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New Moon in Capricorn Tarotscopes

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Hello, New Moon! The moon slips into a partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn at 6:28pm MST on Saturday, January 5th (8:28pm EST on Saturday, January 5th). What a great way to kick off the new year!

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is a perfect time to focus on business planning and creative goals. I’m setting some big intentions for my shop and the blog during this eclipse, as well as setting some objectives with my studies.

Towards the end of 2018 I started to apply more attention to my astro studies and I’ve fallen hard in love with astrology! I’m planning to practice my astro interpretations more on the blog, but keep in mind that I’m still very new and very much a beginner!

I’m switching things up for the 2019 tarotscopes! Rather than pull a card for each sign, I’m pulling cards for the elemental sign groups instead.

What are “elemental signs”?
The elemental signs give us certain basic characteristics and temperaments of each zodiac grouping. Simply find your sun sign below that is grouped under an element. You can also look at your moon and rising sign!

|| f i r e s i g n s ||
(Aries - Leo - sagittarius)


THE CONTRACT // Slow your roll there fire signs, check the fine print before diving in right now. This card is better known as the Devil, that’s right, don’t fall trap! Always check to see who is getting the better deal and tread lightly. You don’t want to fall trap to anything hidden - even too much of something can be dangerous. This is a great time for slowing down a notch and just be more aware, rather than diving in to something too quickly. Even the most fearless can get burned!

|| e a r t h s i g n s ||
(taurus - virgo - capricorn)


THE ROGUE STATE // If something is truly important to you right now, then it is worth the sacrifices needed to obtain it or reach it. Better known as the Hanged Man, you are urged to take a few losses in order to get a bigger gain. If something isn’t quite working out how you had imagined, it’s time to put it down and rethink your approach. Maybe taking a breather and clearing your head will help you figure out what will work. You may be forced to take a seat for a bit, use this down time wisely.

|| a i r s i g n s ||
(gemini - libra - aquarius)


AUTHORITY // Authority urges you to take control and ownership, anyone can take this role but this time it’s you. As a fellow Gemini, this card speaks very clearly to me - be direct and be confident. Best known as Strength, this is a great time to really gather your resources and put your foot down. There may be others wanting to take the lead, but trust in yourself that you are capable of leading the pack. You are more qualified than you give yourself credit for!

|| w a t e r s i g n s ||
(cancer - scorpio - pisces)


GROWTH // The New Moon is such a perfect time to '“seed” what you want to grow. Whether it’s abundance, your customers or even spiritual growth - this card asks that you take this time to cultivate. More traditionally known as the Empress, this card is ruled by the planet Venus - love, attraction and harmony. Focus this time on what brings you joy and makes you feel good. Keep in mind that growth can also sprout unwanted things, think about weeds in a garden, so don’t ignore the other area’s in your life!

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