Hello, September + Tarotscopes

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Hello, September! This year is flying right on by it seems! I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error this year, a lot of learning and growing. Some things worked well, while some others didn’t go as well as planned. Yesterday morning I shut down my Patreon page, and as much as I loved that platform to share more and connect with others… I just couldn’t keep the energy up on my end. The one big thing that has gone really well is the Indie Deck Review, we are growing and expanding and it’s awesome! I have decided to pour more energy back into my own blog and our IDR team.

I would love to bring some of my Patreon content to the blog, like the monthly Tarotscopes - they will (hopefully) go up around the 1st of each month rather than on each New Moon and Full Moon like before. Pacing myself has always been my biggest struggle, I’m an all-in or all-out type of person. I would like to bring my deck creation content to the blog as well, I’ve been illustrating and creating several new decks - the Adventure Arcana and Monster Arcana are two tarot decks in the works currently, as well as a recolor of my Monster Lenormand and a new oracle called the Pink Ghost Oracle.

Ok, how about some tarotscopes?! I’m using a brand new deck that just arrived on Friday, the Joe Sparrow Tarot, and I’m obsessed with this deck already! I’ll be sharing this deck soon with my personal thoughts of it, along with a deck interview reading.

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

ARIES // The Emperor
Oh what a perfect card for this bold and fearless sign! The Emperor asks that you try your best to remain as stable as possible this month, keep your feet rooted firmly on the ground. Don’t shy away from stepping into a leadership type role and for sure let your ambition take the wheel!

TAURUS // King of Coins
Like the Emperor, the King of Coins emits power and security. This court is inviting you to walk in their shoes for September, take control of your finances and resources that are available to you. Enjoy your hardwork to the fullest and stay committed!

GEMINI // The Sun
The Sun comes along and brings a bright ass flashlight to your table and it helps you to see more clearly, especially when it comes to your achievements. Bask in this warm light this month and be optimistic, if you aren’t already. If you’ve been going through a rough patch, the Sun says it’s your turn for a little boost of happiness. Enjoy every minute of it!

CANCER // 5 of Coins
We can’t always get what we want but we can enjoy what we have… I know, I don’t like hearing that either. Use this month to use what you already have access to, whether it’s working with your current stash of decks instead of buying a new shiny one, getting creative with the tools that are just laying around, or just thinking outside of the box. Whatever you do, make it a challenge to see what you can create with limited resources!

LEO // 8 of Coins
Leo’s, it’s time to get to work! Put your energy and fun spin on things, whatever you do… make it Leo! Focus on getting plans off the ground and into action. If you can dream it, see if you can make it a reality and hold it in your hands. It may be a busy month for you but just keep focused on the task on hand. By the time the month is over, you might be pretty surprised with yourself with what you created!

VIRGO // The Moon
It’s your time, Virgo’s! The Moon makes an appearance for you this month, so listen up and tune into your senses. Pay close attention to what your gut instincts are telling you, trust it and take note. Your mind is trying to fill in the gaps, so don’t fall trap to your fears, they are just illusions. If things aren’t making a whole lot of sense, don’t worry. It’s not you!

LIBRA // 2 of Cups
Cheers! This month, soak in the energy of the 2 of Cups and connect with others around you - more specifically the partnerships, friendship and your relationship, if you are currently in one. You want to try your best to connect with others on a heart to heart level. It’s a month to agree to disagree, some fights are not worth losing friendships over so stay humble and just enjoy the company more than anything!

SCORPIO // King of Wands
Set intentions this month and see that you do your best to follow through with them. Take your leadership roles to the next level and allow your energy to radiate boldly! The King of Wands can get a little hot under the collar when in charge so be sure you are keeping yourself fair and spreading your energy out evenly. You don’t want to appear unhinged or no one will take your lead.

SAGITTARIUS // 9 of Cups
Rest easy my friend and know that all is well. You can lay back and enjoy where you are right now and how far you’ve come. The attitude to embody this month is gratitude, spread that shit like wildflower seeds and share this feeling of contentment with those around you. This is also a great time to send out your wishes and lay down a little manifestation work. Dream big and dream boldly!

CAPRICORN // Page of Cups
This month, step into the shoes of the Page of Cups. Let your imagination go wild and take intuitive leaps and bounds! Don’t stop yourself from being expressive, be yourself and enjoy every minute of it with no apology. This is all about stepping into that childlike, creative energy. Allowing yourself to daydream and get lost in your fantasies, only to see where it will take you and what it will inspire.

AQUARIUS // 8 of Swords
There are opportunities available to you right now but if you stay focused with a narrow vision, you will miss them. It’s time to break out of your comfort and see what happens, see what will be available to you. Our mind can play some dirty tricks, it can be so hard when you are stuck in a mental prison. I find myself in this card often when Imposter Syndrome kicks in and doubt grabs hold of me. You are more than your thoughts and you have a lot to share that is of great value.

PISCES // Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups invites you to walk in their shoes this month and tap into your deepest well of intuition and listen to your dreams. If you’re feeling things deeply, trust these feelings! Listening to your inner voice is key this month, if you’re feeling the call or draw to learning something new, check it out and explore. This is especially important if this is connected to your senses and intuition, use your gifts and learn how to use them well.

New Moon in Pisces Tarotscopes

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Hello, New Moon in Pisces! I was back in the mood to share some tarotscopes for you all! I realized that when I work on New Moon & Full Moon tarotscopes, it helps me slow down and connect with the moon in my own practice. I’ve bee craving that a lot lately!

The New Moon in Pisces will arrive on Wednesday, March 6th at 9:04am (MST) and is a perfect time to set intentions around strengthening ones intuition, inner growth and creativity. Also, Mercury is going retrograde tomorrow, Tuesday March 5th, at 11:19am (MST) until the 28th this month, it’s our first out of three this year. Don’t forget to backup your files, double check your work before turning anything in and be clear in communication (write shit down and keep a paper trail if needed)!

Now, how about some tarotscopes? I’m using the Abano-Waite Tarot for these, I’m loving this gnarly deck right now a lot!

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

ARIES // Ace of Cups
Be open and be willing to receive with a full heart and allow the rest to overfill into the hearts of others. This is a perfect moon to express new feelings and dive into the realms of your own emotions.

TAURUS // Knight of Cups
Step into this Knight’s shoes and allow your feelings to guide you forward right now. Trust that your passion will lead you in the right direction and be tender in the relationships that you hold dear.

GEMINI // Ace of Wands
Fellow Gemini, grab inspiration with an open mind! Take the some fresh steps in expressing what has been on your mind and get it onto paper… even if that means just taking notes and pinning to your Pinterest inspiration boards. Be open to whatever comes your way!

CANCER // Strength
You are stronger than you think you are and capable of moving mountains, but not with force. It’s time to make peace with whatever has been pulling at you and know that you are in control right now.

LEO // Queen of Cups
Intuition, use it! The Queen of Cups is deeply connected to her intuition and did not just wake up that way. It’s time to really put your focus in listening to your intuition right now. If something doesn’t feel right, take note!

VIRGO // The High Priestess
Just like the Queen of Cups, this is a card of deep intuition but I see it more as a time to get better connected with your higher self right now. It’s about inner growth and exploring your higher self. Is there an area in your life that needs more focus and attention? Listen up and go within.

LIBRA // The Lovers
With the moon in Pisces, it’s a perfect time to connect to yourself and do a little self care. I always tend to see the Lovers as more as a personal connection rather than a connection to others. It’s about putting yourself first right and making choices that are supportive to your needs.

SCORPIO // 5 of Cups
Cry if you need a good cry, even if you have nothing to be sad about. Just let things out and release! The 5 of Cups is asking that you be real with yourself and stop trying to bury any feelings that keep trying to come to the surface. Don’t hold them in, let them out!

SAGITTARIUS // Wheel of Fortune
The ball is in your court, it’s time to make a move. If you want to grow, you need to be willing to take some risks and take a spin of the wheel. If you have nothing to lose, what is stopping you?

CAPRICORN // The Emperor
Nothing says ambition like the Emperor. Put your foot down and demand nothing less than your worth. You know what you want, it’s time to go forward and grab it. The Emperor asks that you be stern and be direct in your approach.

AQUARIUS // 2 of Swords
With the New Moon and Mercury in Retrograde, it may be in your best interest to really hold off on decisions right now and not make a move on anything too quickly. Normally I see the 2 of Swords as a time to make a decision, but right now… let’s keep things on the burner and let them simmer a bit longer. You want to be 100% sure so that you don’t make the wrong move or agree to the wrong thing.

PISCES // Ace of Pentacles
If you are presented with an opportunity, take it! You don’t necessarily have to do anything with it right this second, but know that it is yours. I would sit on this gorgeous egg until we move into the waxing phase after the New Moon has passed (maybe hold off until the 9th or so). When the time is right, really start putting in some effort into this in order to bring some things into fruition.

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New Moon in Capricorn Tarotscopes

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Hello, New Moon! The moon slips into a partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn at 6:28pm MST on Saturday, January 5th (8:28pm EST on Saturday, January 5th). What a great way to kick off the new year!

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is a perfect time to focus on business planning and creative goals. I’m setting some big intentions for my shop and the blog during this eclipse, as well as setting some objectives with my studies.

Towards the end of 2018 I started to apply more attention to my astro studies and I’ve fallen hard in love with astrology! I’m planning to practice my astro interpretations more on the blog, but keep in mind that I’m still very new and very much a beginner!

I’m switching things up for the 2019 tarotscopes! Rather than pull a card for each sign, I’m pulling cards for the elemental sign groups instead.

What are “elemental signs”?
The elemental signs give us certain basic characteristics and temperaments of each zodiac grouping. Simply find your sun sign below that is grouped under an element. You can also look at your moon and rising sign!

|| f i r e s i g n s ||
(Aries - Leo - sagittarius)


THE CONTRACT // Slow your roll there fire signs, check the fine print before diving in right now. This card is better known as the Devil, that’s right, don’t fall trap! Always check to see who is getting the better deal and tread lightly. You don’t want to fall trap to anything hidden - even too much of something can be dangerous. This is a great time for slowing down a notch and just be more aware, rather than diving in to something too quickly. Even the most fearless can get burned!

|| e a r t h s i g n s ||
(taurus - virgo - capricorn)


THE ROGUE STATE // If something is truly important to you right now, then it is worth the sacrifices needed to obtain it or reach it. Better known as the Hanged Man, you are urged to take a few losses in order to get a bigger gain. If something isn’t quite working out how you had imagined, it’s time to put it down and rethink your approach. Maybe taking a breather and clearing your head will help you figure out what will work. You may be forced to take a seat for a bit, use this down time wisely.

|| a i r s i g n s ||
(gemini - libra - aquarius)


AUTHORITY // Authority urges you to take control and ownership, anyone can take this role but this time it’s you. As a fellow Gemini, this card speaks very clearly to me - be direct and be confident. Best known as Strength, this is a great time to really gather your resources and put your foot down. There may be others wanting to take the lead, but trust in yourself that you are capable of leading the pack. You are more qualified than you give yourself credit for!

|| w a t e r s i g n s ||
(cancer - scorpio - pisces)


GROWTH // The New Moon is such a perfect time to '“seed” what you want to grow. Whether it’s abundance, your customers or even spiritual growth - this card asks that you take this time to cultivate. More traditionally known as the Empress, this card is ruled by the planet Venus - love, attraction and harmony. Focus this time on what brings you joy and makes you feel good. Keep in mind that growth can also sprout unwanted things, think about weeds in a garden, so don’t ignore the other area’s in your life!

DECK USED // Instant Archetypes by Superflux

New Moon in Scorpio

Hello, New Moon in Scorpio! It’s time to set some intentions folx, and the New Moon in Scorpio offers a perfect time for healing. I can always feel a shift when the moon’s in Scorpio, it’s the moon that I resonate deeply with since my own moon is in Scorpio! I always feel the most ambitious and creative during this time, the New Moon is a little different though. It pulls me more in with doing less action based work and more planning and outlining work. I thrive under a Scorpio moon!

For the New Moon in Scorpio tarotscopes, I’m using the Divina Tarot by Mary Elizabeth Evans. I just got this deck in the mail over the weekend for review and I’m excited to use it for you all! I will have a review of this deck up on the blog and over at the Indie Deck Review soon!

Also, I’m using this stunning hand-screened fabric by Marisa de la Peña of Circo Tarot for my spread cloth. It’s breathtaking… and I probably should have ironed it prior to use, haha!

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak
blacklabel-60-tarotscopes (1).jpg

ARIESKing of Pentacles
The King of Pentacles invites you to step into their shoes right now. They are full of confidence and are well grounded in who they are and what they have created. Take pride in what you have done that surrounds you!

TAURUS - 10 of Swords
With this moon in Scorpio, it’s a perfect time to bring your attention towards healing any wounds that are currently open. Hopefully the worst part is finally over and you can slowly begin to dust yourself off. Think of this as a fresh start for you! Be gentle with yourself when you are feeling mentally exhausted and take all the time you need.

GEMINI4 of Pentacles
There’s a big difference between saving something or being afraid to let it go. This is a good time to take a closer inspection what is causing you such anxiety. Why do you have such fear of loosening your grip and what do you think will happen if you let down the walls to what you guard so heavily.

CANCERKnight of Wands
Focus, aim and go! Move passionately towards your goals and projects. Know that you can indeed accomplish them! The Knight of Wands isn’t afraid to jump right in. They like to push the limits to see what they can accomplish and if they can indeed do it, remember this when working towards something you are excited about. There is no harm in trying!

LEO6 of Pentacles
Sharing is caring… right? Whenever I see the 6 of Pentacles show up, it’s a reminder to be hospitable. If you are able to pitch in, go for it! If you need the extra hand with something, know that there are others who would love to help you! Always try to give back if you can, it not only creates good karma but it lets others know that they can count on you if they need it and vice versa.

VIRGO - The Hanged Man
This is a good time to stay put and be mindful of where you are placing your energy. While I know holding still may be hard, your patience will be worth it! If you are feeling blocked right now, ask yourself what is blocking you? What can you learn right now?

LIBRAThe Devil
Don’t fall trap to habits that don’t serve you any good or ones that keep luring you back in. Easier said than done, right? When we find ourselves returning to the same thing over an over again, only to get the same bad result over and over again, this is a sign that it’s time to cut these ties. Clearly, these chains need to be broken.

Inward is key right now for you. Take time for yourself to do some self exploration, goal setting and internal inventory. These could even mean cut back on social media and your phone! Taking a break can be hard, I know, but it is always so rewarding to come back fresh and restored. Take some time for just you!

Reach!!! You may not have the heart or strength to focus on the positive but try your best to stay steer clear from falling trap to a sad heart. It’s so easy for us to feel crushed when we thought something would turn out so well. Take a moment to gather yourself and process any ill emotions, know that whatever happened was for the good and something better is waiting for you.

CAPRICORNAce of Pentacles
Make it rain and say YES! The seeds are at your feet, it’s time to move these seeds and get them planted. This is a great time to bring your focus to tangible things in your life that will bring you more abundance. Set your eyes on the prize and say yes when opportunities come your way, you never know what door they will open!

AQUARIUS - 5 of Pentacles
A lot of us are feeling that strain of not having enough or not feeling they are enough. Know that this time will pass, the hard times always do but they feel like they hang on forever, I know. Chin up and keep doing what you can! Don’t shy away from asking for assistance if you need it but most of all, allow things to process naturally right now. Feel how you want to feel, then make some new goals to get back on your feet again!

PISCESPage of Cups
The Page of Cups is such a sweet soul, full of love and imagination. Tap into this youthful feeling and just live in the moment, be present for yourself and your past you. Don’t worry about making sense of things, just enjoy it for what it is. If something makes you happy, that’s all that matters!

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New Moon in Libra

Hello, New Moon in Libra! A new cycle is beginning tomorrow and it’s a great time to create more balance in your life and set new boundaries that matter most to you at this time. Right now, I feel the need to create stronger boundaries more than ever with the recent events here in the US, as well as a more balanced self care routine. We often forget to care for ourselves when things turn dark, this is your reminder if you are like me! We need to put ourselves first right now and make space for those around us.

For the New Moon in Libra tarotscopes, I’m using the new second edition of the Slutist Tarot. I LOVE THIS DECK!! I wasn’t sure how I would get along with it at first but it’s proving to be a fantastic tool for self love!

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

Something is in the air and if you are feeling not yourself, it’s ok. Confusion in the dark can be unsettling but know that the sun will continue to rise and you will be able to see a little more clearly once again. Embrace the dark and unknown, don’t fear it.

TAURUS - 4 of Wands
This is a time to celebrate friends, family, and what feels like home to you. Find pleasure where you are comfortable and can relish in all the small victories that you have made thus far. Enjoy these moments!

GEMINIPrince of Cups
It’s time to tap into this energy that is the Prince of Cups. They are untamed dreamers who just want to focus on what feels good right now. Fuck tomorrow, it’s not here yet so why bring in unwanted worry a day early. Live in the moment and soak up all that is love and brings you joy! Tap into this bliss when you need it most.

For this new moon cycle, focus on yourself! Give yourself much needed love and attention, you are so worthy of it! It’s a great time to practice self care and self love, cherish your creative juices and let them flow freely.

LEO3 of Cups
Some of our best relationships comes from close friends. Honor and enjoy these friendships, plan some gatherings where you all can let loose and enjoy each others company once in a while, even if that’s just meeting up for coffee once in a while. Lean on each other when you need it!

VIRGO - 9 of Wands
If you’ve been pushing yourself pretty hard, it’s time to rest or ask for assistance before you really run yourself into the ground. It’s ok to ask for help! You will reach your goals but you can’t reach them if you’re energy is running low, you’ll get sloppy and you know it. Everyone sees that you are working hard, it’s ok to take a break.

LIBRA9 of Cups
You know what you’re worth so don’t accept anything less than. It’s all about appreciating what you have right now and being grateful for it, you are more full than you may realize so it’s time to tap into those resources and allow them to flow freely. Feel the validation and revel in that confidence!

SCORPIOAce of Coins
Hello, Ace! A gain is on the way so it’s time to amp up your work to bring it in quicker, bigger, and smoother. Think of this Ace as a perfect time to manifest what you need right now, do the work and the success will follow!

Know that things will balance out in the end, even if they feel unfair right now. With all that is going on right now, just have faith that those doing ill will get what is coming to them in due time, this includes those who are doing good… you will be rewarded, just have patience, as hard as that wait can be.

CAPRICORNPrincess of Swords
The Princess of Swords asks you to trust yourself and take your idea’s more seriously, they are indeed really good! It’s a perfect moonth to be vocal about your boundaries and speak up when you have something important to say. This is for a sure a “think before you speak” moonth.

AQUARIUS - 6 of Cups
This is a great time to remember your past but most importantly, remember what was helpful and not. Our memories can be painful but they can also hold a lot of wisdom, so be careful what you stir up and try to remember that sometimes the past is in the past for a reason.

PISCES4 of Coins
You have to spend money to get money, I know that sounds odd but it’s always been true for me. You put your money where you want it. Holding on to it will stop the flow, no one wants that! You don’t need to spend it all but just try to when you can here and there, if something is really calling your name… treat yourself!

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New Moon in Virgo

Hello, New Moon in Virgo! Are you ready for a new cycle? This new moon brings the chance to identify aspects in our life that need to be cleaned up and tidy. Creating some new healthy habits can be beneficial! This makes me think that this moon will really be pushing my perfectionist buttons, so try not to get too carried away if your like me!

I'm using the Numinous Tarot for the New Moon tarotscopes, you can check out my review of this deck here.

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

ARIESDreamer of Vials
This is full on dreamer energy! This card is asking that you tap into your imagination and allow it to guide you right now. Just because others may not feel how you feel, doesn't make it any less valid.

TAURUS - Creator of Vials
It's time to really listen deeply to your intuition and trust it! Try to connect with others through emotion and compassion. Also, don't pull back from expressing how you feel!

Change can happen slowly and be very subtle, but know that the wait is always worth it. Enjoy the process and learn everything you can right now as you slip into some fresh beginnings.

CANCERDreamer of Bells
There are people out there who will benefit from what you have to say, so don't hush your thoughts and words, let them out! Your voice matters!

LEO5 of Tomes
The 5 of Tomes is asking you to tap into your resources right now. If you're feeling things are indeed pretty sparse or tight, it might be time to look in other area's of your life that can be useful. Just know that this will indeed pass.

VIRGO - The Chariot
Keep moving, keep pushing forward, you can rest when you get there! Enjoy this magical ride right now and know that any blocks you come across can be pushed through if you just stay focused.

LIBRAThe World
Perhaps you have come full circle, now what? It's time to really assess what you want to do next. Either expand on what you just finished or maybe it's time to try something different. The New Moon offers a fresh new cycle to grasp!

SCORPIOTwo of Tomes
It's time to prioritize and keep things a little more in order so that you know what needs to be done first. This is a perfect time to clean up your planner so you can put your priorities in better order.

If you're feeling trapped and everything around you feels so damn loud, you can indeed pick yourself up and leave the room. You are in control of your own thoughts and decisions, remember that. This is a perfect time to release any thought patterns that try to hold you in one place.

This card is asking that you focus on things of the past that make you feel really good when you are feeling out of sorts. It's important to remember why you are doing what you are doing and for whom, if not for yourself.

AQUARIUS - 7 of Vials
It can be difficult to make a decision when your heart is tied to so many things. Focus on what is real and practical right now, what you need the most at the moment. If you truly want something else when you're done, you'll know where to find it.

PISCESDreamer of Tomes
What are you interested in right now? What's catching your attention? This is a perfect time to learn something new and research! Whatever it is, look for the resources you need and dive in! You never know where this may lead you.

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New Moon solar eclipse in Leo

Hello, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo! Another eclipse is upon us and like most eclipses, they're good at shaking up routines, dragging things into the light, and making you create some drastic changes. This eclipse may bring big changes and fresh starts, I think that is something a lot of us are eager for. I'm ready, are you?

I was in the mood to give the Carnival at the End of the World tarot deck a big test drive outside of daily draws, so I've pulled a card for each astrological sign - not just the elemental groups like last time! I hope these mini tarotscopes bring you some fresh perspectives to work with as we begin a new moon cycle.

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

There's a lot of Page energy on the table! Honestly, I wasn't surprised at all as this eclipse has been really moving things around for a lot of us and creating the perfect foundation to build anew. Breathe in the new and breathe out the old... clingy... unhelpful things in our life.

ARIESPage of Coins
Keep your focus and your drive by continuing to add new skills and experiences under your belt. These will help set the foundation to future projects and endeavors. Don't worry about getting something wrong, that will get better over time and with practice.

TAURUS - Page of Wands
The solar eclipse may reveal a new path in your life to delve into. Be adventurous and shake off any fear so you can take a closer look. You may stumble upon something that sparks your interest and be worth exploring more.

GEMINIThe Chariot
Create your own personal vehicle to move you forward. You do have what it takes, don't doubt yourself this month. Sometimes just forcing through the blockage is what is needed to get us closer to what we really want. This requires an inner drive that you didn't know you had!

CANCER10 of Swords
Cancer... I know some of you are feeling it pretty hard lately and you may feel this card pretty hard, too. Just remember that whatever is trying to pull you down even more will pass and you will soon feel more and more like yourself once again.

LEO7 of Cups
This makes me think a lot of "buying online vs. buying in store". It's so hard to know for sure if what you ordered is really the right thing until it ends up at our door with some major let downs. It happens to the best of us! Live and let learn, don't let it rain on your parade.

VIRGO - 9 of Wands
Right now, the best advice is to keep your energy up and maintain it for a little while longer. Soon you can put your feet up and really get in some TLC. Just keep the end results in mind to help make this effort worth it when you do reach them!

LIBRA2 of Wands
Let your passion lead you in the direction of where to go or what to do next. What lights your fire? What really gets you excited and amped up? Follow that feeling and see where it takes you! Then you can reassess and see if you would like to keep going or change route.

SCORPIOPage of Swords
The best approach right now is to do what you can in order to get others to listen. If you have something to say or something to add, speak up! Don't let others silence you just because they may think you don't know what your talking about. You don't need their approval, you just need them to understand. Others will take you serious if you show that you are serious.

I really get a "slow down" feeling from this card despite it usually seen as a happy, joyous event. It's telling you to not wear yourself out trying to be there for everyone else. You need to restore your own emotional needs right now because frankly, I think this eclipse season is draining you. It's time to take care of yourself now.

Your cup is full so let it overflow! Fill the hearts of others, say yes to that new date, let yourself feel all the good feels, and don't let others steal your joy! We need this kind of energy right now flowing in the air and through our communities. Don't be afraid to open your heart to others and let them know how much they mean to you.

Wrap yourself up in some mystery, you don't need to shed light on everything you're doing and working on right now. While yes, it's fun to let the cat out the bag but sometimes we need to keep somethings under lock and key until the right time. go ahead and drop hints, sneak peeks, and even some guessing... but keep your lips shut for a little while longer.

This is a good warning for you Pisces, watch where you're spending your energy and double check that it's being spent in ways that will feed your soul rather than weigh it down. It can be far too easy to get absorbed into unhealthy behaviors and before you know it, you're addicted to some strange new habit that is far much harder to break than it was to gain..

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Bringing in the New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer! We are in eclipse season and I was going to just do readings on each Full Moon but I couldn't pass up the New Moon Solar Eclipse! When I was on Patreon, I would share mini Elemental Tarotscope readings on each New and Full Moon. They were really fun for me to do and others found them very helpful in directing their energy and planning out their next cycle.

How this works: I pull 4 cards - one for each element group. Some people tend to favor their Moon sign more than their Sun sign, or some resonate best with their Rising Sign - or all three! It's up to you to decide on which you want to read.

Example: I'm a Sun in Gemini and I resonate deeply with my Sun sign so I'll read the card pulled for Air signs. I'm also a Moon in Scorpio, so I can choose to read the card pulled for the Water signs as well if I like...

I'm using the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck for these, I've been meaning to work more with this deck and it feels really good for moon and astro styled readings! If you are familiar with this deck, you will know that it comes as a set and I have chosen to combine mine and tend to read it more like an oracle than tarot exclusively.

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

The New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse... I'm no expert when it comes to astrology so I stick to the basics of what I do understand and know, however I highly recommend The Tarot Lady for a more in depth look at what's going on in the sky above us! Eclipses bring change and shifts, while Cancer surrounds emotions. This is deemed to be a pretty intense moon and already it's playing out to be just that! This moon is also centered around family and people we are closest to, so be kind to those you love - however, it's a perfect time to do some cord cutting and cutting off bad relationships! If people are causing harm, it will be seen!

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Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn

Giving back to our communities right now can be very beneficial and is much needed! With that being said, being part of an active community can also be rewarding for yourself, as you can gain a big insight through the eyes of others. Earth signs you are being asked to give back, listen, and cooperate in your community and in your groups. Bring awareness, bring love, and above all, bring respect towards one another. There is so much that can benefit when we are part of a community that is diverse, it builds strength - not just for others but for yourself. Connection with those around you is sometimes what we need to get through the toughest of times, knowing that you are not alone and are also able to be the shoulder for someone else.

Gemini - Libra - Aquarius

Hello Air signs, Mars says lets get a move on and push yourself! This is a very active and hands on card. You are being asked to create, get your hands dirty, and make something happen! If you have any doubts, know that you can indeed do hard things! This is perfect timing to take an aggressive approach to getting what you want, but please, don't be a dick about it. You can still tap into your masculinity without it being toxic, we have far too much of that in our waters right now. This energy isn't just about writing down idea's or typing up a rough draft, it's more about the labor involved - heavy research that you may have been avoiding, actually fixing your car so that you can go out and take photographs for a project, taking a class and doing the homework... not just skimming through the highlighted text or watching a YouTube video. It's about really putting in the work to get you closer to your goals, or better yet, reaching those goals - fuck "getting closer" let's aim to hit these goals right now! Put on your armor and dive head first!

Aries - Leo - Sagittarius

This card is similar to the Death card in tarot, at least it is for me, but it's more than that. It's more than just making some changes, it's about progressing with those said changes. Emerging out stronger, more whole, and more capable than before. In the book, it mentions the child growing stronger than the parent. This is the energy I feel that is tied into this card - really strong growth! But, with changes and progress comes more responsibility. If you are indeed wanting to grow and evolve, know that more power will be handed to you so be sure that you are ready and willing to take that on. You can't just be the boss and expect everyone else to make the decisions for you, it's time to step up and call the shots! If you can believe it, you can achieve it... as cheesy as that sounds, it's true. If you don't think you can handle more tasks or responsibility, admit it and don't fake it. It's ok if you're not ready, but don't pretend that you are. You can indeed still make small changes without going full force, but you can't keep inching that way forever.

Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces

The Sun - Scorpius
The Sun in general has been showing up a lot lately, both in person (hello, Arizona sun beating on my door) and in the cards. It speaks of intense passion that is guided by clarity, one that we can see for certain is there. In this card I see risks being taken, led by ambition and fearlessness. This card is tightly tied to Scorpio, which is funny to see it show up here as Scorpio is indeed a Water sign. Whether you are led by deep emotions or just eagerness to get involved, check in with yourself to see if you are led out of spite or out of good intent. It's too easy to let emotions get to the best of us, often times we are fueled to help others or are affected through the acts of others, but it's best not to react when these situations pop up. These conditions can get heated quickly and escalade in a direction that you may have not wanted or prepared for. It's best to use your energy for more favorable conditions rather than harm, let the Eclipse shine the light on those who are hiding in the shadows.

Any plans for this Moon? I'd love to hear, leave a comment!