Weekly Reading: July 23-29

This month is moving quick, I can't believe we're almost into August... which means we're closer to Halloween, my favorite time of the year. This week we have a Full Moon in Aquarius popping up later this week, I'll be posting some mini Tarotscopes for this moon on Thursday so keep a watch for those!

This week I'm using a new deck, Carnival at the End of the World (let's just call this the Carnival tarot from here on out, haha) and if you missed it, I posted a review of this deck here.

I'm short on time today so I'm pulling a quick two-card "to do and not to do" this week, which I find quick effective and frankly I'm not sure why I don't use this little spread more often for weekly guidance! It gets right to the gist of things.

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

To do - 4 OF COINS

Usually when I see the 4 of Coins show up it tells me that you or someone is being a little too tight, a little too greedy, and a little too attached... however this week, I think that might be the right thing to do! I know for myself, payday isn't until next week so being a bit frugal with my spending is key if I want to make it through till then, perhaps you're in the same boat. Let's try to be a little more careful with our spending and keep a sense of security this week. We don't need to be a greedy jerk about it, just be a little more wise with how and where you spend it. The goal this week is to keep you standing on a firm foundation!

Not to do - KING OF WANDS

The King of Wands this week is urging us to hold back a bit (much like the 4 of Coins) and reserve your energy. I often relate the King of Wands to Dr.  Gregory House on the tv show House. At his best, he's a leader who can figure things out at the last minute, he's driven with pure passion and obsession. At his worst, he's impulsive and blows his lid very easily! Take this into perspective this week to simply not lose your head and try to refrain from jumping right in and taking over, let someone else play commander this week.  Sometimes our ego can fill our heads so much that we overlook others and the situations we are in, next thing we know we're on a boat with no paddle and stuck in hellish waters.

I've been working closely with the Septarian stone lately when it comes to my tarot studies and writing. It's a fantastic stone to work with for communication, public speaking, confidence, and getting the right words out. I find it to be a perfect stone for tarot readers or those who blog, ahem.

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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