms (Swords) has a really fresh look that I like a lot! It shows a person sitting in meditation with their knives at rest and their hands relaxed on their knees. It’s a moment of silence and a quieting of the mind, I really love how this card was recreated!


Card stock + Shuffling

Card stock is one thing that can make or break a deck for me and I’m happy to report that the Neon Moon Tarot has absolutely amazing card stock! It literally feels like butter in your hands, the cards slide with ease when shuffling and feel soft to the touch. I can’t quite explain it, but they are just really nice quality at 300gsm. They are a truly joy to shuffle and work with!

Card Imagery

This Neon Moon Tarot features a neon pop of colors and a limited color palette of just black, neon pink, light blue, and purple. I love the attention to detail each card contains, like a mini graphic novel. The Neon Moon Tarot follows RWS themes and archetypes and focuses on futuristic cyberpunk with lively characters. It’s truly a delight to work with!

Another thing to note about this deck is the renaming of the suits. The suits have been renamed as follows: Wires (Wands), Arms (Swords), Vials (Cups), and Zent (Pentacles). Along with the renaming of the suits, the court card names have also been renamed as follows: Apprentice (Pages), Agents (Knights), Supervisors (Queens), and Executives (Kings).

The card backs feature neon pink moon phases and geometric linework, it really ties into the cyberpunk and futuristic theme of the cards!


Guidebook + Packaging

I’m usually not to fond of the little books that come with most decks but I really treasure the booklet that came with the Neon Moon Tarot! It gives you insight to the vision that James had for this deck and some background info about how the deck is set up. Each card contains a few keywords, including reversals, and has a sentence or two of the story behind each card.

“I greeted you for the last time as a friend and your response was to savage me as a foe.” - 3 of Arms (Swords) from the booklet

Along with the booklet, the deck comes packaged in a great solid and sturdy box. Usually I move my working decks to a custom bag that I sew for each deck, but I’ve decided to keep this deck in the box it came with since I like it a lot!


I’m a big lover of this deck and what James has created! It’s unique and remains in my rotation of working decks. Even though the names in this deck have been changed, I find that it would be a great addition for a beginner reader as the imagery really speaks volumes! It’s also great for well seasoned readers alike, it’s very versatile!

⤳ Find this deck HERE
⤳ Find more work by James Brothwell on his Instagram page

** This deck review is also shared on the Indie Deck Review along with other great reviews!

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Weekly Collective: Oct 29 - Nov 4

If you’ve been a dedicated follower of my blog, you already probably know that I like to switch things up a bit here and there, especially with the weekly readings. The weekly readings seem to get changed quite often and I expressed in the past that I’ve been trying to feel things out and find something that is both fun and helpful for my readers! It will probably come as no surprise to you that I mixed it up… yet again! I’ve been wanting to stretch my creative writing muscles and came up with a simple spread for my weekly readings that I really love, it can really be applied to any use and not just once a week! I have also renamed my weekly posts, from the Weekly Reading to the Weekly Collective.

This week I’m using four decks and a 12-sided die, at the end of this post I’m sharing the spread for you to pin, save, or share on your social media! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@jessrollar) if you use it, I’d love to see!

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Decks left to right:  Daniloff Tarot, The OK Tarot, Neon Moon Tarot, and the Collective Tarot

Decks left to right: Daniloff Tarot, The OK Tarot, Neon Moon Tarot, and the Collective Tarot


I decided to use my 12-sided die to produce the weekly theme. I work with numerology closely when I read playing card cartomancy and it just felt right to include that here! The theme this week is coming from the number two. This centers around relationships, partners, friendships, and just simply how we work with one another. Things are indeed pretty strained right now and I’m sure you can feel it! This week, apply special and careful attention to how we treat others, what we’re doing for one another and how we can work better together. We want to come together, not pull further apart. This also includes how you treat yourself!

Mind: How do we best communicate this week?

Communication is so very important with how we connect to one another. Our words and how we listen are crucial, and it can really make an impact. The King of Wands asks us to be bold and to not shy away from expressing our enthusiasm. If you have some idea’s to express, get them out and in the open. If you have some opinions to share, speak with confidence and pride. If you don’t believe in what you are trying to say, why should someone else? Try to also remain calm in heated conversations. The King of Wands has it in them to get hot headed, so be sure to keep that in mind before blowing your top. Even when disagreeing with someone, you can still be passionate without being an asshole.

Body: How do we care for ourselves this week?

This week, be gentle with yourself and take care. The 8 of Wands is usually a card of quick and rapid movement, but I don’t feel this is what we need this week, more the opposite in fact. We don’t always have to rush into things and move so damn quickly. Listen to your body and allow it to guide you in the direction you need to be moving in. If something feels right, follow that feeling. Allow the 8 of Wands to be more of a pinpoint guide rather than a rush of energy.

Emotions: How do we handle our emotions this week?

When I see the 2 of Zent (Coins) in this deck it makes me think of adapting to our situations, not pushing against them or trying to juggle our feelings all at once. We should sort out our emotions before jumping the gun with quick reactions with unbalanced thoughts, feel the situations out and understand what others might be going through. This reminds me a lot of the the hot headedness of the King of Wands! Each situation may call for a different approach, so being able to adapt is key. If you are finding it difficult, try simply taking some deep breaths or get some fresh air to help clear your head before approaching a troublesome problem.

Creativity: How do we express our creativity this week?

There is this saying I tell myself when I create or work on projects “do it with love, or not at all” and this plays true here. The Lovers say that if your heart is not on board with what you are doing, it will show. When you are deeply enjoying what you create it should feel really good and fluid, not forced and rigid. This week, align your mind with your heart and allow it to be fully expressed in all that you do.

RST_spread (1).png
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