Reader Interview: Amanda from Salt and Shadow Tarot

It's been awhile since I've featured another card reader on the blog and I'm excited to have Amanda from Salt and Shadow Tarot featured this week! She's not only a fantastic card reader but someone I consider a friend who just happens to have amazing taste in tarot decks! She recently launched the Indie Deck Review and I'm proud to be on her team. I'll be sharing much more about the Indie Deck Review soon, until then, let's get to know Amanda a bit more below!

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Hello, can you tell us about yourself? How did tarot find you?

When I was fourteen (in 1990), my mom was dying. I used to hide in the bookstore, in the occult section. No one was there and it was quiet. I saved up all the change I could to buy the Classic Tarot by Stuart Kaplan. The first person I read for was my mother. It was terrifying, and mine. I just knew it was mine. I carried that same deck from home to home until 2010 when I found the Shadowscapes deck. I had already been teaching others how to read, and how to find their own path. I have a few more decks now. I didn't discover that there were whole books dedicated to the craft until long after I got that Shadowscapes deck. 

I still teach, I still learn, and I am always looking at my cards to inform me. I have a very specific style of reading that I enjoy very much that involves layering decks and energy reading.

If you could remove any card in the deck, which card would it be and why?

Oh! None. Every deck has a card that hits me the wrong way and every deck has a unique voice, but I thrive on it. I've often bought decks because they'll have a single card that makes me super uncomfortable. The Hierophant from the Mary-El, the Strength card from the Clover Tarot. Those are the two that hit me hardest. They are lessons for me. That's what I find most often. The hard cards are lessons I don't particularly want to deal with.

What's in your tarot toolbox?

I carry soap shaped stones with me to 'wash' my hands between readings, and a mug rug thing to put my decks on. Other that my decks, that's all I need. But, I never say no to some nag champa.

What do you think the Empress would say to the Emperor?

Depends on the deck. The Empress in the Prismatic Tarot would ask the Emperor what was on his mind. The Empress in the Sasuraibito deck would ask him why he hasn't joined her. I think the RWS Empress would just say, "Well?"

What or who inspires you the most?

Passionate, kind, human people inspire me the most. People who lift each other up, people who make room at the table for everyone, people who include others, people who fail. Those are the people I look to for inspiration.

I think that people who make the correlation between gentleness and strength are inspirational. And I think mothers that don't eat their young are inspirational. I find my daughters to be inspirational. And dogs. They are the sweetest creatures.

If you could be any court card, which would you choose and why?

I would be the Page of Swords from the Sasuraibito deck. That Page has looked at everything from every possible angle, and I want to look too. But, sometimes, I want to be the Queen of wands from the Prismatic Tarot because that looks like a good time.

Deck:  Slutist Tarot (photo by Kristina of Red Thread Tarot)

Which deck could you absolutely not live without?

Um...what? I don't understand the question....
If I had to choose one, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I'd take the one (three) in my purse.

If you could go back to day one of your tarot journey, what would you do differently?

I would look at the other decks on the shelf instead of the one I could afford first. I really wasn't fond of my first deck.

What tarot habits or quirks do you have?

I don't read the books. Even when my friend writes one. 
I sometimes whisper on my decks, and I tell them to breathe.

If the Hierophant had a favorite curse word, what would it be?

For Fucks Sake, is the phrase I think of with him.

Do you think the Hermit prefers decaf or regular coffee?

Depends on what he's doing. Decaf before bed is yummy.

Lastly, do you have anything you would like to share? News? Event?

I am building a very neat thing with some of my favorite Tarot Enthusiasts. It's called the Indie Deck Review, and I've found a brilliant team to work with. We'll be talking about all things indie decks. From the decks themselves, to discussions with creators, publishing company reviews, tips and tricks, and a book club. We are all a bit excited, I think.

Where can we find you?


Indie Deck Review - Instagram
Indie Deck Review - Facebook

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