Reader Interview: Ashley of Hello Tarot

Let’s get to know Ashley of Hello Tarot today on the blog! She shares great daily insight on Instagram and shares astro readings on her YouTube channel, I’m thrilled to point the spotlight on this card reader today! Let’s get to know Ashley a little better!

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Hello, can you tell us about yourself? How did tarot find you?

Hi! I am a mid-30s finance professional living in Philadelphia and I read tarot cards on the side for fun. I've always been fascinated with tarot, astrology and basically anything esoteric all my life. I plunged into learning about the cards about 2 years ago after having my heart broken. I was desperately looking for answers but soon learned that tarot is a tool that provides guidance and insight, not answers. I studied on my own for about a year, carrying around a binder of my tarot notes with me everywhere I went, including my office job. I tapped every resource I could get my hands on, mostly Benebell Wen's Holistic Tarot, Mary Greer's books,,, some Thoth books for the astrological components, just to name a few. 

After learning and reading only for myself during that time, I joined some groups on Facebook and started swapping reads for fun. I would provide an audio recording of my readings with a photo of the spread. The more I read for others the more I fell in love with tarot. I received consistent, positive feedback so I started selling 5-card readings on Etsy for $0.99. I just wanted to read, and read and read. 

At the advice of some of my friends I started charging a little more for my services and bought a URL where I can centralize my "tarot presence" online. I started small, thought of a name and went from there. I began posting twice a day on Instagram, utilizing cards from all the different decks I collected and eventually started a YouTube channel where I do readings based on zodiac sign - not an original idea, I know, but like I said, I just wanted to read! The positive feedback just kept coming in addition to more and more bookings. At this point, tarot is what I live and breathe. When I'm at work I can't wait to get home and start reading. I started getting up earlier and earlier each morning so I could have time to read before work. Each reading is a learning experience for me. Tarot really is a gift that keeps on giving. 

At this point, I live a double-life. My 9-5 life and a life where I can explore tarot within the privacy of my own home. It's exhausting and thrilling at the same time. I hope to join both my finance skills and that of tarot and start reading full-time. My practical mind is very, very hesitant but my heart definitely wants it. One day it'll make sense to take that plunge but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.

What is your least favorite card and why?

I go through phases with my favorite and least favorite cards. For a while it was The Hierophant and it was because I simply didn't fully understand it, nor did I want to at the time. 

I've grown from that phase and currently my least favorite is the 5 of Swords for reasons quite the opposite. I understand that card too well because I associate it with the cruel, cold-hearted energy that I've fallen prey to in the recent past. Basically, it reminds me of my ex boyfriend and how much he hurt me. I'll move on from this, I'm sure of it.

What's in your tarot toolbox?

I'm a minimalist despite owning many decks. I insist on lighting at least one candle and having a few crystals within reach. Otherwise my reading area is quite neat.

What do you think the Empress would say to the Emperor?

"Come over here big boy and give me a kiss."

What or who inspires you the most?

Benebell Wen. I really appreciate how thorough she is about details. Her approach to Tarot really rings my bells.

If you could be any court card, which would you choose and why?

Queen of Pentacles - because she can nurture and take care of business at the same time.

Deck:  Slutist Tarot (photo by Kristina of Red Thread Tarot)

Which deck could you absolutely not live without?

The Aquarian Tarot deck. I love the muted colors. It's the most interesting yet straightforward deck I own.

If you could go back to day one of your tarot journey, what would you do differently?

I would start reading on how to better myself instead of trying to find answers on why everything was falling apart.

What tarot habits or quirks do you have?

After a reading, I turn the cards over and randomly pick them up with the remaining deck. I can't bear the idea of simply placing them at the bottom or the top of the deck once I'm done. I'm a stickler for adequate shuffling. I think it's very important.

If the Hierophant had a favorite curse word, what would it be?

Damn it!

Do you think the Hermit prefers decaf or regular coffee?


Lastly, do you have anything you would like to share? News? Event?

I think I shared quite a bit in my bio already :) Perhaps too much?

Where can we find you?


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