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Full Moon in Sagittarius

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Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! First off, I'm launching a Patreon page on June 1st! This is one reason I've been pretty quiet here on the blog, I've been pretty busy working on exclusive content for my future patrons! You can read more about this adventure on my news board so I don't make this post longer than I intended, I could ramble on all day, trust me!

With that mentioned, I wanted to share a sample of what will be accessible to my patrons that pledge at my $10 on my Patreon page! For this tier, it will unlock access to my New + Full Moon "Elemental Tarotscope" readings each month. These mini tarotscopes contain a single card reading for each sign based on their corresponding element, along with a little snippet about the moon we are currently in at that time. Whether you relate best to your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign is up to (or all three), I hope you enjoy this reading and find it helpful!

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about shedding light on what needs to be seen to offer some much needed relief. It's no fun carrying around extra baggage so take this time to do some unpacking to make your days a little bit more manageable and lighter, this makes room for more adventure! Take this time to rediscover why you are doing what you do, and really get back to the roots that started it all.

Watch your step, you don't want to make any wrong moves! You may have been misguided so do some double checking and be sure before you proceed further.

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Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn

Nothing like seeing an Ace show up on the Full Moon, right?! This offers a chance for some fresh, raw clarity. The Ace of Swords is all about seeing through the clouds and getting more inspired by what's filling your mind with excitement, rather than clogging it up. If situations were a bit hazy before, they may be a little or lot more clear now so use this fresh energy and make it work for you with new ideas and perspectives! Get those gears moving! The Ace's like to fizzle out if not used, just like a seed that hasn't been getting watered. You need to nurture this Ace and really get it off the ground and working for you. This is the perfect time to pull out your journal and start writing! Jot down every idea and thought, even if it's just words and doodles. Something may come from all of this and really spark your imagination! This is how some of my best work is created.

Gemini - Libra - Aquarius

With this moon comes the realization that it's time to move on and let things go. If there has been something nagging at you and holding you back, here's your sign! The 6 of Swords is a card of mental exhaustion and asks you to really think about why you are still trying so hard to make it work and why you are still doing he same shit day in and day out. If it didn't work the first time, or the second, third, or fourth... why on earth do you think it will be any different this time around? Take this as a reminder that not everything is meant to be and sometimes as hard as you try, it's just not worth your time or energy spent. It's like doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a new result. You need to make the changes if you want to see something change. Just think of what you can do when you break free of this cycle!

Aries - Leo - Sagittarius

Keep going... you are so close, but do take some breaks if you need to. Don't be so hard on yourself, some things are just tough. Perhaps you're limited in resources and are doing the best that you can with what you have, it may not be ideal but it will get the job done - even it takes a little longer and more effort. The 9 of Wands is tough work! It's letting you know that the work you are doing is not over but it is so rewarding if you follow through. I always suggests asking for help if you need it when this card presents itself. You need to do the work yourself but a little help a long the way won't hurt, just make sure that you are doing most of it and not getting off easy by sitting on the sidelines watching others do it for you... that won't reward to anything in the long run, you would only be cheating yourself.

Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces

One of my favorite cards in the deck is the 8 of Coins. It asks us to stay focused on what we are creating and doing in our lives, attention to detail matters. This is actual, hands on work! With this moon, take a moment to check in with yourself to see if you are creating what you truly envisioned when you started it. Are you slipping up here and there? Could you bring in more focus to get back on track? Sometimes when we are so stuck in routine with what we are doing, so busy to get it finished, we start to make a few mistakes or get sloppy. It happens to the best of us! If you spot this, stop! Take a deep breath, step away for a little bit, go grab some coffee, or even ask for some fresh eyes to look over what you have been doing to see if they notice anything you may have overlooked. If you find things that need fixing then fix them, don't try to make any quick repairs or gloss over them, people will notice!

Any plans for this Moon? I'd love to hear, leave a comment!


Hello, April 2018 + Monthly Reading

It's a new month and I'm doing things a tiny bit different for this post! As I slowly get more comfortable on this blog, I'm trying to tweak things as I go that feel more aligned to what I want to share and bring to my readers. I have been wanting to post a month recap but didn't want to do back to back posts so I have now included a "recap: month in pictures " at the end of this post to help close out March! I also wanted to include more "goals" for the new month, so I'm starting each monthly post with those tidbits. I hope you enjoy this new layout!

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What I'm looking forward to in April...

  • Lots of reading! I have a stack of books to read and get through, so I'm hoping to make a chip in that pile. I may do some book reviews on the blog as well, I've had several ask for an update on some books I'm reading but we'll see... I also ordered 3 new books last night in the general of yoga and body positivity!
  • I joined in on the April Tarot Challenge hosted by @Lionharts on Instagram. I always fall off track with challenges but I'm hoping I can stay focused with this one. I'll be using the Oliver Hibert Tarot and Secret Arcana deck for it and I just combined the decks to one over the weekend, so it'll be interesting to see what cards show up! I decided to blog this challenge and you can find the main navigation post here, I set up a calendar at that bottom of that page for easy navigation to see the posts each day, will be an easy reference for me too. These posts will not be showing up on my main blog feed, I didn't want to clutter the blog with my own personal readings and such.
  • One of my deck pre-orders is shipping this month - the Ethereal Tarot. For some reason that deck really looked interesting even though it's not typically my favorite style of art. A few months back I placed some other pre-orders for decks and they're pretty spread out as far as deliveries go, but one deck that I'm very excited about is the Carnival at the End of the World Tarot by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. I think that deck is due to start shipping in late May - early June and I can't wait! This deck caught my eye several months ago and while I missed the Kickstarter, they do have this deck open for pre-order through their website at a discounted rate ($35) until the decks arrive, then the price will go up ($50).
  • Lastly, a while back I pre-registered for two local classes that I'm super excited about - Herbs for Women's Health and Intro to Flower & Crystal Essence. I already work with flower and crystal essences, but when I saw this class pop up at a local herbal shop, I just had to sign up! All my learning has been self taught so I thought it would be nice to cozy up with the basics in this class and learn some new things. I've been bottling up flower essences from our yard all through February and March, I still have a few more to bottle up like peach, calendula, hibiscus, and borage flowers. Waiting for the right time to do those still.
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Tarot Reading

Let's check out what is in store for us this month! I pulled two cards to get a general idea of what energy may be at play and what we may need to keep an eye out for. I would love to hear your thoughts of this months post, so feel free to leave a comment below!


Deck Oliver Hiber Tarot

8 of Swords + The Fool

I get such a "break free" feeling from these cards. It's all about waving a white flag, pulling down our walls and allowing whatever to happen, happen. The 8 of Swords suggests that we may feel a bit stuck. We may feel a bit of stubbornness like as if we know there's a way out but we just don't want to take it. If you want to stay trapped in this mindset, then stay put, but if you want to be free of this feeling there is a way out. The Fool is here for some great advice, let go all judgement and just be. This is a card of curiosity and free will, no one is holding this Fool back nor would the Fool listen to them anyways. Allow yourself to be led out of the cage you're keeping yourself in and just move through the month with open eyes and a fresh perspective. Listen to your child mind and move freely!

The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence, but in this case... it's lush!

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Recap: March in Pictures

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What are you looking forward to in April? Any plans?
Share in the comments!

Monthly Reading: March 2018 (Full Moon Edition)

A new month has landed and it's also a Full Moon in Virgo, what a great way to kickstart a new month! I've been so looking forward to March, for some reason I really wanted to get out of February. It wasn't a bad month by far but rather a very slow one for me. I have some projects in the works for Radical She Tarot that I'm excited to work on and share soon, hopefully sometime this month! I'll also be posting a few deck reviews!

Let's take a quick peek at the theme for March and get an idea of what energy is at play, I'm sharing an oracle reading for the Full Moon in Virgo in this post! Decks used are the golden Thread Tarot and Strange Lands Oracle.

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This month we're working with the energy of the 4 OF CUPS... I know, it's not super exciting but it is a great reminder that we all could use! The 4 of Cups tells us that we need to snap out of it and open our eyes to what's being presented. Chances are there's something going on in your life that's demanding your attention and you've been either pushing it aside, avoiding it all together, or not paying enough attention to even notice. I know it can be hard to focus on something when your heart is clearly not on board, so you have some choices to make this month. One option is you can "eat the toad" and get it over with so that you can breath a little easier, thats always a nice feeling for sure! Whether it's a project that needs tending to, a deadline creeping up, or even a boring chore like doing the dishes... just get it done! Now, if you know deep down that what you're avoiding is truly not in your best interest, don't be afraid to just let it go. There's no need to drag whatever it is through the mud, just release and move on!

The 4 of Cups also urges us to pay closer attention to what may be available to you this month. If you're not pay attention, you may be missing a key element being handed to you so be alert and be ready to act. You'll be kicking yourself so hard later on if you realized that you missed a big opportunity that was literally hanging in front of your face. I've been there, it's not fun! Listen to your gut, if something feels worth exploring... go for it! You never know, it could be just what you've been looking or waiting for, but you would have missed it if you weren't paying attention!

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Full Moon in Virgo


This card really reflects the 4 of Cups so well and I feel it's a strong continuation of the reading above. This card talks about fear and why we may be hiding from it. Fear can do a lot to someone, it can hold you back from doing some amazing things. I have my fair share with the fear game and let me tell you, it makes you feel like you're trapped in a cage... a cage that you put yourself in! Only you hold the key to the cage of fear, so use it and unlock this cage to set yourself free! If you've been wanting to try something new, do it. If you want to start a new project, start now. If you're unsure if you'll like something, try it anyways and see... don't let fear tell you that you can't or shouldn't! Use the Full Moon energy to set intentions that you will not allow fear to dictate how you live. Starting right now, stop letting fear control you or keep you from doing what you want.

What are you afraid of and why? What's the worst that can happen? These are important questions to ask yourself when fear steps up to the plate. Usually fear is caused by the thoughts of failing, and you know what? So what if you fail, it's not the end of the world. At least you can say that you tried!

Remember: Failure = learning = GROWTH!

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What are you looking forward to most this month? Expecting any new deck arrivals? Share in the comments!