Weekly Reading: May 14 - May 20

Hello, Monday... we meet again. Each week I'm getting more and more anxious for the kiddo to be out of school. The homework, daily drop off's and pick up's, lunch packing, crazy mornings of "getting the kiddo ready for school" wears thin around this time of year. It's right around the corner, only 8 more school days left! Then... after a few weeks of no school, you'll start to hear me complain that I wish school was starting soon... The cycle never gets old, haha!

Decided to simply things this week with a 2-card draw for the new week! Using my absolutely favorite deck, the Oliver Hibert Tarot.

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

Page of Coins + The Empress

The energy of the week is fresh with curiosity and examination coming from the Page of Coins. This is a curious energy and I love it! The Page of Coins is one of my favorite court cards, it reminds me a lot of myself. I'm always eager to learn, try new things, and I tend to really pour myself into something... even though I'm horrible at keeping momentum and will often change my interest to something different after only a day. This is what I'm getting from the Page of Coins, momentum. In order to keep this fresh energy flowing you need to nurture the shit out of it - this is where the Empress comes in. The Empress says to take whatever it is we have our minds set on and embrace it under your wing. Really give it a good chance before calling it quits.

It can be really tempting to dive right in but try not to make any first moves until you really look at everything in a full spectrum. The Empress is all about natural cycles and allowing things to come into fruition as they naturally will, so trust that all the work you put in this week will only help you down the road and it will happen when it happens. Think of this as the building blocks to your success. You wouldn't start building a house without a plan, right? Okay... some may and some have, but that's not the point I'm trying to make! Things take time, allow just that, time.

I will say that my Marseille brain wants to note that someone or something may be trying to get your attention and if you're not interested... don't force it. Don't fall trap into all the glitter and gold... chances are, it's just spray paint.

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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