Weekly Forecast: Sept 3-9

Hello, September! I'm so ready for fall to get here but in Arizona, it doesn't usually feel like fall until Winter is at our feet. We're still riding out the 100º+ degrees right now, at least the humidity is gone finally... it was a very humid summer for us, which you wouldn't think would be a thing being in the desert but we have a lot of monsoons through the summer.

Ok, enough rambling about the weather, let's get to the cards! I'm using the same decks as last week since they paired up so well! The Collective Tarot and Numinous Tarot. I still need to get my review up on the Numinous Tarot, will do that this week!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
TLDR: Bring our attention to what is holding you down and dragging you through the mud. It's time to make peace so that you can move forward with an open heart!

3 of Bells + The Hermit + 8 of vials

Last week we had a big "self care" notion, this week I'm getting a sense that we need to pull back a bit for some deeper introspection to help clear out anything we may be holding on to. Things that we keep burying every time they pop up. The Hermit is our theme this week! They look tired yet happy, and oh so out of it. We are being asked to really draw ourselves in a bit and for good reason. It's time work on the things we keep pushing back down to deal with later.

The 3 of Bells asks that we pay attention to what is causing us hurt and ill feelings. We can ignore it all we want but it's not going away anytime soon unless we bring our attention to it like the Hermit asks. We are being asked to really take the time to recover from these things rather than cover it up or they will keep hanging on and holding us back.

How do we do this? The 8 of Vials is reminding us that somethings are just not worth it and we need to learn how to release what is really doing us damage, not just cover it up! Acknowledge the pain and release it away mindfully. We can run from our issues all we want but they will always pop up and find us. It's best to take the time to really work with them rather than bury them further and further down.

I love how both the Hermit and the person in the 8 of Vials are facing the 3 of Bells. It's as if they know what they need to do and are ready to shed light on what is holding us back or what we're still struggling to cope with. The person seen leaving the party in the 8 of Vials makes me think it's time to really give the 3 of Bells our full attention. This is not a long term thing, it's a very short passing so why not clear the clouds now and get it finally over with so you can move forward with a clear headspace and an open heart.

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