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New Moon in Scorpio

Hello, New Moon in Scorpio! It’s time to set some intentions folx, and the New Moon in Scorpio offers a perfect time for healing. I can always feel a shift when the moon’s in Scorpio, it’s the moon that I resonate deeply with since my own moon is in Scorpio! I always feel the most ambitious and creative during this time, the New Moon is a little different though. It pulls me more in with doing less action based work and more planning and outlining work. I thrive under a Scorpio moon!

For the New Moon in Scorpio tarotscopes, I’m using the Divina Tarot by Mary Elizabeth Evans. I just got this deck in the mail over the weekend for review and I’m excited to use it for you all! I will have a review of this deck up on the blog and over at the Indie Deck Review soon!

Also, I’m using this stunning hand-screened fabric by Marisa de la Peña of Circo Tarot for my spread cloth. It’s breathtaking… and I probably should have ironed it prior to use, haha!

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak
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ARIESKing of Pentacles
The King of Pentacles invites you to step into their shoes right now. They are full of confidence and are well grounded in who they are and what they have created. Take pride in what you have done that surrounds you!

TAURUS - 10 of Swords
With this moon in Scorpio, it’s a perfect time to bring your attention towards healing any wounds that are currently open. Hopefully the worst part is finally over and you can slowly begin to dust yourself off. Think of this as a fresh start for you! Be gentle with yourself when you are feeling mentally exhausted and take all the time you need.

GEMINI4 of Pentacles
There’s a big difference between saving something or being afraid to let it go. This is a good time to take a closer inspection what is causing you such anxiety. Why do you have such fear of loosening your grip and what do you think will happen if you let down the walls to what you guard so heavily.

CANCERKnight of Wands
Focus, aim and go! Move passionately towards your goals and projects. Know that you can indeed accomplish them! The Knight of Wands isn’t afraid to jump right in. They like to push the limits to see what they can accomplish and if they can indeed do it, remember this when working towards something you are excited about. There is no harm in trying!

LEO6 of Pentacles
Sharing is caring… right? Whenever I see the 6 of Pentacles show up, it’s a reminder to be hospitable. If you are able to pitch in, go for it! If you need the extra hand with something, know that there are others who would love to help you! Always try to give back if you can, it not only creates good karma but it lets others know that they can count on you if they need it and vice versa.

VIRGO - The Hanged Man
This is a good time to stay put and be mindful of where you are placing your energy. While I know holding still may be hard, your patience will be worth it! If you are feeling blocked right now, ask yourself what is blocking you? What can you learn right now?

LIBRAThe Devil
Don’t fall trap to habits that don’t serve you any good or ones that keep luring you back in. Easier said than done, right? When we find ourselves returning to the same thing over an over again, only to get the same bad result over and over again, this is a sign that it’s time to cut these ties. Clearly, these chains need to be broken.

Inward is key right now for you. Take time for yourself to do some self exploration, goal setting and internal inventory. These could even mean cut back on social media and your phone! Taking a break can be hard, I know, but it is always so rewarding to come back fresh and restored. Take some time for just you!

Reach!!! You may not have the heart or strength to focus on the positive but try your best to stay steer clear from falling trap to a sad heart. It’s so easy for us to feel crushed when we thought something would turn out so well. Take a moment to gather yourself and process any ill emotions, know that whatever happened was for the good and something better is waiting for you.

CAPRICORNAce of Pentacles
Make it rain and say YES! The seeds are at your feet, it’s time to move these seeds and get them planted. This is a great time to bring your focus to tangible things in your life that will bring you more abundance. Set your eyes on the prize and say yes when opportunities come your way, you never know what door they will open!

AQUARIUS - 5 of Pentacles
A lot of us are feeling that strain of not having enough or not feeling they are enough. Know that this time will pass, the hard times always do but they feel like they hang on forever, I know. Chin up and keep doing what you can! Don’t shy away from asking for assistance if you need it but most of all, allow things to process naturally right now. Feel how you want to feel, then make some new goals to get back on your feet again!

PISCESPage of Cups
The Page of Cups is such a sweet soul, full of love and imagination. Tap into this youthful feeling and just live in the moment, be present for yourself and your past you. Don’t worry about making sense of things, just enjoy it for what it is. If something makes you happy, that’s all that matters!

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