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Hello, July 2018

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Hello, July! It's been a while since I've done a monthly collective post and I've been wanting to for a while but it seems the months have been creeping by quickly for me lately. This time, I caught the month early and was ready! I've been in the mood to pull my energy back a bit and do some self exploring, I really want to revel in what brings me the most joy and share that with others.

I tend to go through these shifts every few months and I've learned to go with the flow to see what they bring. I used to fight these shifts and feel like the Tower as I lose my footing, starting at the bottom stuck between the rubble. Last month I launched a Patreon page and by the end of the month I decided to close it while I figure things out. I didn't expect to feel a shift right now, but shifts happen (pun intended).

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July Intentions

Deck: Mystic Mondays

A new month is here and I'm thrilled! I'm not setting any goals but merely setting intentions.

I'm currently reading Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine and Satanic Feminism by Per Faxneld. There are a few others books on my list to read, but these two are my focus in July.

I rarely set out to work with specific decks for the month but I'm planning to use one I just got yesterday a LOT this month - the Spolia Tarot! It finally landed in my hot little hands and I'm in love! I pre-ordered this deck several months ago and wasn't expecting it to arrive until later next week but was surprised to see it out for delivery yesterday. I found it no coincidence that the Empress kept showing up while shuffling and "test" spread pulls (when I get a new deck, I love to pull random cards to see how the deck looks in a spread and how the cards talk to one another). The Empress is my tarot birth card, the number 3 follows me everywhere, and this was the card that won me over with this deck - I love it!


Since I've been kind of neglecting the blog, I want to bring my focus back to it now that I have closed up my Patreon page for a bit. I do like some order and structure, it's just how I am so some things will be set each week/month, the rest will just fall in place when it does.

  • Deck Reviews - Spolia Tarot and Carnival at the End of the World (will be arriving in the next week or two)
  • New Moon - I'm moving my Elemental Tarotscopes to the blog (was on Patreon)! These will be up on or around the New Moon each month and feature 4 cards relating to the elemental association to your signs (sample post here)
  • Weekly Readings - Bringing these back to the blog as well, they were also up on my Patreon last month and I'm moving them back to the blog.
  • Reader Interviews - Everyone seems to really enjoy these so I hope to bring in a few new interviews! I have a long list of people to reach out to but haven't done so yet, that will be my top priority!
  • Challenge Share - I often join in on some fun challenges on Instagram, so I thought it would be fun to share a recap of each week on the blog. I may or may not go into detail with each day but I may talk about a few in more detail than what I share on the blog. This month I'm participating in two challenges but the main one I want to focus on is the #tftwstarotchallenge hosted by Lindsay Mack. Hoping to use this challenge as a way to get to know the Spolia Tarot!
  • Random Talks - Lastly, I would like to talk more about my personal practice, perspectives on certain cards, more spreads, etc. So this is the "everything else" category, haha!
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