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DECK REVIEW: The Coffee Tarot

Deck review time! I've had this deck for a little while now and finally getting it on the blog, I'm very behind in deck reviews haha! I'm gushing over the Coffee Tarot today!

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Deck: Oliver Hibert Tarot

I've been hoping to get this deck review up on the blog for weeks now, but summer break has proven to be hard to get things done, haha! The kiddo seems to have my computer every time I need to use it... but since she's quiet and playing nicely, I just let her be. Parents with a kid on summer break probably know exactly what I'm talking about! Anyways, haha! I received this deck in trade and when I saw it released awhile back I just new I had to have it. What is a coffee addict without a coffee tarot deck?!


Since I got this deck in trade, I don't know if I have everything that came with the deck or not but it feels like I did. This deck was on Kickstarter and came out later in 2017. The deck was created by Janet Boyer and her husband Ron, it was was also originally just a limited Major Arcana deck which sold out fast. Ron did the artwork for the deck and I absolutely love his style, very fun and colorful!

I just love this imaginative deck! When people say that there is a deck out there for everyone, it's true! Even for coffee addicts like myself!

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A few of my favorite cards

Ok, so there were far too many cards that I loved so I decided to show you my absolutely favorite card. This is the Devil in most decks but renamed Caf-Fiend, this card was totally made for me! Don't you dare touch my coffee cup, haha! I don't think a lot of people take me serious when I say I'm a "coffee addict"... I drink about a pot a day (sometimes more), and I make it strong! My husband calls my brew "rocket fuel" and he usually likes his black, but won't drink the coffee that I usually make since I do tend to make it pretty strong (I'll admit). I literally drink iced coffee throughout the day, all the way up till I go to bed and it has no effect on me and how I sleep at night. Coffee is what helps me relax and unwind - I start all my tarot readings with a fresh iced coffee, always. #coffeewitch

Deck: Mystic Mondays

Deck details

Card stock
One thing I noticed right away is how thin the card stock is, this delighted me as it's a pretty large deck to begin with. It's very flimsy, but I like it! I like thinner card stock, it allows me to get a really good riffle shuffle in. Do I worry about wear and use? A little, but I don't use this deck often, mostly for weekly readings or monthly. The card stock in general is very smooth but not shiny, I quite like it.

You all know how picky I am with shuffling, this deck meets my "standards". It shuffles smoothly, feels like butter! The only fault I have with the shuffling is the card size, it does take a second to get a good handle on the cards - they are 5.5" x 3.5", not quite as big as my Next World Tarot (which is 4" x 6") but still pretty large. One thing I like is that the images are clear due to the cards being so large, which I like! Despite the size, it's not that hard to get used to at all but if you have small hands it may be a struggle. I have what my family calls "alien hands" haha! My thumb alone is 3 inches long...


In the package
Since I got this in trade, I'm not 100% sure I have everything that ships with the deck but it feels pretty complete to me. It arrived with a handmade coffee themed deck bag, 4 extra elemental cards, the Goddess Caffeina card and Brainstorm card are exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign only, and creator card. I didn't get a book though, however Janet (one of the deck creators) sent me a PDF for the deck and it had all the card keywords and such that they associated with the deck.

Extra Notes
The court cards: The court cards are the only cards in the deck that don't have a story illustrated on them like the rest of the cards.

  • Page - small teacup image
  • Knight - travel mug
  • Queen - tall coffee cup
  • King - large coffee mug

The Major Arcana: The Major Arcana has been mostly renamed to fit the theme of the deck, coffee! I did see the Lovers and the Moon are still the same, but other cards like the Fool and Death have been renamed to Bean and Out of Business, which I quite like!

Also, Janet is finishing up on the companion book as we speak! It is a full length book dedicated to this deck!

This deck is fun! It's not one that I would use with every reading but it's fun to pull out when you want something fresh and new! I quite love the renaming of the Major's, some cards really speak volumes to me with their new associations and names. I think Janet and Ron did a fantastic job carrying the theme of coffee through this deck!

You can find this deck on their website for sale HERE
Also, check out Janet's Patreon HERE

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