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DECK REVIEW: Kawaii Tarot

How about a another deck review, it's been a while! I've been planning on moving my deck reviews to YouTube but truth be told, I'm totally slacking on getting that going and I haven't quite figured out what I want to use to record video's yet. So, my deck reviews will stay put for the time being! I just received a new deck in the mail and I'm excited to share it with you guys, it's the Kawaii Tarot!

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Deck: Oliver Hibert Tarot

This is a fairly new deck that was released in May of this year, but was first available as an independent published deck (last year, I believe) and was created by Diana Lopez. While writing this review it is currently listed for under $10 on Amazon. I mean, how can you not resist that price?! It's so cute, too!


Due to the price of the deck, I didn't have high expectations at all when I ordered it, I just thought it would be fun to have and use. I ended up being pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It is absolutely adorable and packaged really well. And even though the cards are very minimalistic in design, it's still fairly easy to read intuitively. I will note, it's not a Marseille deck but I would say it's a good intro deck to Marseille if you are looking to branch away from non-scenic styled decks. It feels like a good mix of the two!

What do I mean by "non-scenic"? Take the 3 of Cups.... in a RWS deck there is a scene of three people holding cups high in the air and having a good time, but in a Marseille deck, it's literally just 3 cups on the card.
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A few of my favorite cards

The cards are all really cute but a few that stand out to me the most were the Devil, 4 of Coins, Queen of Swords, and the Hermit. I love that the court cards in this deck are not gender assigned! I also love the Hermit and Devil card for some reason, the icons on the cards are too adorable. The Hermit lantern reminds me of camping and listening to all the sounds outside your tent in the dark hours of the night.

Even though the minor arcana is mostly just icons and not really showing a scene, some of the cards do give you a sense of what is going on. Take the 4 of Coins for instance, you really get that secure, almost greedy feeling of holding your wealth too tightly.

Deck: Mystic Mondays

Deck details

Card stock
While the card stock feels very cheap to me, it's not bad. Again, the deck was low cost so I was not expecting high quality card stock. The cards themselves are smaller than your standard tarot deck, which made me happy! I love smaller decks since they travel well, though I do struggle with shuffling small decks since I have very long hands and fingers. The card stock in general is a nice thickness, not stiff at all. I prefer my decks on the thinner side despite them not holding up as well as thicker card stock, just a personal preference. So if you like some bend in the cards (especially in smaller decks), you will be happy I think!

I really like shuffling this deck, was not expecting that at all! The cards are thin but not super thin, just enough that they bend really easily. It shuffles smoothly!


In the package
The deck comes packaged in a hard pink box that is feels well made and sturdy. The deck come split into two half decks - each in their own little pink box. I really don't like this because after I put the decks back away, I was thinking of doing a reading with it later last night but I really didn't want to hassle with taking them both back out the boxes and such. I'm thinking it will for sure need to go in a deck bag if I want to use it more often. The book clings onto the box lid and it all goes together quite nicely.

I had a chance to flip through the book and I have to say, it has a lot of info, more than I thought it would. It is 92 pages and contains spreads, notes on the card numbers/suits/colors, and a nice chunk of info on each card (as well as reversals). For a deck at this price, that is pretty cool!

I really like this little deck! I don't think it will be one I'll be using often though if I'm being honest, but it is handy to have on hand with the size that it is. I won't mind tossing it in my bag when I travel since it's not one I would worry about getting dirty or beat up. The way it is illustrated is very clean and clutter free, a nice break from scenic illustrated decks. Now, let's see how it reads in a deck interview below!

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Deck Interview Reading

Deck: Mystic Mondays

What card do you want to show off?

9 of Wands

A bit defensive, are we? I love the scattered look of the candy on this card, it feels like it represents exactly how I feel when I'm having a rough day... a mess and exhausted!

What is your strength as a deck?

10 of Coins

You hold a plethora of information and are very close to those who work with you, just like family. Your abundance and wealth of information never runs out and you share it freely.

What topic fo you like to read for best?

2 of Wands

You lean towards planning and decision making. Both my favorite topics to read for! I think we will get along just great when it comes to figuring out which path to take before embarking on any adventures.

Deck: Mystic Mondays

What are you here to teach me?

8 of Coins

Slow down and focus. Makes total sense as I'm fairly iffy when it comes to reading non-scenic tarot decks, this will be a fun challenge and it tells me I need to stick it out! Practice makes perfect!

Tell me about yourself!

9 of Swords

It's ok, I'll give you a hug! You tend to worry easy and stress our fairly quick. You may be sweet on the outside, but you do have a shadow side you're hiding!

What is our potential working relationship?

7 of Coins

With time, we will do well... but I have to remember that our partnership won't happen over night. This is going to be a long and slow building relationship.

You can find this deck over on Amazon!

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