Deck Study

Dark Mansion Tarot Study

dark mansion tarot (4).png

I love deck studies! One of my favorite things to do with decks is to conduct a deep dive study of their cards. I’ve always loved research papers in school, homework and picking apart something in order to learn more. Anytime I come across something new, my first thought is “I wonder if there is a book on that?!”... I’m a big nerd when it comes to studying, what can I say!


I originally planned on doing a deep dive study with the Dark Mansion Tarot when I first ordered it. I already knew I wanted to explore this deck even before it was in my hands, I was that in love! My study was going to start immediately but life happens and I’m a big procrastinator!

The Dark Mansion Tarot follows the RWS system very closely but gives off a dark, yet whimsical, twist to the Rider Waite that we all know and love. I just really love the little details thrown into the cards and it just felt like a fun study to do! I can’t pass it up and I really want to form a nice tight bond with this deck. I have been using it for almost all of my daily draws since it arrived in March, minus a few days where I grabbed another deck (for the sake of diversifying my Instagram stream). By the way, I did a full review of this deck over on the Indie Deck Review! You can read that here.

This is just a personal study and I’m in no hurry so I’m going at my own random pace, but I will be going in deck order. I’ll be starting with the Major’s following the Fool’s Journey and moving on to the Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins.


Why this deck? I just love, love, love the energy of this deck! I was instantly obsessed the second I opened the box. Each reading I do with this deck just flows for me. I also really want to form a nice solid relationship with the Dark Mansion Tarot. There are only a few that I really take the time to devote studies with, the Spirit Speak Tarot and the Golden Thread Tarot are two that come to mind. I know those decks like the back of my hand and have formed a very strong foundation with them. I’m very much a visual person and when I find a deck that I find both visually appealing and reads well for me, I can’t help but want to use it more!

So what will I be talking about with each card? I’m taking a fairly relaxed approach to the Dark Mansion Tarot and mostly sharing my own interpretations of the cards, talking about the card imagery itself and sharing my own keywords that I pin to each card. The deck did not come with a book, so these are all my own thoughts and such.

I have to stress, this is just a personal self study. What you see in the cards may differ from what I see in the cards and what someone else sees in the cards and so on. There is no right or wrong way to read the cards, it’s all personal and based on our own life experiences. Feel free to follow along and share your thoughts in the comments of each post, I love to see and read what others think of the cards!