My Fool's Journey

Accountability with the Fool

Yesterday, on my social media feed, I announced that I'm going to tackle a very big project. For accountability purposes, I'm putting this here as well: I'm going to attempt to write a book. Yup. I said it. Will I do it? No idea. I rarely follow through on big projects so I'm holding my breath on this one, but I am going to put my best effort into this and see how it goes.


What kind of book?! Why, tarot of course! But not the "tarot 101" type of book, I'm not going to tell you what the cards mean or how to read them. I'm taking the Fool's Journey and going through the 78 cards one by one in order and journaling how each one comes to play in my life. I've read several books on the Fool's journey, so this is far from a new concept, I just want to do it myself and see what happens.

Wednesday was day one and I began at the Fool's door. We got pretty acquainted and I was actually pretty shocked at how much I connected deeper with this card. I was seeing it brought to life throughout the day in little moments that I normally would have glazed over.

I saw the Fool in my dog, running around the yard giving no shits. I saw the Fool in myself as I scrambled out the door because I was caught up in the moment, not paying attention to the time but I did manage to grab my iced coffee. I even saw the Fool in the mirror, letting me know that they don't care what body I am in, how my hair looks, or what I'm wearing... just as long as I show up and remain true to myself with an open mind and an open heart. This journey is also to help me slow down and be in the present, rather than worrying about the future and dwelling on the past. I'm very guilty of this.

The nagging voice in the back of my mind is telling me that no one will want to read this and it'll be pretty boring... but you know what? I'm writing it for me, so that voice can go fuck off. I actually wrote about this voice earlier this week, check it out here. Maybe this will end up being pretty boring, who knows, but frankly I don't really care.

I stepped up to the Magician's door this morning and knocked... let's see what I learn today! So far, I'm hearing crickets.