Card of the Week: 8 of Skulls


Hello, Monday! I just received such a unique deck in the mail last week for review, it’s the Sickly Tarot by F. Raymond Sickly. This deck is truly blowing my mind and I just finished writing that full review of this deck for the Indie Deck Review, I’ll be sharing it soon with you all. In the meantime, you can find this deck straight from the artist himself over on his website here!

I thought it would be great fun to use this deck for the card of the week. It was a mystery as to see which card would show up as this deck has 109-cards with a total of 7 suits. Yes, you read that correct!

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8 of Skulls (Cups)


The 8 of Cups has always been a card of emotional transition for me. We’ve exhausted our efforts and our hearts just can’t handle any more, it’s waving a flag to us in surrender.

I often see this card in more traditional RWS decks as “leaving to search for that missing cup” since it usually illustrates a person leaving behind 8 neatly stacked cups with one missing. What we have or what we’re doing is no longer satisfying us or it never was from the start. It’s time to find something that will fill this space and make us feel better.

The 8 of Cups asks that we listen to our heart and follow it. This is no longer a matter of the mind, it’s about what the heart wants. This can be a spiritual journey or transition, one that invites you to follow your spirit.

So what does this card mean for the week ahead?

It’s time to admit that what you’re trying so hard to make work, isn’t working. If you’re feeling pretty empty, depleted or just a loss for excitement, perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time to move onto something different, fresh and exciting! If you’re feeling the call to change paths right now, listen up and take note! Let your heart be the captain of your ship and pay close attention to it’s subtle pulls in the direction you feel you may need to explore.

Don’t force things this week, rather go with the flow. As an artist, maker, and (wannabe) writer, this card often shows up when I’m trying way too hard to make something work. When we aren’t in love with a project that we’ve been dedicated to, yet we keep at it and keep changing things in hopes it will finally be just right. In the end, we know we should have abandoned this project weeks ago. It’s time to just let it go and admit that it just wasn’t meant to be and that’s ok. You can now pour your heart and soul into something fresh that will be a million times better and more aligned with what you originally had hoped to create!

It’s ok if things don’t work out, you learned something about it and that alone is priceless. Be gentle with yourself this week!

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What do you think about the 8 of Cups card?
How do you see this card coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!

Card of the Week: 7 of Pentacles


Hello, Monday! I fell off posting the weekly readings for a couple weeks. I just haven’t been feeling it but I’m trying to breathe some life back into my blog. I’ve been pretty busy with writing and working on reviews over at the Indie Deck Review and working on a handful of side projects of my own, my poor blog has been getting pretty neglected.

I started pulling just a card of the week for a little while now but usually just journal it. I wasn’t going to post it on the blog, but then thought why not?! It is my blog after all. I plan to start sharing more personal posts like card perspectives, current favorites, what I’m reading, etc.

The deck I’m pulling from just landed in my hot little hands yesterday, it’s the Indigo Alchemist Tarot by Heather Blumenthal. I’m already madly in love with this deck and will be working on a review here soon!

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7 of Pentacles


The 7 of Pentacles (or coins, what I much prefer to call this suit) has always been a card of patience to me. In your standard RWS this card is usually depicted as a person leaning on a garden tool while gazing over their future plant harvest.

In the Indigo Alchemist Tarot, this card is depicted as an hourglass. This imagery fits so well for me! It’s truly a card of time, waiting and patience. You’ve done the work and now it’s time to wait for results to come in.

I tend to call this card the “gardener card” since my husband and I are both avid gardeners. I feel like most of the time we’re just waiting for the plants and trees to fruit or bud out. The 7 of Coins is often a reminder to be patient and allow things to run its full course before diving in. No one likes to bite into a half green orange or berry. Jessa Crispin said it best in the guidebook for the Spolia Tarot:

But if the pears aren’t ripe yet, then don’t eat the fucking pears.
— Jess Crispin, Spoila Tarot

So what does the 7 of Coins mean for the week ahead?

Patience, young grasshopper, patience. We need to have a little self restraint this week before jumping the gun, so let things run its full course before you even think about touching it or working with it. Like a freshly painted chair, let it dry fully or you’ll be walking around with paint on your ass. We live in a society that is so high in demand for instant gratification. Often times the wait is well worth it. Use this extra time wisely while you wait it out, it’s yours to use! Add more words to your NaNoWriMo novel that you’re chipping away at. Work on that painting you may have on your desk. Declutter and get things ready. Just don’t waste the time given, use it. Keeping busy will only keep you from being so damn fidgety (I’m talking to myself). Time will soon tell you how things worked out, it’s out of your control so get it off your mind until results start rolling in. Then you can reevaluate what to do next!

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What do you think about the 7 of Pentacles card?
How do you see this card coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!

Card of the Week: The Star

Hello, Monday! I totally didn't plan on pulling cards for the weekly reading, I was still riding the waves from a self-care weekend. I spent some much needed time (somewhat) away from social media, I needed to recharge and reevaluate some things. We headed up to Prescott (north of us in Arizona) for a day trip on Saturday, hung out at a lake, and stretched our legs a bit. It's been warming up here in the valley, we are now floating around in the 90º's. I'm so not ready for the summer heat!

Ok, let's check out our card of the week and see what energy is at play for the next 7 days! I'm using the Next World Tarot, and I also pulled a card aimed at "body love" using the Visions: Crystal Oracle deck.

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The Star

Deck: Mystic Mondays

This morning I was greeted with The Star from the Next World Tarot. The confidence in this person depicted in the card is infectious! The Star to me is a nod from the universe, letting you know that you are on the right path right now and your wishes are being heard, load and clear!

It's also about giving a little to yourself, just as much as you give to others because YOU are worthy! This card is here to let us know that this week is for healing ourselves, in anyway that we see fit. Only we know what we need.

The Star is also here to remind you to be your authentic, bad-ass self! YOU are the star this week, own it and allow it be known!

Pink Opal

I pulled a card from the Visions: Crystal Oracle surrounding body love. I wanted a message to carry with me this week since I am making some drastic changes! I asked and received, Pink Opal. I swear, every time I pull a card from this deck it is exactly what I need to hear and carries a very personal message for me and for others. 

Pink Opal speaks of being ourselves despite what others may think. Despite what opinions they have of you. Despite what they think you should do, should wear, or should live. It's about standing up with a radical notion that you can exist however the fuck you want! Own your body and make it your own, you don't have to play by the rules - make up your own! It's about finding comfort in your own skin and enjoying it fully. It's a reminder that you are unique and you are beautiful! Do what makes you feel good! You are amazing!

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What do you think about these cards?
How do you see The Star coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!

Card of the Week: 2 of Coins

Hello, Monday! It's a new month and a new week! Woot! So much potential for us this week, are you ready? I'm so ready. I really don't have a lot on my plate other than playing around the house and moving things around, also diving into some reading. I'm waiting on three books to arrive today this week, yay! Book mail is the best kind of mail!

Ok, let's check out our card of the week and see what energy is at play for the next 7 days!

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2 of Coins

Deck: Mystic Mondays

Balance your shit! If you're like me, you struggle with doing everything at once (because you insist on doing it all) and tend to drop the ball on a lot of things. I always give the excuse "I'm a Gemini, can't help it..." but that excuse can only get me so far, haha! Don't blame Mercury RX either, this is totally on you.

The big question is how do we keep things running smoothly all while staying focused and getting things handled. Prioritize! Make lists, check things off, sort things into piles, keep a planner (up to date), eat the toad, the list goes on. Do whatever it is you need to do in order to better handle what's thrown your way.

Don't want to juggle life all at once? You don't have to! I always use the phrase "eat the toad". If you're not familiar with this phrase it simply means: do the task you don't want to do the most, first. Get it out of the way! By doing this, chances are everything else will seem much easier, or at least it should. Pick and choose what needs your attention the most, then see where you can fit all of life's other tasks.

Also, you don't have to do hold all this weight on your own either. See those two hands reaching out of the ground in the card? Those belong to those who want to give you a hand. For me, I hate asking for help but sometimes I gotta bite the bullet and voice my needs. It's not always easy to ask for assistance, we all want to look like we have it all together but truth is, we don't and that's totally ok! We're human, not machines. We need rest and we need a break from time to time. So don't be afraid to pass on some tasks to others around you. Prioritize your to-do lists. Balance is the end result and goal this week, everything in moderation and not all at once.

I found it really funny that the 2 of Coins popped up this week, I'm getting back to my daily yoga routine... talk about balance!

Ask yourself:

  • What do I need to focus on?
  • Is there something this week that can use some extra hands?
  • Why am I struggling to do it all? What am I missing?
  • When do I feel the most pressure in balancing my life (job, home, kids, etc)?
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What do you think about the 2 of Coins?
How do you see this card coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!

Card of the Week: Death

Hello, Monday! I'm changing things up today and focusing on a single card for the week vs. the weekly reading. I've been doing "weekly readings" for several years (on my previous blog, Tarot Seed) and have been wanting to simplify things a bit more lately and really get back to the basics with tarot to really dive deep. Going "card by card" has been my go-to lately and I'm enjoying the fresh study!

I hope you enjoy this COTW post! Please feel free to leave a comment and join in the conversation, I love hearing from my readers!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

I pulled the weekly card yesterday and had some time to really process the Death card. When most see this card they automatically interpret it as "endings and beginnings", I always have. When really digging deep in this card, I started to think about death in real life, like an actual death. There are many people who have come close to death and some have even been brought back after a very quick death... you know, the people who were clinically dead for X amount of minutes, those stories always fascinate me!

Focusing more to those who have been brought back to life, made me think about breathing life back into something that's rotting away in our life that doesn't necessarily need to end, but just needs better attention. Perhaps you may have been ignoring an aspect in your life and didn't mean to, this card is letting you know that it's ok to dust things off and bring it back to the present - revive it! This could be a project you thought about cutting ties with because it didn't make sense anymore, or anything that you feel may be slipping through your fingers. Move it to the front burner and crank up the heat! You don't necessarily need to cut ties just yet, just try something new with it!

While yes, the Death card traditionally means that something needs to end in order for something new to begin, change, transformation, etc.... It gets crowded when you're constantly starting fresh and hanging on to the withered, so cutting something out helps to alleviate the baggage and lighten your load. If something truly isn't working then it may be time to cut ties if you know it's holding you back or will down the road. It's all about re-evaluating what you are doing at this present moment.

When I look at the Death card I always wonder who am I in this card. There are several figures shown in most depictions of the Death card. Am I in control or am I pleading at the feet of Death? I always compare the Death card to the Tower card in tarot, they both hold a similar meaning to me: ending. With the Tower, I read it as if something is out of your control. With Death, I read it as if you are fully in control. Nothing is going to leave your side if you don't allow it to, it's called free will. These two cards remind me of a car accident, sometimes it's out of your control (Tower) and other times you can swerve to escape a crash (Death). We are working with the energy of Death this week... YOU are in control of what needs to leave and only YOU can make that decision, no one else.

You hold the scythe and can cut when ready. If you feel something still has potential, then work with it in a new way while letting go of what didn't work. If it doesn't, then you know what needs to be done.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this working?
  • What will happen if I cut this out of my life?
  • Can I look at this in a new light and try something else?
  • Who is in control right now?
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What do you think about the Death card?
How do you see this card coming in play for you this week?

Let me know in the comments!