Psst... I'm on Patreon!

Today I officially launched my Patreon page! I have been literally working my fingers to the bone this week with getting this ready. My main focus with creating this page was to share my tarot practice - monthly readings, teaching tarot, and more! I also plan to give back on Patreon by using some of my pledge support to pledge others on there.

I recently shared one of my Patreon only posts for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, this unlocks at the $5 pledge support tier!


This morning, along with my launch, I shared the June "Card of the Month Exploration" where I dive into the King of Wands. This is very beginner friendly and you can unlock this content with a $3+ pledge support each month! As a bonus, the court cards drawn each month will have Pop Culture references to help you better connect to these personalities.

For those who like to get things in the mail (who doesn't, right?) I have a $25 pledge support option to get access to everything I post on Patreon, as well as a package sent to you each month!

With your monthly support for this pledge, you get a package sent in the mail from yours truly. This contains one of my tarot bags OR a mini spread/altar cloth each month, and other fun little goodies! This is currently only available for US residents due to shipping costs and limited to just 10 spots for now, will open up more as time goes on!

You can read more over on my Patreon page, your support means so much to me!

Sample of my tarot bags

Sample of my tarot bags