Morgan's Tarot

Card of the Week: Oct 8-14

I took a break from doing the weekly readings for a bit while I work on some side projects, but they’re back! I feel like I’m always saying that, haha. I’m going to be doing them a little differently and focus on just a single card of the week.

This week I’m pulling from the Morgan’s Tarot. This is a deck that I had a couple years back but traded it and regretted it later on (you know how that goes)… then last week, Everyday Magic shared that the deck has been reprinted and they just listed a second batch of these decks to their shop, the first batch sold out quickly. I ordered one without even blinking and it arrived two days later! I’m so glad to have this deck back in my collection and it’s been fun to read with once again.

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

Tomato, Potato, Eggplant

I laughed when I pulled this card, this deck is full of laughs, but behind a silly card has a great message! This card speaks about nourishment and taking care of yourself on a food level. Making practical choices regarding what you put in your mouth and just being more conscious. Am I saying you need to eat healthier? No, this card is asking you to eat what feels good to you, whatever that may be. Only you know what your body needs so be sure to tap into it and listen carefully. If you personally enjoy eating something but you know your body doesn’t enjoy digesting it, use this as a form of self care and pay attention to the signals your body is giving you and perhaps change things up a bit.

I know for me, my body needs water and has been pretty dehydrated lately. I’m seeing it reflect in my skin so this is a great reminder for me to drink up this week…. no, not more coffee, I need to drink way more water!

This week, fuel your body wisely and pay attention to what makes you feel good! Food can be such good medicine!

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