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DECK REVIEW: Bianco Nero Tarot

I'm currently backed up on deck reviews but I hope to slowly get them done throughout this month. I decided to do a review of the new Bianco Nero Tarot since it just landed in my lap yesterday and I'm not really seeing much of this deck on social media or in the tarot groups!

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The Bianco Nero Tarot (Black & White Tarot) was created by Marco Proietto of Rome, Italy. Random fact, he graduated from High School the same year I did, in 2001!

What caught my eye about this deck was the mention that it was both inspired by the Visconti Tarot and the Rider Waite Smith imagery. The art is done by hand in black and white ink inspired by antique engravings and woodcuts. I found that really neat!

The artist went to several art academy schools in Italy and studied everything from drawing to sculpture to engraving (both wood and metal). This deck was published by US Games in July 2018, so it's hot off the press.

I don't really buy a lot of mass produced decks these days, I'm very much drawn to indie decks but this was one that caught my attention and for some reason I just had to order it when I saw a coupon code from US Games. Sometimes a deck will just grab you for no rhyme or reason, right?

The card backs are inspired by the 4 elements in the Minor Arcana and features an 8 pointed star symbolizing the Major Arcana in the center, the design is also reversible if you happen to read reversed cards. The deck itself has a very "grim" feel to it, I can't quite put my finger on it but I like it! I'm a massive fan of black and white decks, so it's no surprise as to why I was drawn to the art in this deck.

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A few of my favorite cards

There were a lot of cards that I loved and a few that fell kind of flat for me personally, but there will always be some cards like that in any deck I think. My absolute favorites are Death, the Devil, King of Wands, and the Queen of Cups. I adore these!

I really love the Queen of Cups and how siren like she is. You really get a sense of how she feels sitting in that mermaid adorned throne with the wind in her hair and looking out into the water. I'm from San Diego and only lived there up until the age of 6, but we spent a lot of time visiting there while growing up and I really miss the feeling of being at the beach on a windy day. This card really brings that memory back for me.

The other card that caught my eye was Death. Usually the Death card has a more grand depiction, especially in RWS decks. This Death is just very alone and very simple, I like that. It reminds me of a character you would find in the comic book "The Maxx" for some reason, maybe it's the giant scythe that makes me think of that. Either way, I love this card in the deck!

Deck: Mystic Mondays

Deck details

Card stock
The card stock is very smooth and "soft", I guess you could say it's typical US Games. It feels nice though, good thickness - not too thick, not too thin. I think they will hold up fairly well! Also, the cards themselves are standard tarot card size.


The deck shuffles smooth and well! I'm a happy camper, but I didn't have any doubts about it's shuffling. There are only a few deck publishers that I really can't stand, US Games is one I like! If I can easily riffle shuffle and over hand shuffle, that's all I need in a deck.


In the package
Since this was your typical deck, it came with just the box, cards, and a booklet. The booklet is 63-pages and actually has a nice intro written about this deck in general talking about the inspiration for the art, the people in the deck and how their expressions and movement is specific. I was actually pretty impressed with the attention to detail added in this deck!

The Cons: One thing I really wished for in this deck was diversity! The people in the deck are all very thin and very white, I'm not just saying that because it's a black and white deck either.

The Pros: I really enjoy the art style, the expressions of the bodies really do speak well. All of the cards are very familiar to me which makes it an easy read. I think I will like working with this deck for sure!

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If you have this deck, how are you liking it?
Or, is it on your wishlist?

Let me know in the comments below!

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