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Weekly Forecast: Sept 17-23

I’m dragging my feet big time and it’s only just Monday, I think my mind just doesn’t want to let go of the weekend, lol! You may notice some slight changes to the website and my shop, I’m working on a few kinks here and there. Trying to do a little revamping, but not too much.

Yes, I missed the weekly forecast last week, sorry everyone! I was just really busy and I couldn’t seem to focus so I decided to not stress out and just let it go for the week and recharge. However, it’s back this week and I’m testing out my Micro Oracle deck!! I’m still editing this deck a little bit more and slowly working on the mini booklet. Hoping to have more news on this deck soon! In the meantime, here is the weekly reading - I’m pairing the Micro Oracle up with the Collective Tarot!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

TLDR: Something is not finished, keep at it and the doors will open!

8 of Keys RX + The Magician + #38

Our theme this week is coming from card #38 of my own Micro Oracle deck. It’s letting us know that we have left something behind and we may not have everything we need just yet. I’m really drawn to that star left in the darker aspects of this card, it makes me think there may still be work left to do and we need to get it all done as to not leaving anything behind. This is a great reminder to double check over any to-do lists and be sure you crossed everything off from the weekend, you might have over looked something important that you thought you did!

The other cards for the week really resonate with the message above! The 8 of Keys RX is giving us a heads up that we might not be able to move forward just yet, at least not very quick. The Magician suggests that we need to keep growing our skill and focus if we want to truly move things forward and flip that 8 of Keys upright! Maybe you think you’re ready but in reality you’re almost there, but not quite yet. This is a great time to keep doing practicing, keep studying, and keep building up your base - Whatever it is that you are focused on, keep at it for a little while longer!

When we do get past this block we see in the 8 of Keys, we will be fully prepared to handle whatever comes our way! We can truly manifest the shit out of what we want with the power to back it up! So stay focused my friends and keep your eye on what you have your heart set on.

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