Weekly Reading: July 9-15

Happy, Monday! This weekend went fast.... at least for me! I didn't do a whole lot outside of the house since it was way too hot. I think we peaked at 115º yesterday but today it's supposed to be a bit "cooler" at around 110º.... we are also currently in monsoon season finally, so while Arizona is usually a "dry heat" it's hot and humid right now. 

FYI: My response to the comment "but it's a dry heat" that us Arizona folx hear all the time is that your oven is also a dry heat. Unless you enjoy sticking your head in the oven for shits and giggles, it's still damn hot, haha!

Ok, a new week means new possibilities! I'm using the Spolia Tarot once again, I can't get enough of this deck. Both the booklet and cards are just.... amazing! If you missed it, I shared a review of this deck that can be read here.

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

6 of Wands + 10 of Swords

Energy from the 6 of Wands tells us that no matter what you face this week, be vigilant! Set yourself up for success and don't shy away from being praised, even if it's just for helping someone out at office at the printer. Take that compliment and run with it! Use it as some extra fuel to keep you going and doing a good job! Who doesn't likes a good pat on the back from time to time, am I right? Perhaps you may be getting some appreciation for work done around the house... you know, the whole "wow, the house looks great" even though it's been clean for a few days, just take it and smile. When we know we are doing well, it helps us to keep up the momentum and do better if not for others, at least yourself. I know that when I'm told that a blog post I wrote was very helpful or that a reading I gave was empowering for them, it makes me want to keep doing what I do. Especially when you had doubt before, it lets you know that you're on the right path and that you can indeed do hard things - even if they aren't all that hard, you know you are making a difference in either your life or others. 

Advice from the 10 of Swords... Ouch! This may sting a bit but it's a great wake up call! While no one likes to see the 10 of Swords pop up in a reading, I do like to see it show up for advice - I tend to see it as a warning more than anything, and who doesn't like a good warning?! Since we're working with the energy of the 6 of Swords and being praised here and there, don't let that be an invitation to go all out and overboard! HINT: It's not going to play out well. Often times when we keep getting the "good job, buddy" we tend to let it go to our head more and more, then we think we are invisible and can "probably handle this too"... jury says, we can still see you and you need to stay in your lane! This is just setting you up for a hard landing, so stay grounded and be practical in your thinking and logic. Don't overdo it just because you think you're untouchable, you may have done well in other things but it's not a ticket of freedom to do whatever the hell you want just because you think nothing could go wrong.

If you do find yourself in the position of the 10 of Swords this week and things do indeed backfire, just dust yourself off. It's ok, at least take this as a learning experience to not do it again. Right? 

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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