Reader Interview: Rose from The Cackling Moon

This week I'm getting to know Rose from The Cackling Moon! I've been following Rose online for a while now and love what she shares on her social media streams! She also runs a new group on Facebook called Talk Tarot with Me and it's a safe place where we can all chat not just about tarot, but life matters as well.


Hello, can you tell us about yourself? How did tarot find you?

Hello! My name is Rose, and I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader and Spiritual Advisor. The Cackling Moon is my online Tarot Biz! Tarot literally found me many years ago when I was going through a "quarter-life crisis". I was seeing a therapist and in the process of purging years of bottled up emotions. I stumbled upon one of Kelly-Ann Maddox's Tarot videos on YouTube and the rest is history. I bought my first tarot deck (The Original Rider Waite) used off Amazon for $10 and I began my journey. I am self taught and have been evolving ever since! The Cackling Moon came to be in the fall of 2014.

If you could remove any card in the deck, which card would it be and why?

This is so difficult to decide on because I feel like every card plays an important role in our lives! If you asked me this back in 2012 when I was first starting my journey, I would say The Hierophant because he reminded me of my father and my life growing up in a conservative household. Hmm... I think I would have to go with either the 2 of Wands or 3 of Wands. I always felt like both cards mean the same thing? Basically, if we did away either one I wouldn't be bothered by it. Haha.

What's in your tarot toolbox?

I love using multiple decks in readings. I will often have a Tarot and an Oracle deck on hand. Crystals are a major essential for me. I always have a Clear Quartz with me in readings, but I like to bring forward crystals that have to do with the nature of the reading. If it is a love reading I will bring out the heart shaped rose quartz, for example. I also love to have some sort of cleansing mist to clear the space and a candle to symbolize "Spirit is in!" I am also a sucker for beautiful spread cloths (great for pictures) and a salt lamp because the glow relaxes me.

What do you think the Empress would say to the Emperor?

She's be a sassy little thing. I see the Empress as such an independent power figure. She knows herself inside and out and she won't let anyone tell her what to do. She's got everything under control. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she puts The Emperor in his place. She may just be the only person able to do that!

The Moon from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot (photo by Rose)

The Moon from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot (photo by Rose)

What or who inspires you the most?

Tarot Readers in the Tarot Community play a significant role in inspiring me and pushing me to do what I do. I feel like we feed off of each other and I love seeing what new and unique ideas each person brings to the table. My clients also inspire on a much deeper level. I have clients who have stood by me from the very beginning and I've built tight bonds with them. Some of my services have been inspired by the needs of some of my clients as well! The old me would be the final person who inspires me most. Before I started this Tarot Journey, I was a very broken girl. I suffered from past events as a child and a teenager that took me years to sort through and forgive. I was often in a downward emotional spiral and constantly questioned my life's purpose. Waking up was hard to do because I lacked motivation and my depression would feel almost impossible to battle at times. After I found Tarot, I had a surge of newness run through me. I felt inspired and awakened. For once in my life I felt like I had found what I was meant to do. Everything came full circle.

If you could be any court card, which would you choose and why?

The Queen of Wands. I feel like we go through phases as each character of the Court Cards. I was and always will be the Queen of Cups, but I feel like the Queen of Wands embraces all of the motivation and zest for being a dare devil that I sometimes lack. I love her fire energy and she just seems like she'd be a really cool person to be around. I also feel like she would have an amazing wardrobe to go with her radiant personality. Hehe.

Which deck could you absolutely not live without?

Oh wow... Do I have to pick just one??? Well, obviously my first deck which is the Original Rider Waite. BUT, I am also extremely connected to the Oracle of Oddities. I would be very upset if I lost that one.

If you could go back to day one of your tarot journey, what would you do differently?

What a fantastic question! I think I would have created my YouTube Channel right away instead of waiting 2 years going back and forth on the idea. Filming videos not only helped me feel more confident with my reading style, but it really helped me grow more into who I am now. Don't ever let your fears keep you from doing something you want.

What tarot habits or quirks do you have?

I have this thing where when I purchase a new deck I won't read for anyone until AFTER I read for myself with it. I think of it as my way of setting the tone and getting the deck familiar with my energy. I am also a huge fan of worn in decks. I love a deck that looks and feels worn in. I love the way it shuffles easily and the way it just looks like a lot of time and love has been invested into it.

If the Hierophant had a favorite curse word, what would it be?

"Motherfuckers" I laugh even imagining him say it.

Do you think the Hermit prefers decaf or regular coffee?

Regular. Black. As black as the night in deep contemplation.

Lastly, do you have anything you would like to share? News? Event?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share who I am and what I do! If you're looking to connect, come and find me! Let's set up a session! I also offer a monthly Moon Letters newsletter sent to Email prior to the New/Full Moons of the month! It is free to join - visit my website to subscribe! <3

Where can we find you?


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