July Reads

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I currently have several books in rotation right now and I was feeling up to sharing so why not share what I'm reading? Sounds good to me!

Since getting my Kindle a couple months ago I have been glued to it, but I did set my reading aside for about a month or so. I tend to go through seasons with everything I do and reading is not exception. When I get struck by the "reading bug" I tend to devour anything I have in sight so I prepare for this ahead of time. Having a Kindle is a cheap way to stock up books without weighing down my bookshelves and wallet! I do prefer to hold an actual book though, I'm one of those people who highlight and write in the page margins.


Earlier this week I started and finished a very short (70 page) book on Lilith. It was called Welcoming Lilith by Theresa C. Dintino. While it was a very quick read, I loved it! I've been working with the Lilith archetype for several years now. I didn't realize how much I resonated with her in my teens until I was in my 30's. It seems she has always been in my shadow, guiding me along. Someone mentioned that they too had a similar experience with her, glad to know I wasn't alone in this!

Right now I have about 5 or so books in rotation, but some aren't holding my interest right now - not that they aren't good, I'm just not in the mood to continue them, it happens.

Last night I started another short book called Lilith the Mother of all Dark Creatures by E. Vernor. I don't have an opinion on it yet as I'm still on the intro, haha!!! I was very distracted yesterday, what can I say. Like most books on Lilith, the info is just regurgitated over and over again it seems, but I still look for new things. I have hope to find some new things about Lilith in this book, we shall see!


I am also reading of Satanic Feminism by Andrew S. Finstuen. This one I'm reading slowly, I want to really soak up this book little by little. I am enjoying it! Jex Blackmore is one of my current inspirations, I absolutely love everything she does and she inspired me to read this book. I am rather quiet (massive shy introvert) but I am very passionate in women's reproductive rights and I hope to bite the bullet and get more active with this subject. I have been a member of TST for a short time and would love to join my local chapter but sadly it's located about 2 hours away in Tucson. I plan to reach out to see how I can help in my location if possible, I do know there are members who are more local to me so I'm sure I can be of help or service in some way.

Next up is Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine, I've barely started this one as well. This is a book that while I am enjoying a lot, I'm losing interest since I'm just not in the mood to read it right now. I may set this aside for another time, since I'm more focused on my Feminist and Satanic studies. Now, I have read several Chaos books in the past when I was heavily into the practice but it sizzled out over the years. One thing I still work with closely are sigils. I've been working with sigils for years and it's something that I'm very comfortable with and work very well for me. They are my go-to with anything and everything. Some people work more with candles and oils - I tend to work more with pen, paper, and spit. Sexy, huh?

Another book I'm reading that I'm nearly done with, it's been on the back burner, is Dirty & Divine by Alice Grist. I love this book and it's written more like a diary of the cards than a typical tarot book. Don't let the pretty cover fool you, it's filled with raw and honest stories surrounding battles with alcoholism and curse words!


There is one book I'm getting ready to start... but maybe not till I finish one I listed, haha! I just got Planets for Pagans by Renna Shesso. I picked this up on eBay after spotting her zine's online. I'll admit the cover caught my attention first and I knew very little of the book. After receiving it in the mail I became even more interested! It looks very fascinating just flipping through it! It's a mix of planetary, mythology, constellations, tarot, symbolism, etc. Very excited to dive into this one!

Of course, along with all of these books, I just cracked open the new Many Moons: Volume 2 workbook! I work closely with these books over the years, this is the last and final one and I'm soaking up every word! I will be working with this book until the end of the year, but it's not really a book per se... but it kind of is... it's both workbook and book.

My "to-read" grows daily and it's filled with vast topics of satanism, intersectional feminism, race and body diversity, and witch crafts. Too many books, too little time!

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What are you reading right now?
I want to know, share in the comments!