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DECK REVIEW: The Hip Chick Tarot

I have a fun deck to share with you all! The creator of the Hip Chick Tarot, Maria Strom, reached out to me recently to see if I would be interested in doing a review of her new tarot deck and of course, I said yes! I’ve seen this deck floating around on Instagram and was excited to see it in person! Here’s my review of this inspiring deck!

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The Hip Chick Tarot was created and illustrated by Maria Strom in May 2018, so it’s still a brand new deck! The deck is centered around women empowerment and I love that! My daughter is very interested in this deck and has already called dibs on using it, so I think that goes to say that it’s a deck for all ages. I was quite surprised while going through the cards, they read very well and really paint a clear picture of things!

The illustrations in this deck give me total Keith Haring vibes and that alone makes me happy, I absolutely adore Keith Haring. The artwork is very minimal yet still packs a punch and gives you a full story on each card, leaving lots of room for personal interpretation.

The suits have been changed, as well as some of the names of the Majors and court cards This was done to help the reader connect to the cards on a more modern level and I think they were chosen well:

Create (Wands) - Feel (Cups) - Think (Swords) - Earth (Pentacles)
Queen (King) - Boss (Queen) - Teen (Knight) - Child (Page)

I love the color palette of the cards, it’s soft and bold at the same time with very clean lines. The people in this deck are what I adore the most, so much diversity going on that I will talk about more in this review below. The deck was published through Schiffer Publishing and like most of their decks, it comes well packaged in a nice sturdy box!

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A few of my favorite cards

This deck is adorable and made it hard to pull out just a few favorite cards but I picked my top four that truly resonate with me!

Right away, I connected with the Hermit card. I adore the imagery of the person rooted inside the tree, it’s really beautiful symbolism! It reminds you to listen to your natural instincts and to stay rooted in it. I was also drawn to the 8 of Think (8 of Swords) and love this more modernized version of this card of being surrounded by your thoughts and thinking you can’t get out of this. I feel this card deeply, even down to notion of hiding in a hoodie… I thrive in my cardigan when I’m feeling pretty overrun by my negative thinking. It’s like a security blanket for me but I know that if I just take it off, nothing will happen to me yet I can’t see it that way when I’m feeling like this.

The High Priestess… my absolute favorite card in this entire deck, I love it to pieces! The cats peeking at you, the moon rising, how comfortable she looks... Love it!!

Lastly, I really love the Tower card, it’s a more empowering image than we are used to seeing. This person is breaking out of the tower as if they are breaking that “glass ceiling”. Nothing is going to get in their way, they’re unstoppable and finally free. Whatever was holding them back is no longer in the way!


Deck details

I was very pleasantly surprised by the cardstock of this deck, it’s like satin finish that feels really nice! All of the Schiffer published decks in the past that I owned were very glossy, this is a total opposite and I’m thrilled with it! It feels thick but not stiff, it’s a really nice carstock!


This deck shuffles very smoothly and feels great in a rifle shuffle! The cards are thick but have a really nice bend to them that makes shuffling quite fluid and easy. You know how picky I am when it comes to shuffling, this deck totally makes the cut for me! I’ll note that the cards are roughly 4.75” x 3.25” and are just a smidge wider than a standard tarot card, which makes for shuffling easy I think.


In the package
The deck arrived in a nice, large and sturdy box that houses the book and deck. The big boxes fit nicely on your bookshelf and for sure keep the deck secure while in them. I tend to put my decks in bags when they come in large boxes but that’s just a personal preference. It’s a perfect tarot box set for someone just starting out in tarot or loves to keep a deck and book together.

As I mentioned earlier, this deck is diverse! It’s filled with different body shapes and sizes, abilities, ethnicity, skin tones, etc - so many beautiful people grace these cards. Even though the Hip Chick Tarot is themed around women empowerment, I don’t feel like the people in the cards are strictly gendered which I am loving!

This deck comes with a nice 111-page guidebook! I love when decks come with these larger books, it gives you a chance to really get inside the deck creators mindset when they created the deck as well as read their own thoughts on tarot. The book mentions the change of suits and other names as well as info on how to use the cards if you are new to tarot. It also features some great tarot spreads and info about each card. Each card gets a page of info written, this book is really loaded in all the good ways!

While I think this deck is great for all readers, I think it would be a great deck set for a new tarot reader or even younger readers. The artwork is sweet and bold, gives great readings and is very fluid to read with. The new suit naming makes a lot of sense and is fairly easy to change over.

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This deck was given to me for free for an honest review, grateful for the opportunity!

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If you have this deck, how are you liking it?
Or is it on your wishlist?

Let me know in the comments below!

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