Art, Life and everything in between!

New Moon Tarotscopes.png

I’ve come to realize that I don’t use my blog as a personal space to write about my own day to day life, art, etc. I always tend to focus on writing for others, which is great but I would like to start adding more personal posts here and there. For awhile, I was trying to keep up a little art/life blog I started on the side, but I found it hard to keep tarot and my art separate as they’re both a fairly big part of my life and practice. I can’t talk about one without talking about the other, so why not bring some art to my blog?!

I present you with:
Art, Life and Everything in Between - random bits of my day to day life!

Ever since the second day of the new year, I have been working on art again. It’s been a few years… who am I kidding, it’s been at least 10+ years since I last picked up a paint brush. I used to paint from the minute I woke up all the way until the wee hours of the night. I lived and breathed art on a daily basis and had dreams of opening up my own indie art gallery. To be honest, I still would like that gallery… or at least a coffee shop that showcased local artists each month, that dream is still in my head!


For the month of March, I’m thinking about committing to a full month of no social media, aside from a few exceptions that I need to keep up with on Instagram (not my account) since I’m part of a very rad team. I’ve come to realize that I am very attached to social media, like many! If I had to guess, I would say a couple hours (we’re talking more than a couple) would be me just endlessly scrolling on Instagram and Facebook, jumping from one app to the next and repeat. This is time that I could be using to create more art, clean the house, study a new deck or even create my own, read a book, write more on my blog (ahem) and get back to my morning yoga routine! I waste so much of my own time wondering what everyone else spends their time on, that’s not living… that’s living through others, Jess.

So what have I been up to lately?

I have two decks on order, one will be here tomorrow and the other will (hopefully) be here in 4-8 weeks… really hoping it’s closer to the 4 week mark and not the later! I would like to do a deck study of both decks, but one will be shared on the blog when it eventually arrives as I plan to go card-by-card and spill my own thoughts and interpretations out into each post (hint: it’s the Dark Mansion Tarot). The other deck, Albano Waite, will be a personal deck study that I plan to start this week! I’ve been in the mood for some RWS clones and the AW has been a deck on my wishlist since I started my tarot practice back in 2013. I’ll be sure to do a “first impressions” post this week of the Albano Waite Tarot!

It’s been a couple weeks since I last picked up my pens and watercolors, so I did some quick sketches today and played around with some ink washes I made a couple weeks ago (picture above). This week, I’m planning to do at least one sketch per day or at least commit to 30 min of painting/sketching each day. Creating art is when I’m the most happiest, with a pen in hand sketching. I dusted off my new sketchbook that only has a handful of sketches in it so far and I’m ready to go! I fell in love with urban sketching last month but it’s been hard to find some inspiration around town (I need to do some exploring), so I’ve been sticking to random still life studies and such.

Slowly, I’ve been getting back into my astrology studies. I fell off track with my them, but since I got my software set up on my new laptop after switching from a MacBook, I’m ready to dive back in! I currently use the TimePassages software for my studies and love it! My husband bought me the basic version to start with for Xmas last year. Right now I’m focused mostly on the moon transits, but I like to keep an eye on the inner planets to see what they’re up to.

The New Moon in Pisces coming up on March 6th and will be sitting pretty in my 9th house - the house of philosophy, spirituality and travel. I’m planning to really kick start some self exploration of my path that has been going down a new route lately. I’ve been on the same pagan path since a teen and I’m feeling a massive shift to focus more on the planetary aspects rather than deities. As an atheist, I struggle with deity in my practice even if I see deity as archetypes and symbolic, I just struggle with it. I recently came across the term “astrolatry” and it blew my mind. Astrolatry is the worship of stars and other “heavenly” bodies as deity (in a nutshell). That lead me to finding a branch of witchcraft called “cosmic witchcraft” and let’s just say I have been inspired ever since. Not sure how I missed this, but glad I found it!


Another “what’s new” with me is I’m diving back into my morning yoga practice. I have been really craving my yoga practice and more mindful mornings, but I’ve been too damn lazy to roll out my mat. Naturally. I pulled out my mat today and have it ready to roll out in the morning. I would leave it out over night but I don’t want my cat tearing it up, it’s not a cheap mat! One of my favorite things to do in the morning was to pull my card for the day and step onto the mat with that card in mind. I feel like I’m starting all over in my yoga practice and have no idea what I’m doing, it’s been a few years… but I’ll get back into the groove again I’m sure!

Ok, I think that is enough of what is going on with me, haha!! I could ramble all day!