Joe Sparrow Tarot

Coffee with the Joe Sparrow Tarot

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I have a new deck that I’ve been dying to share on the blog, the Joe Sparrow Tarot!

Life has been a fairly busy and I’m finally getting back into my daily routines. Over the weekend, I finally had some time to dive into this deck and do a little interview reading with it. Shockingly, I had yet to do a interview with it and I’ve been working with this deck on the daily since it arrived in my mailbox a couple weeks ago.

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We have had lots of time to get to know one another and I’ve been now using it for my client readings! I know I always say that I think I found the “one” deck that I just can’t live without… but I truly love this deck in more ways than I can say.

I’ve been working with this deck for most of my daily tarot pulls and for nearly all of my own readings, as well as clients that I mentioned. It reads so well for me and I can’t quite put my finger on just why, there is something about the imagery that just resonates so naturally. It really lets my personality shine and gets the words flowing. I don’t feel the need to hold myself back when I interpret these cards like some decks I’ve worked with. There is a very strange boost of confidence, I can’t quite explain but maybe some of you can understand what I mean.

Let’s dig into a little interview reading and see what the cards had to say below!



Tell me about yourself!

THE HIEROPHANT: You like to guide people naturally and show them their true potential. You’re a teacher and a wise ass who has a lot on their mind to get out, so listen carefully to ever word… or card, in this case. I get the feeling that this deck will be great to study with, as I plan to use it for a lot of my personal and client readings, so even simply just working with it often will be a teaching in itself.

How will this deck challenge me?

6 OF CUPS: You will challenge me by having me face my past, question my present and trust my judgement to come. This person on the card is surrounded by pots. Each pot has some type of growth happening at different stages. Some have a few round ball like flowers, some are more twigs than leaves. Even the broken pot is coming to life with new growth.

I also get the feeling that things may feel really hard at times, but I just need to remain calm and remember to breath. The figure in this card seems to be holding on to that “just breath” moment themselves!

how can I best work with it?

COURT OF WANDS: No fear, go full speed ahead and trust where things are taking me. This court card is all business and no play, when slipping my own feet into these shoes I am greeted with confidence and courage. I can best work with this deck if I take action based steps with the cards for guidance.

Week Ahead Reading (Sept 9-15)

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Hello, New Week! I can tell already that this will be a really great week, I can just feel it!! On Friday I opened up my single card reading service and had several bookings that just made me so damn happy! Thank you to those that put in a reading request or shared my post on IG, it means the world to me. I will be opening up bigger reading options as time goes on, but right now I am just offering $5 single card readings to get things going again and it feels really good!

I’m using the Joe Sparrow Tarot… I have a “Coffee and Tarot” post going up this week where I talk about this deck a bit, along with a mini interview reading!

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Be patient and persistent, follow some rules and don’t forget to add your own twist to things this week!

When starting something new or even perhaps just simply starting something over again, it would be wise to follow some loose guidelines given to you from others with more experience. Save the “doing it your way” for another time until you get your feet firmly planted on the ground and things start happening!

The Fool is inviting you to take a plunge and be a bit loose with these rules that you’re following. You don’t have to be strict, but just keep things flexible! When working with the Hierophant archetype this week, seek to someone with more experience in the matter before taking things into your own hands and just “winging it”. If you’re attempting to start something over that may have not worked out well before, I think this message is even more important! You don’t want to make the same mistakes twice, so attain some assistance in knowledge before treading forward.

Here is where the patience comes in, the 7 of Coins is all about waiting things out to see if it worked or if you did the steps correctly. I don’t see a lot of action this week, but more a lot of checking in and taking care of whatever you are working on. Sometimes we won’t know how the results will turn out for a couple days, or weeks, or even months! Just like a garden, all you can do is do your best to get things going and cross your fingers your seeds will sprout and grow strong. So don’t skip any steps this week! This is important. Whatever you’re focused on in the next 7 days, make sure you give it your all and don’t neglect it or push it out of your sight.

You have two awesome archetypes by your side this week - the Fool and the Hierophant. Both want you to succeed! One wants you to have fun and allow your own personality to shine through, however, the other asks you to still stick to some structure and guidance! So find a good middle point between the two and don’t turn whatever you are faced with this week into a daunting task, look for ways to make it an enjoyable experience!