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Coffee with the Everyday Witch Tarot

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When it comes to tarot decks, I’m not one that’s normally drawn to the mass produced decks on the market these days. Rarely do any of them resonate with me and as much as I tried to get into a few of the newer released ones, they just fell flat for me and I ended up either selling or trading them. However, the Everyday Witch Tarot has held my interest since the first time I caught a glimpse of the deck in progress on Instagram. Elisabeth Alba, the artist behind this deck, shares a lot of her illustration work on her Instagram page! It took me over a year to finally buy it and I’m so glad I finally did!


I spent a good hour going through each card when the deck arrived and really soaked up my first impressions. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I fell in love with the illustrations since the whimsical style is not normally my thing. Another reason I was drawn to this deck was because Deborah Blake wrote the guidebook and I’m a big fan of her writing!

Lately, I’ve been in a massive tarot funk and have been trying to find inspiration in my own deck collection but keep coming up empty. I rarely crave whimsical and cute decks, but something about the Everyday Witch Tarot just grabbed me. I plan on using this deck for personal readings and I’m thinking about diving into a deck study with it, so maybe I’ll share that on the blog when ready… we’ll see!

Ok, here’s a quick “interview reading” to get an idea how the cards read!

|| d e c k i n t e r v i e w ||


what are you here to teach me?

Queen of Cups - Intuitive flow and a delicate touch when reading the cards. I get a sense that a lot of care would be helpful when interpreting the cards, it’s about going slow and not rushing things. Come to the cards when my heart is centered and stable.

I’m really interested in her shell chalice. It almost looks like she is getting ready to add more water to the sea for the fish, and that makes a lot of sense - the Queen of Cups is very caring and wants to give you more than you may need, just in case!

what do you need from me?

Three of Coins - Cooperation to work together! You may present the story, but it’s up to me to piece it together and bring it to life. If something doesn’t sound right, keep trying new perspectives until it does.

I love how the three pentacles drawn on the board/paper all look to be from different mediums and style. It shows that minds coming together with brainstorming really well in this card!

what is the potential of our working relationship?

Page of Coins - Love this page in the deck! They look ready and excited to see where the path takes them. The Page of Coins has some goals laid out in front of them and they ask me to come along for the ride if I’m willing to put in a little work along the way. I also get a skill building energy from this card, perhaps the deck study I mentioned would be a good thing after all!

I get such a “fresh out of college” feel looking at this card in general. Like this person just graduated and now they are looking to grow their skill in the actual world since they have already learned everything they can from their books and teacher.

I really love how this deck reads, it flows very well and my eyes lock onto so many things in each card. I have heard from many that this is a great beginner deck and I wholeheartedly agree, this would be a fantastic deck for any seasoned reader I think!