Golden Moth Illumination Deck

DECK REVIEW: The Golden Moth Illumination Deck

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The Golden Moth Illumination Deck is such a unique and special little oracle. I’ve had it on my wishlist for several years, but every time I was able to order it I was always late to the party and it was sold out, for good reason! This deck was created by artist Aijung Kim. It was first released back in 2012 and is now in its 3rd printing. The deck consists of 68 cards + 2 blank cards for you to use how you like.


Besides the deck being simply amazing on its own, I really love the handbook that the deck comes with. Aijung really urges the reader to use their own intuition and personal symbolism within this deck. The cards are great for divination, self growth and personal reflection, as well as creative play. They are fantastic for writing prompts as I have come to learn!

I’m quite smitten with this sweet little deck, it was brilliantly created and I’m so glad to have it in my collection. I’ve been using it often since I received it and I can already tell that it will be a great deck to use with my clients.

The cards are smaller and measure roughly at 2.125” x 3.25”.

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favorite cards

It was so difficult to narrow down my top favorite cards, all of them jump right out to me with stories to tell. Some of the cards feel very tarot inspired, while most are inspired by themselves. One card in particular that I fell in love with was #56. Here we have an earthworm digging down into the rich soil alongside a little sprout of a plant with deep roots. I get a sense of grounding and assistance in this card, much like worms in a compost pile. As an avid gardener, I love seeing worms in our soil. It shows us that the soil rich in nutrients, well aerated and is providing organic food for the plant to feed off of.

I also really like card #64 with the image of a person that seems to be in distress but has sprouts growing from them. This card gives off strong 10 of Sword vibes and I' love it! the imagery gives me hope when I look it over. The handbook mentions “allowing oneself to grow naturally” and that really resonates well for me!

Lastly, one of my absolutely favorite card from this deck is #55. I’m very drawn to hands in general so it was no surprise that I was drawn to this card, our hands hold great magic and intention. This card for sure lures me in. It has a feeling of hardship and being worn down, it’s time for some much needed rest before you injure yourself any further. I know when I get injured while working with my hands, I tend to try and push through the pain… this card feels like it’s asking that I just stop and take care of matters before they get any worse. It’s a card that speaks to me deeply about self care, even in smaller matters.


Card stock + Shuffling

I’ve noticed that most smaller decks tend to be stiff to shuffle, this is far from the case with the Golden Moth Illumination Deck! It’s bendy thin and shuffles like butter! You know that feeling when you find a deck that shuffles so well and it’s soothing to sit and handle? This is one of those decks! It rifle shuffles beautifully and overhand shuffles like a dream.

The card stock is thin but not too thin, I really like it! The cards are a satin-like matte that photography very well and the edges are very smooth. I’m quite pleased!

Card Imagery

The Golden Moth is a very minimal deck but packs a punch in detail. The imagery is very clear and direct, they contain tiny stories on each card. Some of the imagery feels very familiar and the symbols within the cards speak volumes! You can easily pick up the interpretations of each card without having to resort to the handbook.

The color palette of this deck is limited to just two colors - gold and turquoise, on top of white card stock. They go very well together and I love the simple nature of this deck. It’s both simplistic yet very personal.

Also, the cards do not have titles on them, just numbers for easy look-up in the handbook that can also double for numerology divination if you work with that system. I love that they were created this way, often times words really distract my intuition and have me second guess my interpretation. Aijung specifically left off titles for that exact reason and I’m so very glad!


Guidebook + Packaging


The Golden Moth Illumination Deck comes with an amazing handbook. It’s 44 pages and packed with some great information, not just info to use with the deck but info that can be applied to other decks and divination mediums. Aijung gives a very clear and well written introduction chapter that talks all about the deck in general. It was a very inspiring read! There are also tips in reading with these cards, several methods to try out, spreads (along with a sample), and a keyword listing for all of the cards in case you need some inspiration. I find this book very useful and have already tried out several of the spreads, they’re awesome!

The deck comes packaged in a tuck box with a folded guide, and comes with the handbook. It’s packaged very well and I loved the overall presentation of it all!


I’m madly in love with this little deck! I’ve been working with it for personal daily pulls and it reads so well. I find that this deck is a great tool for self discovery and personal growth, it’s a real hidden gem that deserves to be in the spotlight!

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