Weekly Reading: July 2 - 8

Hello, Monday! A little late in the day, but hey, the weekly reading is up and ready to help steer your week... even though Monday is nearing an end! I hope to have this up on Sundays rather than Monday from here on out, but don't hold your breath on that, haha!

While on Patreon, I got in the habit of pulling a 2-card Energy and Advice reading for the week ahead, so I'm going to continue doing just that! This week I'm using a brand new deck that arrived on Saturday, the Spolia Tarot!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

Virgo + Knight of Swords

The fun thing about the Spolia Tarot is that it has 16 extra cards - 12 of those are for each sign of the zodiac and the other 4 are elements. I'm mentioning this since one of the cards drawn for the week is one of those extra cards, Virgo!

Virgo tells us that no matter how hard we try, nothing will every be perfect or exactly what we want it to be. It's setting up for expectations that just won't ever meet our own standards, but it is rewarding to try and know that we have given it our best. I know perfectionism all too well, it's exhausting to say the least! With a very strict perfectionist mindset we start to hold ourselves back in ways that we may not realize. It could be felt when you pour your heart out into a writing project only to feel that your point is muddled.... so you either delete it or leave it in your drafts, never seeing the light of day. It can be repainting a piece of art over and over again because your line work isn't up to your perfected standards. Perfectionism can really be found in day to day tasks if you really reflect on it. We need to allow ourselves to have mistakes and be ok with a perfectly imperfect selves.

The Knight of Swords comes in like a wrecking ball to tell you to just get what you want out! Speak your mind even if you don't have all the words. Write that blog post even if it's filled with grammar mistakes and run-on sentences. Don't repaint that painting, just add to it and let the words flow out with your brush. We need to stand up and get our point across no matter if it's sloppy or if it's incomplete. The Knight of Swords will do what they want and take action, they don't wait around for someone to give them orders... even though sometimes they should, they never do.

This week, take initiative and don't worry so much on getting it just right. Learn from your mistakes rather than paint over them. Dive in head first and focus on what point you want to make, then get it out there into the world!

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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