Currently: APRIL 2018

The month of April is on its way out, well... not yet, but it's getting there! I thought I would share my "currently" things with you on the blog today! A little bit of tarot and a little bit of everything else.

Shirt by   Fat Mermaids

Shirt by Fat Mermaids


If you follow me on Instagram, it's pretty clear what deck I'm loving the most right now - the Oliver Hibert Tarot! I'm obsessed! This deck has been my everything since it arrived, I really adore it to pieces. If you missed it, I did a review on this deck and it can be found here.

I'm really thinking about adding in a few favorite decks back into rotation but I feel so guilty when I don't use my Oliver Hibert deck, it's like it knows it's not being used, haha! The two decks I want to add back in are the Next World Tarot and Mystic Mondays. Oh how I adore those two decks!

I'm not a huge TV or movie viewer but I do like to watch a lot of YouTube video's. Lately I've been obsessed with Michelle Elman's channel, it's been giving me so much life and inspiration this past week! Her video's have been a major help in my body love journey. As far as Netflix and such, I've been binging on paranormal and UFO documentaries, like usual! We have been watching the new Roseanne and I'm still not sure what I think about it... it's funny, but eh.

Oh boy! I've been reading a lot lately. I've recently read a few books and they have all been under the topic of body positivity and fat acceptance, though I do have a few tarot books to get back to! My favorite lately was Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker. I loved every word of this book and may read it again once I get through some of my other books. It's not only written by an amazing blogger (The Militant Baker) but she's an Arizona local, love! I also just finished the book Big Bones by Laura Dockrill with the BOPO book club on FB. This is a Young Adult fiction and I just adored this book, our book for May is Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski. I also discovered Rachel Wiley and binged on her book of poetry called Nothing is Okay, this is a must read!!

Thinking about:
If you read my last post, Transformation, it's pretty clear what is on my mind this month - body love! I've been obsessed with this journey but it has its ups and downs. I've also been brainstorming more ways that I can use tarot on my journey to help others who are on the same journey!

I'm hoping to bring some fresh things to my blog as they become more prominent in my life, so stay tuned for all of that to come.

What are you currently loving on right now? I want to know, leave a comment below!