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Earlier today, I shared on my Facebook page that I was going to make some big changes to my website and blog. This was all inspired by the 15-card spread I pulled for myself earlier today - ahem, see above! For awhile now, I’ve been feeling pretty stagnant with this space. As much as I love it, I just haven’t been utilizing it like I had hoped I would and decided that after a few years now, it was time I start filling this space better. I was sharing collective readings on this blog because other readers did the same and for some reason, I assumed that was what I was supposed to do with a tarot blog, right? This is what happens when you lose sight of your own vision and start swerving into the lane of others, it’s really easy to get swept up into all of the “well they‘re doing this and it works for them… so it‘ll probably work for me, right?” - WRONG!

Here is a little break down of the reading I did for myself today that sparked this whole shake up for me. I’m using a 15-card Golden Dawn inspired spread and I tend to lean more intuitive than by book, so this may or may not vibe with everyone... and that’s ok!

Center 3 cards

While pulling and placing down cards, I looked over the first set of center cards. The 3 of Wands validated the reading for me right away - it was my “present energy” and exactly the reason I was pulling cards! I was getting bored and wanted to find out how I can expand and grow. I’ve been getting far too comfortable and a lot of excitement has been starting to wear away, which was shown in the 9 of Pentacles (energy leaving). The 10 of Swords was my energy coming in - a burnout. I already saw it coming, so seeing that card also further validated this reading and I knew I was on path for it. The 10 of Swords was going to force me to change whether I wanted to or not, so that made me realize I can do it on my own without leading to that kind of misery - no thank you!

Top Left 3 Cards

This is where I’m currently heading if I don’t make any change right now, I don’t feel a lot of movement or change happening when I look at them. They sure as hell don’t get me excited! The 7 of Cups is how I always feel, like I’m waiting for some illusion to come alive or some wishful fantasy to happen without putting in any effort. Constantly led down a rabbit hole filled with false hope, it’s hard to shake off that feeling. This card is sandwiched between two majors, the Wheel of Fortune and the Hanged Man, both of which speak about being patient for fresh change.... but how patient do I need to be? And how do I know the Wheel is going to spin in my favor this time? The Hanged Man is my current personal year card and frankly, I’m tired of working with that card, haha!

Top Right 3 Cards

Here is an optional path, one I really like! That Queen of Swords spoke to me loud and clear “share you voice, get on his podium and let everyone hear what you have to say for a change”. I had the Ace of Coins come up earlier this week and it taught me that if I want an opportunity bad enough, I can always seek it out rather than wait for it to come to me (which has a much nicer vibe than the 7 of Cups). So, seeking I shall do! I couldn’t help but feel myself in the Knight of Cups - the Chariot is my favorite card and it helps move me forward when I have any fear or doubts and I saw that in the vehicle they are sitting in... that, and I love coffee... so ya, that’s me, haha! I’m moving forward at a pace I love and feel good about.

Bottom Left 3 Cards

This is where my focus is right now, the cards of action to get me to the result I desire the most - in this case, those top right cards. The Knight of Wands and High Priestess instantly told me that I need to act on my intuition, no time to think, just do it! Hence why I decided to make these change so drastically today, I was already feeling the need to switch things up and I always go slow, only to abandon all my ideas because I give it too much thought. The Page of Pentacles urged me to take a closer look at what I’m doing and why. What was my goal with my website? It’s time to take action and use this coin (website) and see what I can make with it.

Bottom Right 3 Cards

Finally, the last grouping of cards are what outside forces can help or hinder me - these cards made me ugly cry. My mom and my dad were right there on the table in the form of the Queen of Wands and King of Pentacles. My mom has 7 cats, I kid you not, and she’s where I get my creative talents from. She is a quilter and she’s crafty as hell. My dad was the “breadwinner” of the family. He was a workaholic and was glued to his work, it was rare to see him not in front of a computer. He brought in the paycheck while my mom took care of my brother and I. He passed away January last year but left my mom with a hefty inheritance to help take care of the family. He was one of my biggest supporters when it came to my art and rewriting. I won’t lie, this year has been pretty hard financially but every time we we’re in need, we got help from my mom. So seeing that 5 of Coins didn’t scare me, instead it spoke to me about having support with my writing.

This is where the change is beginning, with this breakdown of this reading. A way for me to break the ice and invite in a more personal vibe so that I can share my own tarot musings.

DECK: This Might Hurt by Isabella Rotman - you can view more cards and order it here