Reader Interview: Kristen of Over the Moon Academy

I’m so excited to have Kristen of Over the Moon Academy on the blog today! I adore everything she does and her courses are fantastic! One course I always recommend to everyone is her cartomancy course, it’s one of my favorites that I return to time and time again. She is not only a teacher but a divination master in my book who creates unique decks and shares her passion with everyone on social media. Let’s see what she had to say!

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Hello, can you tell us about yourself? How did tarot find you?

I’m a divination junkie so I love all forms of divination but cards are my favorite. My best friend in high school gave me a tarot deck when I was going off to college. She handed it to me and said, “This seems like something you’d be into.” I had no idea what tarot was at that time. But she was right -- once I opened the box of those mysterious cards, I was hooked. There were quite a few starts and stops with tarot as I learned to navigate the system with little guidance. This was in the late 1980s and there were fewer resources available. Thankfully, I have some fantastic spirit guides who would help me find the right tarot books just when I needed them. I’d go to a bookstore and a tarot book would literally fall off the shelf into my hands.

What is your least favorite card and why?

My least favorite card is on a deck-by-deck basis but it's not the ones you might think. I usually love the "troublesome" cards like The Tower and Death.

What's in your tarot toolbox?

Oracle decks for a final word or reading summary. Playing cards for timing and detailed physical descriptions. I guess I’d have to add my Magical Playbook too since I use it frequently for my reading layouts.

What do you think the Empress would say to the Emperor?

Not much. They’re usually enjoying their roles in different environments and settings in most decks so I don’t think they see each other too often.

What or who inspires you the most?

I’m inspired by creative folks who look at tarot in new ways, whether it’s creating a new deck concept or course or online challenge.

If you could be any court card, which would you choose and why?

I’ve always resonated with the Queen of Wands. She’s very confident and doesn’t seem to care what others think while at the same time she’s very aware of and responsive to her environment. I think of her as the hostest with the mostest!

Deck:  Slutist Tarot (photo by Kristina of Red Thread Tarot)

Which deck could you absolutely not live without?

Gosh, that seems to change week to week. I ALWAYS have playing cards and the tarot deck I’ve had the longest is the Tarot of the Ages deck I got about 20 years ago. Right now, I’m really enjoying the Toni LeBusque tarot by Toni LeBusque and I love the straightforward responses from the Power of Surrender Cards (oracle deck) by Judith Orloff.

If you could go back to day one of your tarot journey, what would you do differently?

I would have started learning to read tarot intuitively much earlier instead of force feeding myself all of the book learning first. Don’t get me wrong. The book learning is an absolutely necessary download but I didn’t think about reading tarot intuitively until I got Alexandra Genetti’s Wheel of Change tarot deck in 1997. At that time, I don’t remember anyone using the term “reading tarot intuitively” but that’s what I was doing: looking at the pictures and saying what I saw. Now, I realize it’s beneficial to learn to read tarot in three ways: (1) analytically through book learning (2) symbolically through key symbols and (3) intuitively by saying what you see.

What tarot habits or quirks do you have?

I don’t keep my decks in the flimsy boxes. I always find a nice pouch for them.

If the Hierophant had a favorite curse word, what would it be?

I think he regularly mutters something blasphemous like Goddammit!

Do you think the Hermit prefers decaf or regular coffee?

No coffee. Sleepytime tea. He’s probably sleeping most of the time and working in the dream state.

Lastly, do you have anything you would like to share? News? Event?

I just released my latest oracle deck, Desert Dreamwalk Oracle, and I have new payment plans available for my most popular courses: Make This Magical Playbook and How To Read Oracle Cards.

Where can we find you?

Facebook Group

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Are you a tarot reader? Want to be featured on my blog?

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Please drop me a message and I’ll reach out to you soon!

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